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  1. A coach that changed the culture of a historically bad team, while scheming a short QB to a Superbowl win and a HOF carreer, nah we can't have that We prefer more honorable coaches that go 4-13 and get fired
  2. No Greg, stay away from the Tepper poo show, you will pay for his mistakes I don't want any players or coaches from the good years associated with this burning dumpster fire
  3. Has much has I would like to see #88 on the sidelines again, I advise him to stay 1000 miles away from Teppers clown show
  4. Won't change a thing , still a talentless roster, filled by the worst GM in the league , ran by the worst owner in the league
  5. Awesome game, I didn't turn it on till start of the 3rd, and that was the perfect time, it was essentially 1 period game , and how do we answer going down 0-2, by scoring 3 straight goals and winning
  6. That's why I usually dont watch intermission and post game, the cringe is real
  7. Me too, I know Rantaa was either injured or struggling, but its low imo to leave a goalie out there to be target practice If I was Raanta I would have just left on my own after the 5th one
  8. Pull Raanta for Raantas sake Rod, WTF are you doing? I know he is bad, but its worse to leave a struggling goalie out there to be humiliated
  9. This is embarrassing, when we finally do get recognition and respect, we suck It's like all those pre-season Cup predictions effected our players negatively
  10. This reminds me of that quote in Miracle Raanta "That's my net" Roddy "You let in 5 goals on 11 shots, its everybody's net"
  11. I have been saying that the last 3 years , we just have been cycling through a non-stop loop of cheap mediocre goalies And has I'm typing this, they score again
  12. Because Darnold sucked , and he had no answers , thought Cam would be an immediate Bandaid , but Fool had too big of an en ego
  13. Yeah, any elevation would have scored
  14. On an unrelated note, I miss Blockbuster It was alot more convenient to rent movies from Blockbuster than pay for 50 different streaming services
  15. Do we have to play the game at all I don't want to see Baker, another former Panther dunking on us
  16. GG boys , didn't let them back into it
  17. Now that's an empty netter worth talking about
  18. Dang, I was looking forward to a stress free win Now it's looking like the kings game at the start of the season
  19. It isn't just about wealth , Dundon is 100 times smarter about running an organization than either Tepper, David or Nicole He turned the Canes from a yearly bottom feeder to a yearly championship contender,and he didn't micro manage, he let the Hockey savvy people buy the groceries and cook
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