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  1. How about them vaccine stealing monkeys. What a wild time we are in
  2. I will say ups's air service is incredibly expensive, but it's the best.
  3. Like a year ago. I think everyone delivers on Saturdays now.
  4. Actually we run ground full time on saturday now.
  5. If you guys saw what went on in all the hubs......lmao
  6. Use UPS for anything important if you can. We dont play that poo. Especially critical care packages. If the building shuts down for bad weather such as ice storm or something we still make sure we deliver all next day air and critical packages.
  7. Should add this does not apply to everyone. However I'm seeing alot of people posting things on their social media showing them partying it up on tuesday with captions like " ha ha omg work life". I mean how stupid can you be.
  8. Working from home will be fine until employers catch on to all the nonsense their employees are doing while they are supposed to be "working".
  9. Ups is getting crushed with work right now.
  10. That's due to the alcohol. Same happens with me when I bowl.
  11. I went and got a set of gymnastic rings and bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Your not going to get that free weight mass but I'm in the best physical shape I have ever been in.
  12. Yea I keep one in the cab but it's a tough habit to break. I'll touch my forehead and immediately say you dumbass.
  13. Honestly with the virus the ups truck seems relatively safe. I can work it to where I come in contact with no one all day long. Biggest thing is keeping my hands clean and off my face. That gets harder the hotter it gets. Keep wanting to wipe sweat.
  14. Makes moving hard with my cost of living around here.
  15. Sweet jesus. That's the price of 3 pretty good sizes homes here.
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