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Antonio Brown wants to work with Cam


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    • It dawned on me this morning.... that we have a fan base that can't make up it's mind whether they want to be winners or lovers.  Y'all say ya want to be winners, but ya don't act like it.  Beening a fan since before the first game every played by the Panther, I know this fan base lobes us being then underdog.  "We play better as the underdog." Which in of itself is a loser mentality.  No competitor ever wants to constantly be considered the underdog.  Just ask Steve Smith.  This season, this team is literally the ultimate underdog.  Let by a QB that fits the underdog role PERFECTLY.   This fan base should be going hog wild about being an underdog in EVERY GAME we're scheduled to play this season.  Yet, they have already labeled this seasonnas another lost season.  Which it.may end up being, but who the fug really wants that? Seriously???  I personally, want to see our team thrive. I want them to take it to the NFL. I want to see these guys, Bryce included, to step up and show the NFL that not only do they belong,  but they're bringing the fight to the other teams.   Enough of this lover mentality.    Enough with crying over not having the QB we all wish we had (whomever that may be).   
    • Are yall really getting pissy over 9 pounds? 😆 
    • Measuring last season MUST take into account that Young had no pocket to step up and pass.  If once is going to talk about footwork of a quarterback, one must first address the oline. Does said QB have a decent line. No.  Does said QB have clean pockets to step up into when passing. Again, No.  When a QB is running for his life. his footwork, which is 💯 tied to accuracy,  is going to crumble. Just ask P. Manning.  Cam, ....any QB to EVER PLAY THE GAME! Bruce's football career is based on his accuracy.   It's one of his elite traits.   So, let's, I don't know, see how he is behind a competent oline, with competent receivers.  This fan base is so incredibly stubborn with this kid. They refuse to be unbiased at all. 
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