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  1. We won't get picked ,the national media doesn't care about Carolina teams It will be the Jets or The Lions
  2. We are not even a rebuild,we are still in meltdown phase Jimmy G isn't even coming here ,Watson even turned us down. you need to forgot about Aaron Rodgers We are stuck with Ghost Boy for the foreseeable future
  3. I don't think it's Rhule , we have a clueless owner ,and no direction has a franchise. No decent player or coach wants anything to do with us Its really depressing
  4. Sam Darnold Makes Mac Jones and Jalen Hurts look like Tom Brady There I fixed it for you
  5. If Sam is still our starting QB next season,I am going to pretend The Panthers don't exist
  6. Nah,Our Genius front office gives him more money and signs him to a longer contract Let the circus continue
  7. This is the worst coaching staff in Football, youth ,middle school,high school college or pros And we get to see the same poo show next season , maybe our new HC will get the #1 pick in 23
  8. This game is too close,a 2 score loss and Tepper will give Rhule a 20 year extension,he is that smart
  9. Come on Sam , throw a pick 6 ,I believe you can do it
  10. We need to sigh AB asap ,he would be a great addition to our circus
  11. We are the worst team in the NFL,I don't even think tanking will help ,we will suck next year also I have no hope with this organization, things are worse than 2001 or 2010,Tepper is the worst owner we could have got
  12. Our All Star defense getting owned by Taysom Hill Fire and Cut everyone
  13. Exactly, with our lost draft picks,we are -2 years into a 5 year rebuild
  14. Saints can't convert an INT in the RedZone, we might actually win this game We need Patriots Darnold to come back
  15. Wasn't planning on watching anyway,Glad that cam doesn't have to drive the clown car this week Will check the score later to see how bad it was
  16. The Jaguars have more respect than we do right now , and rightly so And this is a clown car crash in slow motion to be exact
  17. Sigh, I don't know if I want to watch the rest of this game or not, Cam back for a week and he has to try to win a shootout because our D sucks
  18. We finally get an offense and our D is pooing the bed Sorry Cam,you will have to bail us out again
  19. The thing to know about that game is Denver was 5-0 with that referee crew that season , what a coincidence they were picked to officiate the Superbowl. The bottom line is that Peyton retiring after his 2nd Superbowl win was a more profitable story to the NFL than a "over confident" young QB winning his first Now I hate Denver has much,if not more than New England,I am glad Teddy didn't risk hurting himself for that trash franchise and there mostly idiot fans
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