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  1. For Rhule To Resign and Tepper to sell the team to a better owner Both do not belong in the NFL I would rather have Jon Fox back than keep Rhule
  2. That's good, but seriously who is our backup RB this year ? Never mind , we probably won't be competitive in any of our games this year Is it Hockey season yet ?
  3. The fact that Sam still has a chance to even sniff the field again speaks to this organizations incompetence
  4. You mean Peyton Mannings storybook season , the refs made sure that arrogant young QB for that hick NFL team didn't threaten that
  5. It will be hard to throw for 300 yds on the Bench , knowing Rhule, Darnold will start week 1 because the organization still won't admit that was a failure
  6. #17 Should Be up there has well, was a botched kick away from being superbowl mvp, and took this franchise to places we never dreamed possible
  7. Do we have any right to poke fun, how many QBs are we paying?
  8. It would be nice because it sucks how much David Tepper has trashed this franchise, we are the laughing stock of the league , something we never experienced under Richardson, even in 2001 we were competitive No Free Agent wants to come here because we have a terrible staff that our owner doesn't fire I don't look forward to football season anymore
  9. I would have rather let Newton play here has long has he wanted to , make him the first HeadCoach,GM and QB Let him rename the team to the Carolina Cams if he wants to
  10. Really, your making this Comparison? Mayfield is a stopgap QB who will be gone by this time next year to a better team Delhomme is a Panther Icon , who willed this franchise to places it has never seen before They are not in the same conversation
  11. We have no right to laugh ,we have Matt Rhule has our coach and Sam Darnold has our QB
  12. We won't get picked ,the national media doesn't care about Carolina teams It will be the Jets or The Lions
  13. We are not even a rebuild,we are still in meltdown phase Jimmy G isn't even coming here ,Watson even turned us down. you need to forgot about Aaron Rodgers We are stuck with Ghost Boy for the foreseeable future
  14. I don't think it's Rhule , we have a clueless owner ,and no direction has a franchise. No decent player or coach wants anything to do with us Its really depressing
  15. Sam Darnold Makes Mac Jones and Jalen Hurts look like Tom Brady There I fixed it for you
  16. If Sam is still our starting QB next season,I am going to pretend The Panthers don't exist
  17. Nah,Our Genius front office gives him more money and signs him to a longer contract Let the circus continue
  18. This is the worst coaching staff in Football, youth ,middle school,high school college or pros And we get to see the same poo show next season , maybe our new HC will get the #1 pick in 23
  19. This game is too close,a 2 score loss and Tepper will give Rhule a 20 year extension,he is that smart
  20. Come on Sam , throw a pick 6 ,I believe you can do it
  21. We need to sigh AB asap ,he would be a great addition to our circus
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