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  1. An elite Goalie in the NHL is like an elite QB in the NFL You ain't winning a title without one We have been cycling through Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson level goalies the last 5 years
  2. It's not even fun to root against our rivals anymore , because no matter how many problems they have, we will still be worse
  3. Don't care about a player who spent most of there time here on ir, then goes to another team and is magicaly not injury prone I am so glad The niners lost the superbowl
  4. That's where visual confirmation would still be required , but that's less subjective(most of the time)
  5. None of that matters when your QB can't throw it more than 5 yards down the field What excuses will you use this season ?
  6. The 2023 Draft is going to be the center of discussion has long has the product of that trade is still our #1 QB It's going to be hanging over us till we cut or trade him
  7. We had the talent to win a Cup, just not the coaching , the only thing Waddel is to blame for is not getting us a stable goalie Unless Rod told him we didn't need one
  8. Bryce Young for Pat Mahommes and 3 1st round picks
  9. I'm not has upset has I thought I would be There isn't many candidates with playoff sucess waiting in the wings Just please give Kooch the net, and be open to signing any big names that might be available in FA After watching The Panthers(NFL) depressing games , The Canes regular season dominance cheers me up
  10. I didn't see any potential in him last season, and you can't learn arm strength or height I would Rather have Teddy,PJ, Sam even Cam with his busted shoulder would be more exciting than watching Bryce waste everyone's time and money for another season
  11. Too bad it was all for nothing because his dumbass goalie can't stay on his feet or control the puck when it's right infront of him
  12. Raanta would have been better than Anderson
  13. We were the better team , we lost because of the one thing we refuse to spend money on , Goaltending This was alot of players last shot, and Rod and Freddie pissed it away I doubt I will watch the rest of the playoffs, this was too horrendous, I'm going to try to forget the sport exists for the next couple of months
  14. I saw it coming, we are done Fire and Cut everyone , see yall next season
  15. Like I said, his 2 blunders were at the very worst times
  16. He singlehandedly kept them in it with his gift goals to them
  17. Well, there it is Cut Freddie right now, if we lose this game it's because of him
  18. Had to let them right back in it I think Freddie thought that was cleared
  19. Looked like a pass to me, but it doesn't matter now
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