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  1. This place blows just like the rest of social media. I just lurk to catch up on some news and go on with my day.
  2. To tell the truth, the only thing I'm worried about is that injury bug we can seem to get away from.
  3. As a ups driver, I don't even notice the heat anymore. It's like I have rapidly adapted or something. I'm also only 33 so could also play a part. Anyways I always like Wilmington. Nice spot.
  4. Wilks is the man. Idk what yall are talking about.
  5. All the fox/Rivera comparisons. The two of them coached us to our only 2 superbowls. Didn't fox win one? Shiiiittttt
  6. Its cool. I can tailgate without getting up at 7am.
  7. Yea. The wind has officially been taken out of that stadium. Last time we were relevant was against Pittsburgh just before jj hit cam in that shoulder. Thats a long time to watch this crash and burn and your starting to see it in the seats. Tepper must fire Matt ruhle tomorrow. Its time.
  8. Been to alot of games. Never seen it this empty. Even in Jimmy days.
  9. Everyone knows the panthers are in a slump. Its the general piss ant and anger that has taken over. It has made this board hard to read and be apart of. I'm sure the next post will be "well dont read it" or "shut up bitch". But I hate to see a once cool place to chill turn into such a toxic place.
  10. Man. Daddy uncle tries some feel good stuff and gets ripped. This place has turned into a gathering spot for the most depressed and crying bunch of people on the internet. Ill say it. Been on here for a while and lurked years before that. This group of consistent posters on here now is the lightest in the pants I have ever seen.
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