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  1. I hate it when these podcast hosts wont let their guest talk, let the man finish his thought and shut the hell up.
  2. Damnit man that sucks, I'm trying to be optimistic Aggie Pride
  3. We dont need to monday morning QB this, KB look like the right pick at the time and we were very happy with him till he decided he like snacks more than football.
  4. Brees was just talking because he got fired
  5. This doesn’t make sense because I don’t believe for a second we would have walked away from a chance to draft Icky
  6. I ain’t been this excited about a pick since CMC
  7. Don’t make this hard, pick them best tackle and go home
  8. if you are looking for actual answers you can just start bitching now because you are going to be disappointed.
  9. business is business every owner in this league would have done the same. Rock Hill signed a the contract and Tepper is within his rights to hold them to the contract or terminate the agreement.
  10. Im sure you knew it was the wrong choice when he choose Rock Hill, he is currently playing the hand he was dealt by Rock Hill and he upheld his end of the contract, besides going back in time there is nothing else he can do.
  11. Yall are so against Tepper its preventing you from looking at issues objectively. The Rock Hill site is not on Tepper, he was paying the site out his own pocket, all the county had to do was upgrade the infrastructure and they failed to do that. Yes, Tepper should have fired Rhule but he played this correctly.
  12. NFL football is played in the present, we will worry about next seasons cap next season. Yall do this every year and nothing bad ever really happens.
  13. if he was going to be fired he would have been by now. Tepper is showing you the answers with his actions
  14. this is coach talk, he knows he needs to limit his touches at running back
  15. Expecting a player to suddenly become a player they have never shown you they could be is how coaches get fired.
  16. man all these coaches dress like a convention of McDonald's regional managers
  17. what do you want him to say that you will be happy with? he will comment you will still be pissed, let that hate go.
  18. What is happening, why even convene a second grand jury if you didn't have the firepower to indict? The more they come at the king and miss the more it looks like a wild hunt even if Watson is guilty.
  19. often times with these things lay somewhere in the middle. I bet the case is weak because sexual assault is hard to prove and the prosecutor didn't put his best foot forward.
  20. if they didnt have enough to indict the first go round why should he be worried now. Grand Jury's indict 90 plus percent of the time if they dont indict its a problem.
  21. the chances of a QB being successful outside of the first 10 picks is pretty rare. I like Corral I just think we need to temper out expectations.
  22. Before Prime got to Jackson no team would show up to these pro days. Prime is doing Gods work and looking out for his team. that said the Panthers had other pro days and it is what it is.
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