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ROUND 1 - New Jersey (3) vs. Carolina (6)


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Jesus Christ. Patrick Eaves has to be the biggest waste of space on this team. Honestly I haven't seen him do anything noteworthy other than turning the puck over the whole series.

Cam doesn't look to be too sharp tonight either. Our forecheck is killing them, but we aren't getting much help at all from the defensive side.

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that was a bad decision. Dammit!!

Thats all he does!!!

On a side note, I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but we are playing very panicked right now, and things never turn out well for us when we play like that. We have got to find a way to seize the momentum and keep it.

Parise' penalty, we need a PP goal RIGHT NOW!!!

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Carolina played a great series! This is all on Paul Maurice's decision to puss it out in the final games of the regular season!

There is nothing else to be said about that.

Wrong card played at the wrong time!

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