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  1. Yupperz. Spin that thang. lol Admit it. You cannot stand when folks call you out. The only emotion I have is joy. As in I am enjoying this. I love it. You get called out, and you say "That's not what I meant". Then when you get called out again you spin it. "If you weren't so emotional, you would understand". lol Imma call you Dr. Spin.
  2. As a Michigan State fan. I loathe him. Edit to add; Is that "Every Breath You Take"?
  3. Now, play nice. That said. LOL
  4. Here is your reply, seeing as how you don't remember. "If we would've drafted Fields at #3 and passed on him at #8, oh wee mayne." I may have messed up with the, smh, part. But the rest is there in black and white. I suppose you were just using tough love eh? You're good at spin. Spin out of this one. Edit to add; LOL at adding that "emotional" tag. Is everyone that disagrees with you emotional? And...nice dig there at the end. Attack my mental state. Sure hope I can deal with such a blow to my ego. lol
  5. For the record. This is what @AU-pantheractually said. "If we had lost to WFT and were picking 3rd, do we still trade for Darnold? Would we have picked Horn at 3 over Fields if we don't have Darnold? I can't say for 100% we would have." Nowhere in there does he say anything about the #8pick. But spin that one anyway you like. You will never admit you were wrong.
  6. Depends on with whom you are talking. Some of us are excited for the year to come. Others? Not so much.
  7. You misread his post. And when you replied, you used Oh Wee Mayne. And ended it with smh. Yeah, you're an angel. Now quit quoting me. And I'll do my ever loving best to ignore you.
  8. That is your opinion. It is not a fact. Plenty of folks who watched his Jets tape came away with more appreciation for Sam. Every time someone says something nice about Sam. You get folks jumping in to tell you how wrong you are. Ah the Huddlez. You gotta love it. It's says so in the Hand Book.
  9. Just because you feel we don't have a QB. Does not make you right. Lots of us are just excited to see what this year brings.
  10. You still missed it. You are the only one that brought up that 8th pick. Nowhere in his post did he bring that up. Yet you ridicule him?
  11. You were shown evidence. You poo poo'd it like you always do. You have this idea in your head that we were the ONLY team that wanted Sam. I no longer want to waste my time on this.
  12. I'm done. It's not worth this much effort. You have more patience than I do. Tag, your it. lol
  13. I think you may need to reread that post. I believe you may have missed something.
  14. You were shown a tweet earlier that showed other teams inquiring. The Jets were not ready to deal, so no deal was done. Then the Panthers came calling, and the Jets were ready to deal. And here we are. You refusing to see past your own view. Why don't you show us where you got this "No one came calling" slant?
  15. With 2 HOF QBs! You better be competitive. Give the Panthers 2 HOF QBs, I bet were competitive too. Does not make them some model franchise. They've had 2 HOF QBs, and pissed them both off. You still have no idea do you? You cannot see others points of view. You are stuck in this loop, and you are happy as punch. It's just unfathomable to you, that Sam had value to other teams.
  16. Dang that's one crappy analogy. You just wasted a salesman's time. Not even close to what happened. Is it truly that hard for you to believe someone else was interested in Sam?
  17. You are guessing that he is close to done. You also have no idea what they were thinking. You are speculating, and trying to make it sound good. The fact is, you are willing to bet that Rodgers is done. I'm not. Love was a waste of a pick. Rodgers is no where near done. And GB is a poorly run Org. That got lucky and had 2 HOF QBs. Speculation, with a couple of facts thrown in. And what did they get for 30 years of HOF QB play? 2 SBs. Yeah, model team there. Do you think Panther fans would stand for that? 30 years, and only 2 SBs.
  18. Not sure that is true. One is a draft pick, the other is a vet. Different apples.
  19. I get it. You are willing to jettison a HOF QB. I would not make that call in regards to Rodgers. Not for Love anyway. You are not recouping that cost. Just because you did something once. Does not mean you have to do it twice.
  20. I think you are basing this all on Rodgers not being there much longer. Which is fine. It's just not how I would have done it. Only in GB do you piss off a HOF QB. Twice. If you are planning on keeping Rodgers. You build around him. If you are not going to keep him, you draft a QB. Rodgers got his extension. And Love is still a waste of a 1st round pick. I hate to say this, but I'm going to. Saying Rodgers was years away from his MVP season is disingenuous. His play is still as good today, as it was when he got here.
  21. I am just not sure I would go about it that way. Unless you are planning on a near future without Rodgers? Long term. I would try and draft well, and manage FA well. Try my darndest to build a good team around him. Make him happy, by giving him a team that can compete for a SB. If Rodgers were on my team? I'd bend over backwards for him. Make him feel wanted Then you can count on his best. IMO, he deserves better than GB anywho.
  22. I'm not sure wasting a 1st round pick is the smartest way to motivate a QB. Wouldn't a 2nd, or even 3rd round pick be just as effective? I mean, there has to be better ways to try and motivate someone, than throwing away a 1st round pick. IMO, that is kinda expensive for a motivational tool.
  23. What I get from this post? 1. You have no clue what goes into being a Head Coach. 2. You have no idea how Training Camp and practices work. 3. Basically, you have no clue. As an aside; Have you noticed you are getting less and less replies? You need to step up your game. Folks are getting bored of you.
  24. You made that up. Typical Troll move. You just couldn't resist, could ya?
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