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  1. Cowherd and Schien are both ass holes. It would suit me fine if they never talked about the panthers. Good or bad.
  2. Truist is the official bank of the NFL. Also they have their names on several ballparks and stadiums throughout the country. they already have their name on the knights. field.
  3. Appaloosa Management Field?
  4. The Panthers have taken the art of the "Smokescreen" to a whole new level. What a coaching staff we have. Who would have thought we would use our own media team to spread rumors and innuendo?
  5. Damn! They sure are thorough at the combine.
  6. This guy takes the words "Keep Pounding" to a whole new level.
  7. I must be old. When I hear the name Wink Martindale I think of this guy. BTW Until I searched for this pic I assumed he was dead.
  8. Out of the box thinking. That's what we are looking for on offense. Right?
  9. Wonder if Luke wants to be involved more now? Seems like he would be a natural fit with Evero.
  10. htt ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N08RkLLV72I
  11. how do you zoom on this thing. I think Rhule just sent me a dick pic
  12. I mean, should he not be out in the field throwing money at recruits so they will come to play for him? C'mon Matt it's over. Move on.
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