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  1. This is what drives me crazy. We drafted a LT. We only played him 3 games and he looked ok. Could be good, could be bad. Who knows. We would if Rhay-Z would have started him. So now we need a LT in this draft, or do we? And we need Rhule's evaluation to select one, even though he couldn't recognize Slater's ability to play the position. It's not that I'm against drafting a LT. I just hate drafting one when we have one on the roster and have no idea whether or not he could effectively play the position long term. There's no reason to be in this position right now, but here we are.
  2. It really doesn't though because while Goodell says he wouldn't put him on the exempt list, public pressure related these allegations would certainly put him there if any team intended to actually start him. Houston wants 3 1sts plus starters. You can't give that up for a guy you're not 100% certain will be able to take snaps. You just can't. That said. We mortgage the farm and end up trading for Watson.
  3. He probably thought all the remaining tackles were really guards that had been playing out of position their entire college careers.
  4. As with anything, cost is key. That and whether or not he just wants a check or wants a shot at winning at this stage in his career.
  5. Just wanted a reason to post it again.
  6. I'm a Michigan fan but I'm not delusional. Recruiting is now much more difficult for them. Once the internet boomed, players didn't have to go to a big school to be seen. Obviously it helps, but they could be a backup at a school like Michigan or a top tier starter elsewhere. Then there is the football powerhouse that is the SEC and the optimal weather year round for young men looking to have a good time. I doubt Michigan will ever be really relevant long term again.
  7. A 1st round pick for Jimmy G. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
  8. Rhule has been terrible at developing any player, not just Darnold. Most players on this team regressed. I think there may have been a window to fix Darnold with competent coaching, but that window is likely closed. Gase was terrible. Rhule has been worse. McAdoo, who knows what he can do, but I hold no illusions he will be able to correct Darnolds flaws. At this point, he's an 18m paperweight.
  9. Charlotte and surrounding areas has a huge fanbase potential of those who have never really watched soccer, many of whom are Panthers fans. It is perfectly reasonable to expect the same standards from an owner from one franchise to another. Businesses are often associated with the owner and a substandard appearance in one will likely be associated with the same in another. Rhule has embarrassed himself with his comments and his coaching. By keeping Rhule, despite the team collapsing after 3-0 start, and stating the only way for Rhule to keep his job is hire a Rockstar OC, Tepper is telling potential fans he's not really serious about delivering a quality product. And if hes not going to at least attempt to deliver a quality football product, potential fans can expect the same for his MLS team. Same owner, same standards.
  10. As a lifelong Wolverines fan, all I can say is please no. I can't take any more Rhule.
  11. Hate the team. No Found a new level of indifference towards them? Yes
  12. Is 50m worth the hate and contempt that's going to be directed at his soccer team? People are not going to invest emotionally into another team run by Tepper when he's running this one into the ground. Canning Rhule at this point makes more business sense than anything else given his 2-12 finish and the way the team performed down the stretch. Fans can't dictate business decisions but fans aren't the only ones who have noticed there is a gigantic lack of NFL HC ability currently.
  13. We could have Slater and still be looking for a LT. Rhule doesn't evaluate offensive line talent well. He's looking for the prototypical LT and while it may exist on paper, it doesn't in the real world. Choosing a LT in this draft should not be left up to Rhule.
  14. I hope to hell you're right and we're getting a new coach in 2023. But I also figured finishing the season 2-12 and getting embarrassed multiple times would be reason to fire Rhule and not give him a chance if he can hire a Rockstar OC. We are the laughing stock of the NFL right now because of how we are handling this coaching poo. I don't have a problem with drafting a LT and keeping BC as a swing tackle. I think it's actually a good idea if we could somehow ditch Erving. Rhule cannot evaluate oline talent. It doesn't matter of the 3 top guys are there for the taking if Rhule decides that some bumpkin out of BFU has all the measurables to be an all pro. Rhule is infatuated with his analytical approach and all its turned out so far is a big steaming pile of poo.
  15. But do you trust them to figure it all out later? Right now we should know if BC can play LT. Rhule refused to put him there until he had no choice and only then did we get a look at him with 3 games to go. Rhule refused to even consider a 2nd team all pro LT at that position in the draft because of his measurables. The problem isn't our need at LT or lack thereof. The biggest problem is the person in charge of making these evaluations and decisions thought that Erving and Elfien were day 1 FAs, Miller and Jordan were the best guards, and that BC and Brown didn't deserve playing time even though the starters were handing out sacks like Halloween candy. The biggest issue isn't the players available, it's the clown driving the car. I want a franchise LT. I DONT want Rhule deciding who that will be.
  16. The sad part is they've experienced as much success in the past 5 seasons with no 1st rounders as we have in almost the past 25 years. I'd make that trade any day
  17. You kind of have to though. Baring a trade back, if we take a T at 6, there's no pick until the 4th. BC looked terrible as a guard. It's not his natural position. So now we have a few picks to fill a ton of holes, and not a huge amount of cap space as long as we don't do some restructuring that won't actually accomplish anything long term since we aren't going to be competitive in 2022/23.
  18. This is probably his fastest shot at HC, at least interim.
  19. You think anybody is going to pay good money to watch another clown circus coached by certified clown coach Rhule.
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