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  1. It would be nice to see last years and this year's draft produce some studs by mid-season.
  2. A big thanks to all you guys posting content during this football dry spell. Anything is better than nothing at all.
  3. There will be veteran cuts coming up, they can add one before the season starts if they feel what they have won't work.
  4. The secondary was riddled with injuries last year, we're at least equal if not better on Dline, linebackers should be about the same. I think the defense will be pretty good this year. But Bryce has to show improvement this year.
  5. This draft went differently than any draft I remember since Hurney was here. Like an actual team building draft, then fill holes in FA. Something feels different, and I'm excited about it.
  6. I would like to make my prediction after they fix the o-line. The worst possible scenario for a rookie qb to come in and play behind these bums.
  7. I liked Strouds size and arm, and Bryce's football smarts, but don't trust Ohio State qb"s in the NFL. It was a tough one.
  8. If they are .500 at mid-season, look out. Everyone should be comfortable with new schemes both sides of the ball, and the rookies should show some improvement, QB especially.
  9. I won't really panic until week 5 or 6 if the players look like trash out there. All 11 have to understand a new offense/defense and be in position every play. All 11 on defense have to understand assignments or offenses will torch them. I would love for this team to start out looking like world beaters, but I'm expecting a slow start.
  10. It's a good thing the OL problems showed up presason game 1, I expect a better showing going forward. It appears that a fire was lit.
  11. If anyone can turn him into an edge rusher, it will be this staff. Feels good to say that with a straight face finally.
  12. There was a markup for sure, and the collars seemed - different? I should have paid attention to the brand.
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