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  1. This is bad. This is real bad. If we were playing a good team this would get ugly quick
  2. What is Slye good for besides occasionally attempting 60+ yard field goals? Might be time to move on from him
  3. Is this game on TV for fans outside of the Carolina and Baltimore markets?
  4. Panthers vs Vikings week 6. Confirmed
  5. Okay let’s forget about our panthers and focus on soccer teams and concerts. LOL thanks Hedge fund Dave
  6. Will Grier would’ve been the answer if we played him week 16 against WFT
  7. A lot of people on reddit claim sileo doesn’t have reliable sources. He just throws poo to the wall and see what sticks
  8. Panthers are the worst team to ever make the NFC championship. If it wasn't for palmers finger we'd be getting killed right? See you in 2 weeks
  9. I've had my heart broken way too many times by this team. It's not over until that clock hits zeros
  10. He was down but KK had vicious intentions on that. I love it
  11. Way too early to brag we like to blow leads and make it close. Please Keep Pounding
  12. Peyton looks god awful then drops a dime right after
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