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  1. Drafting a punter like when we drafted Brad Nortman??...ok I have to check his videos
  2. Qu1million


    Never would I miss riverboat. What Superbowl has he won for us?
  3. Jackson also pisses me off...his position is always in play but his effort is questionable at times and it irritates the ish out of me
  4. Same old poo...defense shows up when offense doesn't and vice versa. Couldn't score touchdowns, now we can and defense poos the bed
  5. Wow, probably a injury from ATL game. He does slide on his throwing shoulder sometimes when he runs...I hate that, Cam did that alot too
  6. I want someone big with the body of a big Ben, cam, Allen and I will be happy
  7. Rivera didn't do poo either, Cam was the culture and brought swag to the team
  8. Definitely not a home experience...I paid for 200 section when the schedule first came out, only to find out that it's the same price for 100section same day. Wow
  9. Just make sure your wear u lucky undys, I know I am
  10. In NJ, don't have it like that and wish I was there but will in spirit and proud of Panther Nation. It's time for us as fans and a long-time coming. #KeepPounding
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