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  1. I liked Strouds size and arm, and Bryce's football smarts, but don't trust Ohio State qb"s in the NFL. It was a tough one.
  2. If they are .500 at mid-season, look out. Everyone should be comfortable with new schemes both sides of the ball, and the rookies should show some improvement, QB especially.
  3. I won't really panic until week 5 or 6 if the players look like trash out there. All 11 have to understand a new offense/defense and be in position every play. All 11 on defense have to understand assignments or offenses will torch them. I would love for this team to start out looking like world beaters, but I'm expecting a slow start.
  4. It's a good thing the OL problems showed up presason game 1, I expect a better showing going forward. It appears that a fire was lit.
  5. If anyone can turn him into an edge rusher, it will be this staff. Feels good to say that with a straight face finally.
  6. There was a markup for sure, and the collars seemed - different? I should have paid attention to the brand.
  7. Forgive me i my earlier post was unclear. I didn't take it that they were upset because he owed them anything, it's that he didn't get them after practice like he said earlier. I'm sure he would have if he didn't have a tight schedule, and they now understand it. Go Panthers!
  8. You seem bitter, hope it gets better fellow panthers fan.
  9. That's what I told them, meetings, interviews, etc. They said we'll try again next year.
  10. Looked good in camp from what I saw, but my 2 grandsons are off the bandwagon. We got to practice 45 minutes early, they stood in the area designated for kids for over 3 hours for him to sign some stuff for adults, then sign for maybe 10 kids when the trainer dragged him away. He told them on his way to practice he would get them after practice. So 4 1/2 hour ride home was talking up Matt Corral, he signed for the kids first before moving on to the adults.
  11. I haven't been to training camp in 18 years, still the same old setup? Bring your own chair and sit by the fence at Wofford? Grandkids are wanting to see the players, and kind of want to go again, too.
  12. Probably add one or two after other team's cuts.
  13. I appreciate your enthusiasm Juan.
  14. The man is heady to hit something.
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