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  1. Signing a guy you are familiar with, hoping to get something out of him, happens all the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. Now the money part. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. lol
  2. I totally missed that one. Although I do agree with it. Hope does not always work. But it's the best we got at the moment.
  3. Not only an alt. But an interwebz tough guy as well. Man this place just keeps getting worser by the minute.
  4. All he has to do is keep putting in the work. He will be a Beast naturally. No need to force it. This kid is going to be something I tell ya what.
  5. Now don't take this as gospel, because, afterall, it was Rhule that said it. But he did say that they liked Marshall in the slot. He is going to be a matchup nightmare for any slot CB.
  6. Over/Under on how many pages? I say 2.
  7. If you don't teach him, he ain't never gonna learn. Bless you for even wanting to teach those less fortunates. You are truly doing Gods work my friend. lol
  8. You know there is a possibility they get this all worked out, and the line plays well enough to get the job done? There is talent there. It's just a question of putting the pieces in their proper place. Edit to add: I know this isn't the most popular belief. But it is a possibility nonetheless.
  9. "It's a trap". But I watched anyway. Hubby likey. But seriously, you were the first one to even mention Hubbard. Thanks for that one. All good though. Thanks for sharing.
  10. First. If you don't move guys around, you will never find out what they can truly do. IMO, when you don't have an established line. This is actually the best way to start. Mix and match til you find the best 5. Second. Let's wait to see how long it actually takes them to make the decision on the final 5. Then we will actually know whether to be upset, or not. Lastly. It is possible that a 1st year Coach may not know what each player can do, especially the kids. So, they started Whitehead as he at least had some experience. Hey, at least once Carter hit the field, he never got replaced. So they did fix the original mistake. Just not as quickly as the fan base would have liked. tl/dr version: I guess the moral of the story is. Fans and patience need to become better friends. lol Ah, who am I kidding. Patience is for other people.
  11. Exactly. It's the first week of TC. There is still plenty of practice time left. Hellz, the first game is still over a month away. Fans see a problem. And they want it fixed NOW. No patience. Calling the staff out for not fixing the LT spot RiGHT NOW, is way premature IMO.
  12. Glad to see you and the boys, made it home safely. Nice write up. You defiantly gave us a pretty detailed recap. Much appreciated. If Sam can play well, teamed with this Defense. Oh Wee Mayne I tell ya what.
  13. Um, okay? I do believe you may have me mixed up with some other Huddler. lol
  14. I'm a firm believer that if you can play. You can play. Let''s see if the kid can play, before we worry about what ifs? Maybe down the line. But for this year? We kinda need him to be able to play RT. That would give us. Moton-?-Paradis-Miller-Brady. We have a ton of guys to throw at LG. As long as Brady can handle RT.
  15. He posts to get responses. Football is just the means to an end. I mean, look at this thread. He was ridiculed relentlessly. Yet hung around longer than one would normally expect. It's the attention he craves. Like most Huddlerz, and a decent LT. lol
  16. I applaud your effort at civility. However, I fear your words will fall on deaf ears.
  17. Please, please, oh please. Won't somebody give me some attention?
  18. What is that saying? "It's better to be abused, than ignored." lol
  19. Half the Huddlez was right about Teddy. Don't go patting yourself on the back for that one. JackA..
  20. And if Sam balls out. It will show just how little you know about evaluating QBs. I'm rooting for Sam even harder now.
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