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  1. I only have myself to blame for reading this.
  2. Post game interviews are not the place to be candid. You not are not going blast your coordinators or your plays, no matter how much the fans would love that. Of course, the interview are fake. it's designed to be fake. You praise in public and rip them in private.
  3. with how messy every team is this season, we can win every game and lose every game. I dont like the idea of listing games as automatic losses or wins because thats how we lost yesterday.
  4. I have seen enough Cam is the guy going forward
  5. Baldy has got to hire me to help fix this shitty as audio, he sounds like he is talking in to fan with a roll of toilet paper.
  6. No one has ever earned a penalty more than Cam last sunday.
  7. Start Cam and dont look back, all this two QB stuff is for college
  8. the only time he has anything to say us is when Cam is involved
  9. realistically I just dont see how he makes it back this year. That 2 month timeline is 2 months without running and very little conditioning. I think horn is a long term play.
  10. I completely disagree you don’t have enough of a sampling size to make any determination. We are stacked a corner it’s at least 4 guys that have a legit reason to play over CJ. You could argue that we didn’t need him but he was always a long term play because he didn’t have training camp and the guys ahead of him.
  11. aint no damn way, even coming to the table with Cam is tucking your tail between your legs and saying we fudged up.
  12. Rhule biggest mistake is not having any one with NFL head coaching exp on his staff. You dont know what you dont know and you need someone to guide you.
  13. How? the Panthers do nothing well on offense, there is nothing to adjust too. It is impossible to properly judge Joe Brady with how bad everything in this offense is.
  14. OBJ may not be as good as he was but it still more than good enough to play in this league. Most of his issue is baker looking the other way, I think the bigger issue is these OBJ is most likely toxic as poo in the locker room.
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