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  1. I agree with u baby boomer! I thought it was our division on paper, even with a rook to play game manager but fug he can't even convert 3rd downs and I ain't talking bout 3rd and long! Anyway, ur a kool baby boomer
  2. Might be a reach lol.... receivers run routes and catch!
  3. I think they would if they practiced that more with him....take was kinda on the line so vet had to come in.
  4. This offense is still preseason mode...still trying to figure poo out and this is me being optimistic and a fan smh
  5. Cam was Superman! That's not Bryce nor alot are! I agree somewhat with #2 and #3
  6. Never liked Shaq tbh...as a top tier starter that is, wish him well. Hate his poor tackling, always going for the big hit vs tackling 101 wrap secure tackle!
  7. Reason why eagles got rid of him. I don't like the way they use rbs cause how much they use Jalen....but yea they got rid of him for a reason
  8. And this new head coach is offensive minded...this is very discouraging. I saw the same....the extra last push or hop he did was like letssss goooo but nothing after that smh
  9. He has to be top priority in this flat offense. It's ashame to see a defense playing well enough to win. Shaq is out and still this offense can't score. What can this offense do now with the current roster is what I'm asking the huddle....thoughts????
  10. Cmac was the worst decision, especially giving him a contract. DJ is another one, I think our best receiver is shanult....all this defense and no offense is depressing!
  11. 2 years yes.....4?? HECK NO!!!! So we can over pay him towards the end of his rookie contract? NOPE!
  12. I don't want to overreact rn....give him a chance people BUT he is small asf out there
  13. Speedy DB from LSU....fug outta here!!! Send him to a track and not the field!
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