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  1. We will be in the top 5 maybe top 3 of the second round. With 4 or 5 QBs in the first round we might get a #1 WR in the early portion of the 2nd round. I know the odds are not in our favor and Carolina and 2 round WRs go together like oil and water. However, it's not inconceivable.
  2. Coaching is the problem. It has to be. Moton, Corbett and Bozeman are veterans that have been solid for many years. Icky had a decent rookie campaign. How do we go from a solid O-line to trash in one season. Coaching and Scheme. This B.S. of bringing Young along slowly has only multiplied the problem. We never (rarely) throw deep down the field. Defenses tee off and focus on stopping the running game knowing Young isn't going to throw farther than 5 yards down the field. We're far too predictable. Back to Teddy B. but worse. Whether it's Reich or Brown or both, where to F is the creativeness? We run the same boring plays and never do anything to get the defense guessing. It's been 10 weeks but IMO we need to pull the plug on this "mastermind" coaching staff. Evero seems to be the only one that is hanging in there. Considering we are on defense 65-70% of the game and some key players are out of the line-up. It's abysmal. Staley, IMO, just dropped him a couple of notches as being one of the next HC in this league. His convincing Fitterer to bring Sanders was terrible. I see why Philly didn't fight much to let him walk. Someone mentioned before. We went from hard headed defensive minded head coach in Rivera to No f-ing clue in Rhule to Old School stuck in New School Era. Can Reich and get a Brillant offensive mind in here and see if we can't tie him to Young for many more years. I'm not ready to give up on him when we suck in so many other areas.
  3. I wasn't able to watch the game because of the time difference and the late start but managed to watch some of the highlights. One sack in particular, literally all four Defensive linemen were on top of Young. There isn't one QB in this league, before, now or yet to come, that would have escaped that rush. Our line is atrocious and that's probably being kind. This was supposed to be an "All-Star" coaching staff but similar to creating the ultimate rock band, taking a bunch of great players doesn't necessarily mean it's a great band. ASIA comes to mind. IMO this system does not fit the players that we have. It has to be the system. Our offensive line last year was pretty good and nearly every player is back from last year. Yet we look worse than the 2002 Texans where David Carr was sacked 76 times. Young had a very bad day and those days are going to happen especially for a rookie. Regardless we are stuck with him for a least another season. I seriously doubt one of the 2024 rookie class QBs will fall to pick #33 so 2025 will be our next chance to fix the QB spot if Young is a BUST.
  4. Those numbers are spot on if you are evaluating the entire draft. Rounds 1 through 3 should be spot on players that should still be around. Corral, Marshall, Little and Grier are the only ones in the top 3 rounds that received the RED X. That doesn't say your list is wrong or anything but Rounds 4 through 7 are a crap shoot and projects. Rounds 4 through 7 (19 Picks) we have only two that aren't a RED X. That's horrendous. If we don't start hitting on our later rounds we will be stuck in Mediocrity forever.
  5. Here's my take. We were obviously looking to get a QB in the 2023 draft. We traded CMC for far less than what he was worth. Had we held onto CMC and traded Burns we would have had two first rounders we could have used in the Young trade and maybe save our 2024 first round pick (which now appears to be a top 3 pick) and kept Moore. These two weapons would have given Young something to work with. With Young already in house our top pick in 2024 would have netted us several 1st round picks to the right team. I think to make matters worse is that Burns wants top dollar for a DE that isn't top tier DE money. I love Burns and he makes some good plays. However, he's not caliber of a Bosa. I think we knew last year that Burns was going to be a holdout and not sign an extension when Bosa was up for contract. It would have saved us from the headache. They say hindsight is 2020 but if you are going to gut your offense of your best players for draft picks, why not use some of the defensive talent and reboot the entire team. In the long run I think we traded the wrong player in 2022.
  6. I haven't either. I thought the reason we picked him up was to bolster our WR room but outside of Punt Return he's been a waste of a pick we gave up for him. We could have put anyone back there and saved the draft pick. Though it was a 7th rounder we could have used it on a player that would contribute more. I think what gets me is that he had a pretty decent pre-season, which was why we picked him up in the first place. He can't do any worse than what we've been putting out there so far.
  7. We acquired this guy before the season started from KC. He had a solid preseason for KC and according to Reich he was a good route runner. Outside of Theilan our WR room is pretty much a bunch of JAGs. Mingo is a rookie and maybe worthy of his draft position as it appears he's getting better. Outside of those two guys our other WRs are not very good. Why aren't we putting this guy in the lineup and see if he provides some sort of a spark. If we weren't going to put him in the rotation why did we acquire this him? We could have filled the PR position with just about anyone.
