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  1. TBH, 2019 Was the worst year of my life. My wife and I got a divorce, I lost a job that I was making over close to 100k per year, my car was repossessed and I was pretty much homeless. I couldn't find a job that would pay me what I was making before ($32 an hour). It was rough. In October 2019, I got hired as a tranist bus driver. After training which ended the last week of 2019, i worked my ass off. I worked all my days off and was stacking money. Even though I was in the low 20's I was able to save. COVID hit and I worked 90 days in a row from end of January to April. . At that time
  2. I work at the Britannia arms downtown as a bouncer, I work Sunday, Tuesday and then rest of week, mainly at night I'll buy you a drink, only bouncer downtown you will see with a black panther hat lol

  3. When we beat 49ers 10-9 in their home, I was there live in person rocking Panthers jersey, hat and shoes. It was awesome. fug the 9ers
  4. Crabtree and KB would be a good tandem, with Olsen and even better, with Ted Ginn and Philly Brown in the mix, hell just send Ted Ginn and Philly on streak routes every play to tire out the the DB's LOL fug it
  5. I have this odd feeling that our players are going to rally behind Ron Rivera and kill everyone on the ARZ team. 44-10 Panthers
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