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  1. Sometimes I wonder what its like to bust your butt your entire life to get to the NFL just to have everyone say your probably going to suck.
  2. Sorry I went off topic in your thread sir. Carry on.
  3. He just looks like a guy you would see at the local bar at 1pm. I dont look like that btw.
  4. I got a suprise day off work and the wife took the boy to the beach with her mom. I dont have a choice.
  5. Hurry duuury we got a LT lets just pack it up and don't try to improve the qb position and suck cause.......next year!. fug that, try to get a qb in the second or go get baker. We have a good enough roster given they stay healthy to really win some ball games. Next year. What a bunch of losers. Yea I been drinking but I'm right.
  6. Also he went to sun valley. I went to sun valley and still live just a few miles away. Too cool for him not to be a panther.
  7. If its me. Take the LT. Maybe move back into the 2nd somehow and take howell. Go try to see if we can win some games. I cannot stomach watching darnold again.
  8. I fuging lost when scrolled down. Great job man.
  9. We all want this to happen. We all want sam to turn it around and ball. I aint waiting on it to happen tho.
  10. I bought my home in 2010 for 124k House was newly finished and had 2 acres. Previous people ran out of money and foreclosed. I cleared some trees have added a fenced in acre yard, a building, carport, bedroom and 3 closets. Concrete driveway. Since then the residential boom has happened. Man these crazy ass people offered me 370k site unseen. I'll hang around for a while yet and see if that dont keep climbing.
  11. Wasn't till he took over that the national media has chimed in and on several stations and occasion called us a clown show. We are a gnat on the world's ass down here and the NATIONAL MEDIA ARE RECOGNIZING THE poo SHOW.
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