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  1. Why would you give up picks to get a QB that is going to be released. I never said he was for sure going to be our QB. I don't know what Reich, Fitterer and Tepper want. Someone in that group may not want a retread QB. I was saying the Colts tried 3x to get him. You asked for proof so you got it. I do believe he is an option. You move the goal post when you ask for something and you get your answer.
  2. Why would they move on it. Why trade when most knew he was going to be release....Duuuhh
  3. Not true, Carr wants to explore all his options.
  4. I don't see in the article where it mentions Irsay anywhere. BTW this article is not the one I posted in another thread a week or two ago.
  5. This only implies that he isn't sure what the offer was.
  6. I am sure there are many options for us. There are things I don't know about what's going on but to imply that Reich wouldn't like Carr to play for him just doesn't make sense. You don't go after a QB two or three times just because. There is a reason he wanted him.
  7. If you are the Head Coach of a team and three times you inquire about a QB. There is something about him that he likes. You don't have to be a genius to read between the lines.
  8. You asked for an article and now you don't believe it. LAME I don't see anywhere where the author doubts it. The fact remains the Colts wanted Carr several times. Get over it. You're not the only one that follows what's going on.
  9. Thanks, I posted an article in another thread that said this but I couldn't find it. @mrcompletely11 There you go.
  10. Reich tried several times to get him in Indy. Look it up.
  11. My major issue with Brady was, he had no experience with in-game adjustments. Once a DC figured out his game plan Brady did nothing to counter. At LSU they were a great team and rarely played from behind so the play callng was easy. When he came to the NFL things were different and he was lost. I also believe the Rhule time frame will be a black eye for him for several years. But eventually with some real NFL experience he might end up being a pretty decent OC. I don't believe his window is closed just yet.
  12. Reich really likes Carr. I don't believe it is because of his spiritual beliefs either. IMO, Reich thinks he can get more out of Carr than anybody can. If he were to come here, I would bet, though I am not a betting man, Carr will have Career numbers.
  13. That is one thing I hope we get in our QB. A QB with that kind of fire. Jake wasn't the most gifted but his competitive spirit was amazing. Hiring Hall is a great move. Just his experiences in the game will make a huge difference when coaching a young player. He'll be a true addition by teaching technique only anything else beyond that is a bonus.
  14. I can see why Baltimore would use this approach.. Let another team negotiate the deal and than match it.
  15. We'll just have to agree to disagree because any QB that is being removed for another QB is not worth a first round pick and definitely not a top 10 pick.
  16. We're playing with hypotheticals. So hypothetically you're Chicago and you've decided you want a QB with the first choice. You draft #1 QB. All any team has to do is wait until the draft is over and trade maybe one or two #2. Once you draft your future QB the incumbent is now very less valued. That's like us trading #1 for Darnold a couple of years ago. (thank god we didn't, 2nd round was too much) Darnold had a lot of Potential but sucked. We were smart not to give them anything worthy of a 1st rounder. I get you think Fields is going to be great but IF (going with the topic) Chicago drafts a QB his value plummets. Offering a first round pick is stupid.
  17. I would have liked to address Edge sooner but the value wasn't there. I am a proponent of continually building the O-line. Most importantly Stroud fell to our lap without trading up.
  18. I agree with you that Chicago isn't drafting a QB. The topic refers to trading for Fields which would say they are beyond him. Just trying to stick with the topic.
  19. I see it the other way. If Chicago wants one of these QBs in this draft, they have given up on Fields. If you are 2 years removed from drafting ANY player in round one and ready to move on. He's considered a Bust to that franchise. It's no different than Wilson in NYJ. He showed flashes but many think the Jets are after Rodgers and ready to move on from Wilson.
  20. He's a talent but he is asking way too much. I don't think any team can absorb the money he wants and still build a quality team. He's more about "SHOW ME THE MONEY" than winning a Super Bowl.
  21. I have never really been a fan of this draft class. I will admit that Stroud probably has the best chance to succeed, especially with Reich but I like the Carr option best. Reich sees something in Carr. It's pretty well-known Reich tried to get Carr in Indy several times. Signing Carr would give us a chance to bolster the WR Corp with the best WR in the class. (Most teams ahead of us are looking QB or Defense) and use our two 2nd round picks BPA. Or, if available, draft one of the top 4 rookies if one were to fall to #9. The first option would give Reich and Co. the opportunity to see what Corral can do as a backup to Carr. If we go for the 2nd option than we would have two young QBs to battle it out to back up Carr. If by some chance Carr, rookie and Corral fail than we go all in to trade up in 2024 for the Best QB in the draft.
  22. If Fields were to become available than it is saying the Bears made a mistake choosing him and are trying to squeeze a pick out of him. NO NO NO NO
  23. It wasn't necessarily his play calling it was the fact that he couldn't make in game adjustments. Don't want him as an OC but would let him as an understudy or assist OC.
  24. 13 Days until the combine. Several players will move up and down on draft boards by showing off in their tights.
  25. Greg could walk circles around Brady. Brady might know the game very well but you have to have a personality to be a color man. I just don't see it. Sadly, they'll lose a good one for a boring one.
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