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  1. If the staff is very content with either Young/Stroud I would take this year’s 2 and 12 and we could send them numbers 1 and our second rounder.
  2. For those of you that know the league better than me who are some solid wide receivers we could target in a trade?
  3. Probably sign Theilen, draft Downs and lean hard on the run to break in Stroud easy the first year.
  4. Pick Stroud. Hopefully we can get Downs in the second round and sign a couple of veterans at wr. Should easily win our division
  5. I hate both but I absolutely cant pull for the Cowboys. Go Bucs for this week only
  6. Trade a 4 round pick to Chicago for Fields.
  7. I would keep Wilks over either of them. Bring in some good coordinators
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