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  1. Just make sure your wear u lucky undys, I know I am
  2. In NJ, don't have it like that and wish I was there but will in spirit and proud of Panther Nation. It's time for us as fans and a long-time coming. #KeepPounding
  3. Wtf ealy...not gonna lie, wish TD stepped in and jumped in his ass, ealy prolly would have pooed his pants
  4. Lol teams hate us and ref hate us...so what else is new??
  5. Damn cam u slept on them on that play....big hit but u Superman, Let's Go
  6. Drinking....but anyhow, ur halfass old-school cause we went for it on 4th down and pitched an option for TD but yup again, NFL not NCAA
  7. Yup, it's the aints Super Bowl, either way keep Pounding and stay healthy is the goal and of course a "W"
  8. It's not about that....call a timeout and hopefully they are stupid enough to throw a pick
  9. I agree...the one catch to Colston was some bull but tru, I agree...gotta see more
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