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  1. True. It's just with college fans built in from the student body, there's an inherent loyalty that you don't really get from the NFL. The NFL is always trying to attract new customers and to get big dollars for big tickets, it always has to be the newer shinier experience. I'm sure college will progress that direction now that players are being paid, but it won't go as far. Michigan - Ohio State in the big house was probably my 2nd best football game experience only trumped by inaugural game at Ericcson Stadium beating down the Falcons with my dad.
  2. College football games are much different than NFL in my experience. NFL is solely about making money. College is more about football experience.
  3. You have to make sure to hold your block for that squirter out of the backfield.
  4. We're getting our own draft grade from Walterfootball. Any obscenely stupid lopsided assine trade that would be rejected even on Madden will be called a Kupchak.
  5. Judging by what's been said, UM was toxic.
  6. Won't have a 1st round pick to take him with because we'll have used it to acquire the services of the one and only Daniel Jones.
  7. And as we all know, there's something to be said for being in a bad work environment.That poo just eats away at you.
  8. The only thing that will bug me really is if Muma turns out to be a good LB and CJ flops. That was our pick and Muma is a player I was pretty interested in and had him slated to go mid to late 2nd.
  9. I cleaned up my diet a couple of years ago going ketovore and organic. On the occasions I do eat processed food, I get sick fairly quickly. It's amazing how that stuff tastes so bad now, like chewing on plastic.
  10. Definitely sad to see a young man pass in the prime of his life. It is interesting though how many young people are passing from so many different things. I read a study result yesterday showing how many chemicals are present in young men's stuff. It definitely makes you consider how much crap gets put in our bodies from a wide variety of sources. We're poisoning ourselves and don't even know what long term and short term effects from something as simple as a ear of corn or a nonstick pan might be.
  11. He was in Jax under Meyer. That situation was just awful. Not saying he gets a pass, but he gets a little grace. Rhule isn't the guy I trust to turn careers around, but maybe CJ really needed to get out of that cess pool in Jax.
  12. While there is some comparison between Watson and Snyder, Kraft, and Jones, there weren't 26 allegations. Single instance of getting a happy ending is quite different than what Watson is alleged to have done. I'm not defending the owners by any stretch, it's just IF the allegations are true, that would make Watson a serial predator and there's nothing similar to compare that too. If the NFL does nothing, it's going to piss off a large amount of female fans and a lot of male ones too. Cleveland really fugged themselves with this situation, and it only makes me wonder even more what the hell Tepper was thinking pursuing him so vigorously. Anyone with any common sense knew there was no way this was over.
  13. I'm not saying Icky's a bust. But there are things that happened last year that didn't make sense. Rhule said publicly he evaluated an all pro LT as a guard. Same thing he said about BC. He was more concerned about arm length than ability to play the position. Anyone who watched him play inside could tell he was not a guard or center. He didn't have the power to play there. Irving and Elfein were always huge WTF signings. Neither had a history of being healthy or very good, but we went after them on day 1 in FA because they fit the versatile lineman role. Just because you're a FA doesn't mean you should be starting. Normally those 2 would have been week 2 or 3 of FA moves for some team. I realize BC didn't play against elite talent in preseason but he actually looked better than Irving. His form was better and more fluid. His feet were quicker. He just looked better. Then we get into the whole part of trying to teach him to play 4 different positions as a rookie. Rhule loves guys to be able to play all over the line. Sometimes you just need to let them play where they are best. No one who looked out our OL last year game 1 thought, man this is a good line. Nothing we did on our offensive line made sense last year. Armchair GM, we would have Slater over Horn and BC would be doing what he does somewhere else.
  14. Rhule had him trying to play 4 positions on the line. He's not an interior lineman yet if ever. He was manhandled with power right up the middle. He was our best looking LT in preseason. He should have played LT game 1. We all knew it. We were all saying it. It's not like his ability at LT was some magical revelation in the last 3 games. Rhule just ignored what was blatantly obvious to armchair coaches from the Huddle.
  15. If, and it's a big IF, BC plays well at LT, icky starts at LG, and we don't have to start Elfien, Irving or even have Jordan on the team, I'll consider that a win. I think Icky is the future at LT, but I'm not opposed to letting him come on slowly as a LG to get used to the size and speed of the NFL.
  16. Probably didn't want anymore hospital balls tossed his way.
  17. Does it make what I said more or less true? He hid his situation from coaches and it cost the team when he went out for the season. MVP 3 years earlier or not, it's still the same thing.
  18. Cam did the same thing with his foot injury, but was given a pass by a lot of people because he was a competitor. It's what these guys do. I still don't want baker unless it's a straight up trade for Darnold and a box of Krispy Kreme originals.
  19. I think we'll see a couple tweeked hammies.
  20. I'm pretty sure if Darnold is still starting week 5, I'll trade my good bourbon for some cheap stuff just to make games watchable.
  21. I expected him to look bad in clean pockets last year. He was getting hit so fast and so often he had no rhythm, not that it would have mattered much. He played last year like he was expecting to get hit at any second, which given everyone not named Moton, wasn't an unreal expectation.
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