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Rivera's Blunder - Illustrated

Nov 17 2014 06:41 AM Jeremy Igo
I have to tell you, I was struggling on Sunday. As a photographer, my job is to capture emotion and passion as plays are being made. These things were no where to be found for three quarters of football.Then a funny thing happened..... a fight broke out. Just like last years Rams game, passions were ignited. You want to wake the Panthers up? Literally punch them in the mouth in their own home. From that point on, the game changed entirely.The defense finally resembled what we have grown to lo...

How We Got Here - A 2014 Timeline

Nov 14 2014 08:48 AM Jeremy Igo
Here are the major events of 2014 that got the Panthers to where they are today... February 26 - Jordan Gross retires, leaving a yawning chasm at left tackle on an already suspect and battered offensive line. Speculation of drafting an early round tackle solidifies to an almost certainty March 4 - Greg Hardy franchised at a cost of 13.1 million dollars for the season, eating up much of the cap money that could have been used to solidify other areas. March 11 - Mike Mitchell signs in Pittsb...

Huddle Podcast with Josh Norman

Nov 11 2014 09:54 PM Jeremy Igo
This week on the Huddle Podcast, Josh Norman stops in for a full hour of talk. Topics include: - Panthers woes- That almost inerception- Trash talk- Team leaders- and much more. Lots of interesting things discovered about Josh you probably didn't know. Direct Download -> Click Here iTunes -> Click Here Now also available on the TuneIn Radio app under Carolina Panthers category!

Rhythm - It Matters

Nov 11 2014 08:09 AM Jeremy Igo
There will be a lot of talk about the Monday night game. There is plenty of awful game tape to look through and blame throughout the team to place. One thing that won't be shown or talked about is the lack of rhythm the entire offense has displayed. In the 4th quarter I tweeted out that Cam was being kept in to help him find a rhythm. After the game, Rivera confirmed this by saying he kept Cam in the game to force him to develop a "rhythm". While I agree with that notion, it isn't that simp...

A little love for Colin Jones

Oct 31 2014 09:16 AM Jeremy Igo
Colin Jones and Josh Norman have made the difference in the secondary as of late.They say Jones is actually the fastest player on the team, and it showed last night. He needs more snaps over Harper with Boston roaming.At this point the Panthers would be wise to get the speedy young guys experience over the dreadfully slow veterans who have their careers in the rear view for the most part.


Oct 31 2014 07:14 AM Jeremy Igo
While standing on the sidelines last night near the Saints bench, I looked over at Sean Payton who was reading his large play card, looking over which plays to call next. On top of the card in hand written bold red letters and underlined was the word "TEMPO". I thought to myself, yes, that is it. That is a big part of what distinguishes the explosive Saints offense from the slovenly Panthers offense. It's the tempo. Yesterday we saw Thomas Davis blitz and get to Drew Brees immediately aft...

New Orleans Saints Preview, Offensive Line insi...

Oct 29 2014 05:48 AM Jeremy Igo
On the latest Huddle Podcast, Jonathan Jones sits down with us to discuss the current state of the Panthers.Topics include:- Really insightful talk on Byron Bell and the Offensive Line- Recent roster moves- Saints Matchup- Scary Movies....and much more.Subscribe on iTunes -> Click HereDirect Download -> Click Here

Josh Norman in Photos

Oct 27 2014 05:25 AM Jeremy Igo
Josh Norman made his return to the starting lineup on Sunday. He then put on one of the more impressive performances by a Panthers cornerback in recent memory.Firstly, Norman may be the team MVP of kick returns. If not for Josh, Paul Richardson would have taken this return into the end zone. Unlike Roman Harper in Cincinnati, Norman stuck with the play and saved a touchdown. Norman's presence on special teams is crucial to the success of this team.Of course, there is the trash talking, from w...

Seattle Seahawks Preview, Sammi Jo costume options

Oct 21 2014 10:14 PM Jeremy Igo
This week on the Huddle Podcast Sammi Jo and I sit down to discuss the state of the Panthers and the upcoming Seattle Seahawks game. Other topics include: - Charles Godfrey- Injury updates- Your phone calls- relationship advice for a not so anonymous caller- You can help choose Sammi's halloween costume You can listen via direct mp3 link You can subscribe via iTunes

Andrew Norwell Impresses

Oct 19 2014 07:55 PM Jeremy Igo
You all know I have been a Norwell believer since the first day of camp. When Trai Turner went down, it was time for Norwell to step up and show he belongs in the NFL. This is not an opportunity every rookie UDFA gets.I feel Norwell did pretty well. He was instrumental in a Cam Newton rushing first down and provided adequate protection.Norwell showed a mean streak when he was bull rushed by 305lb veteran defensive tackle Mike Daniels.Norwell stood him up and matched his hands to the face. Dan...