  8. I am on the Burns doesn't deserve Top Dollar money. 5 sacks in 7 games? On a pace for 10 maybe 11. There will be several players in this league with more than Burns. if keeping Burns was the difference in keeping a top 10 defense together than I would be all for signing him to a long term contract. The sad trush is with or without him our defense is pretty bad. They say the best way to build a team is through the draft. We need a reboot and trading Burns would give us some top-level, low cost talent to address our needs. Not to mention the extra cash we would have to hit the free agent market and get another Stud or two. Burns is a good player but he excels when he has someone on the other side of him. His best season was when Reddick was on the other side of him. Burns can't carry a defensive line without help. Trade him and get some assets to rebuild our defense.
  9. I don't know what the issue really is. I get Corbett was out for the first part of the season but how the hell did our O-Line go from being a strength to a huge weakness. We have the same O-Line Coach. Coach Campen is a well-respected coach in this league. Are we running a different approach to the way we block? Of course, it is much easier for a defense to pin their ears back when they know we have to throw the ball. Icky got abused yesterday. There was one play where the defender planted our 300+ Lb OT as if he'd never played the position before.
  10. We would be insane to trade away any picks even late one for a RB. Any RB we get using a late round pick is not going to be any better than someone we have on the roster. If you are going to reach for a RB I'd rather poach one off a practice squad which would only force us to keep him on the roster.
  11. That first down to ice the game, Hubbard wasn't going to be denied. It was great to see him get that first down. As poorly as our running game has been that final drive Hubbard ran possessed.
  12. This will be a debate their entire careers. Today Young gets the "W". Stroud clearly shows he can play in this league. I actually wanted Richardson deep down but knew it was either Stroud or Young. We got Young and he earned his first game winning drive. He said it in the post-game news conference. "It's hard to win in this league". Bottom line we scored more points than they did. Stroud's first drive had some amazing throws and some incredible catches against some solid defense. The guy deserves credit for his accuracy on that drive. Our defense, though depleted, played a pretty good game and deserves some credit as well as Young. It's one win but as they say, you go into each week 0-0. Hopefully, we have a good game against Indy next week. The only thing about Young that drives me crazy is that, because of his small stature, he doesn't escape when defenses get their hands on him. His pocket presence is pretty good but damn if a defender gets his hands on him he's not going to break away. It is what it is and we'll just have to hope our O-Line improves and gives him better lanes to escape, if necessary.
  13. Foreman and Hubbard run as a good RBs should. Run hard and aggressive and if the hole isn't there MAKE ONE. Churn out as many yards as you can. Keeping it positive I won't mention RBs that pitter patter to the line.
  14. Jackson to the Niners and Burns to Detroit. One deal each contender should make ahead of NFL trade deadline: Ravens land Derrick Henry, Chiefs acquire WR - CBSSports.com
  15. Great Receiver Great Panther Too many other WR with better stats still on the outside looking in.
  16. Well, it is pretty obvious that Reich isn't much of a play caller and IF Brown does well and our offense starts to move the ball someone is going to snatch him up. We've been through this several times where we have kept the incumbent and let the better talent move on. (ie. Bean and McDermott).
  17. Been a long time since that happened. Last time I can remember is when Baltimore and the Rams traded teams. Robert Irsay bought the Rams on July 13, 1972. He then immediately traded the franchise to Carroll Rosenbloom, who was the owner of the Baltimore Colts. Rosenbloom made the deal in part because he saved $4.4 million in taxes, which was an enticing proposition. Chump change for an owner these days.
  18. We'll see what happens when Brown runs the offense. If we see a great improvement maybe Tepper fires Reich and moves Brown into the HC position. Rather lose Reich than Brown at this movement in time.
  19. It's not like our defense is top tier. We need to rebuild and if we're getting a 1st round pick for him, it be hard to pass up. I love Jackson and want him to stay but this team need to find out who's worthy of stayng and who isn't. Sadly, I'd also listen to offers for Horn. Guy just can't stay healthy. We'd probably trade him, and he never misses another game.
  20. I watch many games thanks to AFN showing 3 games at a time. Plus I'll stream either the Panthers game or NFL Redzone. I watch so many teams that are creative and yet we're still stuck in the wrong era. Like I said before, I think Brown is going to shake things up some. I'm with you, If Brown makes us look like a real offense fire Reich and make Brown the HC. It would suck to show great improvement only to watch Brown go somewhere else and we're stuck with another OC that is like Reich.
  21. With or without Foreman the idea to sign Sanders was a huge mistake. Every time he gets the ball he doesn't press the issue. He baby steps hoping to find a hole and he gets dropped for zero to negative yards all the time. He was supposed to similar to CMC. A valuable target out of the backfield. So far he is by far our worst signing in the offseason.
  22. It's hard to tell but if I remember correctly the one preseason game where he was making the calls we actually looked like a competent offense. We'll see. It will be interesting to see how he does. Reich might feel the hot-seat from within the organization.
  23. I've got tickets to the Jaguar game in Jacksonville on New Year's Eve and I will be wearing my colors. My new wife, who is Filipino and my young 7-year-old daughter will also be sporting our colors. I have NEVER gone to a game without a Jersey and regardless of our record I won't start now. Been a fan from day 1 and will remain that way until my time is up. Hopefully, after we win the SB.
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