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Carolina Panthers Training Camp Update

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Greetings from Spartanburg, where the chicken is always fried and the sweet tea runs like the river Nile. Today was a very spirited and competitive camp. If you are a fan of defensive football, it was awesome. If you are a fan of offensive football... not so much.

The day started with a gladiator type competition between the defensive and offensive units. The guys really got into it, with Cam being the ring leader. There was plenty of trash talk as 3 OL and 3 DL lined up and went at it in the middle of a player circle. Here is Cam jumping around and getting his unit hyped up.


Steve Smith was not in pads today, but his presence was still felt. He seems to have more of a bond with Lafell this year.


There was a great pass blocking drill, defensive players vs offensive players (RBs and TEs). This is a crucial drill to keep Cam injury free. Captain Munnerlyn lined up against Deangelo Williams and Captain absolutely blew DWill up. This got the defense pumped and a loud "You asked for it and you got it" was heard. Captain continued to jaw DWill a bit to make sure he got the point.


Barner had mixed results in this drill, but seemed to improve as it developed. He was able to hold his own against Luke. Between Barner running low and now showing blocking improvement, he may be the most coachable rookie on the field.


The run offense was able to create a few holes again for the guys to go through.



But unfortunately for Armond Smith, the D was able to strip the ball and recover his fumble. Credit Ben Jacobs with the strip.


One thing about Luke Kuechly that has contributed to his quick success, is how many questions he asks. He isn't afraid to stop a drill and seek advice the coach or Thomas Davis. This is something I think a lot of young players don't understand. The coaches do not expect you to know everything, and the fact that you are asking relevant and intelligent questions would only impress them.


Captain Munnerlyn jumped an Armanti Edwards route and made a really nice interception. Cam was off target and Captain took advantage. I don't think there was much Armanti could have done to prevent it, just a great heads up play by Captain.


I saw A LOT of this today. See Luke near Cam and slowing up? Thats a sack. If Luke was allowed to stay at full speed his arms would be around Cam by the time this frame is taken.


I saw a lot of this today as well. Cam not following through on passes, bad form when he did have the room to put everything into the throw and stepping into it.


Hixon made some nice grabs today, I feel his stock is rising. We need this 8 year vet to show some leadership to the other young guys when Smitty is not there.


The defense made some very nice plays today in pass defense. Here Russell grabs an interception. He came down with it clean. Could be a decent safety prospect.


Brandon Williams is starting to get some notice. He had some nice grabs today.


This picture is guaranteed to drive you crazy. Want to give up an easy TD? How about having Fua and Nak in the mix.


Cam did have a rough day today. DWill gave him some words of encouragement after practice. Better to get this stuff out of your system and fixed now as opposed to a month from now. This is what training camp is all about.


Thats it for today folks. No camp tomorrow, but I shall be back at it on Thursday.

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