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One hire...or two?

Mr. Scot
  • Teaser Paragraph:

Look over the staff of most NFL teams and you'll see someone with the title "Director of Player Personnel". In the majority of management models, this is the guy who oversees all scouting and talent evaluation at both the college and pro level. What differentiates them from a GM or an assistant GM is that they don't necessarily do any actual management, only evaluation.

And yes, the Panthers used to have one of those. The last one was Jack Bushofsky, who retired in 2003 leaving Marty Hurney pretty much running the whole show.

Fast forward to today and you'll see the Panthers staff directory lists a Director of College Scouting (Don Gregory), a Director of Pro Scouting (Mark Koncz), a Director of Team Administration (Rob Rogers, the cap guy), a Director of Football Operations (Brandon Beane, a logistics guy from what little I've been able to find on him ) and - at least up until recently - a General Manager.

But no Director of Player Personnel.

So if the choice were yours, would you want to have a 'chief evaluator' back in the fold, allowing the new GM to focus on roster building and cap management, or is the notion of having that extra guy in the front office seem redundant and you'd rather just have the GM handle all of it?

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