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  1. I think Dan and Gilmore's agent will talk and we will sign him this week. I think that was always the plan incase we didn't pick one in the draft.
  2. What makes this easier to take is the fact we had back to back 5th round picks (141 & 142) we gave up 141 and got pick 200. we dropped 59 spots but still have a pick in every round. to me it was a low risk solution to insure that we got our guy.
  3. Maybe a little birdie told dan that someone was trying top jump ahead of them and take our guy. Dan got proactive and jumped in there to assure we got Legette.
  4. the cost of the trade was we gave them our 5th. they gave us their 6th.
  5. Curry is here because his salary number makes the math work. the prize is williams and the 2027 1st rounder. Kinda makes me wonder with all these trades how much MJ handcuffed Mitch in making moves. I
  6. Its like clapping for the string quartet playing "Nearer my God to Thee" while the Titanic sinks.
  7. Cowherd and Schien are both ass holes. It would suit me fine if they never talked about the panthers. Good or bad.
  8. Truist is the official bank of the NFL. Also they have their names on several ballparks and stadiums throughout the country. they already have their name on the knights. field.
  9. Appaloosa Management Field?
  10. Damn! They sure are thorough at the combine.
  11. I must be old. When I hear the name Wink Martindale I think of this guy. BTW Until I searched for this pic I assumed he was dead.
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