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  1. From what I remember it was strategic to lower cap costs since that was pre rookie salary cap.
  2. Thomas is never getting cut. He'll be getting a social security check from the Panthers.
  3. Still think we should have gone center over RB. The weakest position on the line is the shortest route to the QB. We could survive without a new RB. We wont survive if we still dont know if BY is a franchise QB. All offseason was excuse after excuse about the oline not giving enough time and now we’re banking on a guy with 2 major lower body injuries in 2 years, a guy that’s never played center coming off injury, and a c/g that made Michael Jordan look competent. Add in the back up plan is 4 FA centers or a cast off that couldn’t make a roster. What could possibly go wrong? Being certain BY is our franchise QB is more important than a 1 contract RB?.
  4. It also speaks volumes to the impact of a strong offensive line. The Cowboys used to devote a lot of draft picks to their line and every back they had ran over everyone until they left. Demarco Murray cones foremost to mind. Sanders ran behind one of the best lines in Philly. Sweat came in and picked up right where he left off. I love having a great RB, but you have to keep investing in your offensive line to be able to use them to their full potential.
  5. It's not hindsight for another 3 years. We always talk about how we could have done better. It's a way to put your money where your mouth is.
  6. It's all part of a collective. Our center play hasn't been mediocre. It's been fuging atrocious. We've watched our centers get run over, turned around, and be completely inept for years. We now have a center coming off 2 knee injuries and backups that have never played center at the NFL level . Our receiver play has been piss poor despite investing 2 2nd round draft picks into the position in the past 3 years, spending on free agents. Investing one 2nd round pick to solidify a position for a decade is a good move and it's something dominant teams constantly invest in.
  7. It has nothing to do with bust rate. We watched Ryan Kalil excel at the position until his neck injury. What a good center does for his linemates and QB often goes unrecognized. FA centers are not so easy to get. If it was such an easy thing to do, we wouldn't have been struggling for going on a decade without a solid one.
  8. Better than us. The Panthers have been the worst team in pro sports the past 5 years.
  9. It is insane. The guy calling protections and with the shortest path to the QB should actually be a guy that's done it for a while. It's like driving from NY to LA with an oil leak. You know it's a really bad idea, and any sane person would tell you fix the leak, but hey, you got 3k miles to go and nothing is gonna stop you now, except a seized motor.
  10. He probably could have thrown a dart at the big board blindfolded with better results.
  11. When you're young and broke, that Eric Shelton jersey for $1.89 at Goodwill is a hell of a deal when all you want is a little Panthers gear.
  12. That stuff happens. 32 GMs passed on the GOAT QB at least 5 times. It's not about an individual player, it's about building a team, and in that respect, we've been failing miserably for the majority of our existence.
  13. If the team is serious about building a winning franchise, his leash needs to be the same length as any other QB. Either he gets the job done or he rides the bench. It's not about the player, it's about the team.
  14. I was guaranteed center is the most throw away position in the NFL and any FA center will do. Why have a Ryan Kalil when you can have a Matt Paradis?
  15. Still owned by Dave Tepper. We suck.
  16. My point is if you wa t BY to have a chance and you want to solidfy your offensive line into a dominant group, picking the strongest center in the draft when its a glaring area of need is a simple choice. RB is the least valued position for a reason. Late round picks and UDFAs are becoming 1000 yard rushers. You don't need to spend a 2nd round pick on a guy who's never going to play past 30 or see a 2nd contract. Teams let overpaid RBs walk for a reason and draft new ones. It's the throw away position in the NFL.
  17. Choose between Ryan Kalil vs Matt Paradis. Paradis right. Because center makes no difference.
  18. Build a strong offensive line and you can plug and play any RB and they will succeed. Hell, we have one on our team right now in Miles Sanders. Behind an awesome line in Philly he looked great, turd line here he looked like poo. This is really is not that fuging hard.
  19. Happened to me yesterday. Feels like you've entered some alternate dimension where little people clown porn is prime time TV.
  20. We've got over 200m, a 1st rounder, and a 3rd rd swing tackle/guard invested in in our oline right now and the shortest line to the QB is through a guy that is being moved to center coming off injury. Taking one of the top centers would be the most unPanther thing the Panthers could ever do.
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