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  1. I think it should be best impactful player available. We just spent a small fortune on 2 guards. If BPA was a guard that wasn't likely to crack the starting lineup for a couple years, that would be a bad pick IMO. I know we don't have many, if any, of those guys really, but likelihood to get playing time has to be taken into account for a pick(s) that high in the 2nd for a team with so many needs.
  2. They watch just to see if a random ember from a cigar will set that excessively gelled hair on fire.
  3. If JPJ is there at 33, I think he has to be the pick. Offense literally starts with the center. He has to be able to call the protections and make life easier for whoever is taking the snaps. We've had shitty center play for a while now. 3 solid guys in the center gives you the best chance for BY (or whoever) to be successful. At 39, take the best WR available. It's a deep WR draft. Someone is going to slide.
  4. If it's about winning, then Bryce has to be pullable. If it's not, then why the hell are you playing the game?
  5. Humphrey was the pick and anyone with an eye for football and this team's needs knew it. We were terrible at center and we've all seen the value in having that position locked down for a decade with Kalil. Humphrey was about as solid a C prospect as you'll see.
  6. Not really. This is the NFL and guys get hurt or outplayed by someone else. If Nix or any other QB pick gets drafted and is a serious threat to BY's job, or beats him out for starter, then we already have the answer about BY. If Nix, McCarthy, or another QB we think is the BPA is there, pull the trigger. Having 2 capable QBs is not a bad thing. Love rode the bench behind Rodgers for years, and it gave the Packers the flexibility to move on from Rodgers when the time was right. This should be about creating a better team overall. Draft capital is a spent asset. Put the best player on the field, every game, regardless if they're drafted 1st, 33rd or not drafted at all.
  7. My thought at the time was he did it to get in the door. Anyone who listened to Rhule knew he was full of poo and he was going to be gone faster than a roach coach burrito on taco Tuesday, and he should have been after season 2. If he had to tolerate Matt for a year and then get to do his job, that's one thing. Turns put he sucked both balls, but these jobs are hard to get and playing along for a year to get one would have been a clever move. Sadly, a move that clever would have been the highlight of his tenure as GM.
  8. Unfortunately we can't pick up the phone and call the Carolina Panthers.
  9. The DHop trade from the Texans was highway robbery. Lack of production on his part was not because of a lack of skills on his part. If we could get Tee Higgins for a 4th and Sanders I'd take that deal all day long and twice on Sunday.
  10. I'm not upset about it at all either. Just more of a statement about how much QBs actually regressed under Rhule. Rhule was something special, in a necrotic STD sort of way.
  11. He never really had a chance under Rhule the fool. There was never any QB development for anyone under that idiot.
  12. We haven't recovered since David Tepper bought the team.
  13. If by some ungodly reason Bryce goes 1-14 to start the season, we're looking at our own 3-28. As much fun as we've made of them, I'm sure they'd return the favor with just as much enthusiasm.
  14. Time for Ian Thomas to earn his paycheck
  15. Depending on your budget, Walker is the mac daddy of mowers. Mulching mower will run you 14 grand but you'll have a mower that leaves a beautiful finished product. I've run Walker, Toro, Exmark, JD, Gravely, Bad Boy, Spartan and even Cub Cadet. They all have their advantages/disadvantages depending on the type of deck Some stuff to think about before buying. How much grass are you cutting off per mow/ how often? This is relevant to whether you need to bag, mulch or side/rear discharge. What type of soil? Sandy soil will eat up blades. You end up keeping sand in the vortex under the mower and you will sandblast the underside of your deck. Is your land level or rolling? Hinged decks work much better on rolling turf vs floating decks for flatter. Downside, only a few lines run hinged decks and they ain't cheap. Are you doing the maintenance or paying someone else? Look at your most common repair parts for a zero turn, mainly hydros. How much do they run? Are they even available local or online only? There are some mowers that replacing hydros costs more than a new mower. I always buy from a local dealer that stocks parts for whatever I'm buying. I also do this commercially so my standards are a bit higher, but in order, my preference is Walker, Exmark, Toro, Gravely, Spartan, Bad Boy, CC. I won't touch a Craftsman.
  16. Dalton played better in Seattle in a very loud, hostile environment than Bryce had to that point. If the goal was truly about winning, Bryce would have been holding a clipboard until he truly beat out Dalton, which leads me to believe the goal was never about winning and that in itself is a huge problem. Someone, here's looking at you Dave, was trying to prove they knew best and were damn sure going to prove it. 2 wins and 15 losses later, I think we can safely say Bryce wasn't ready to be an immediate NFL starter if winning really was the priority.
  17. One of the worst concussions I ever got was on a kickoff coverage. Me and another guy ran full speed into each other and I damn sure got my bell rung. Seemed like a good idea at the time but it was a dumb ass thing to do. Spent the next few minutes trying to get the world back into focus.
  18. Here's my thing. If you're playing safety and have Bryce passing, you know you can cheat a little towards the line because you have time to catch up. Bryce isn't throwing missles like Cam did. He doesnt have that type of arm. Depending on where he is, you can rule out parts of the field because he's not making a 40 yard pass cross field with serious velocity. An extra half to full second is long time for an NFL level defender to recover. Guys like Josh Allen can flick their wrist of their back foot and toss it 50 yards on a rope. Bryce can't. Defenses know that stuff and can adjust accordingly. That's just basic NFL game planning.
  19. Sure you can. Velocity, angle, air time, loft, accuracy. Every one of these can be measured without a receiver. Either he can get the ball there at an elite level or he can't.
  20. You start by basically ignoing their game stats and start looking at the player in a vacuum. How do they move? How do they set their feet? Throwing motion, field vision, urgency, progression through reads, feel for the rush, everything that is immediately the control of that individual player. Then you start expanding and adding outside factors, like competition level, blitz performance, elite level players faced, stadium environment, coaching, surrounding cast, game plan. Keep adding layers to an onion that all contribute to the whole picture. Bryce himself has questionable height, limited vision, terrible footwork, subpar arm strength, questionable pocket awareness, questionable decision making ability, and lacks physical strength to evade minimal contact without going down. None of those things have anything to do with the players around him. Those things are all Bryce. Can he improve some of those? Yes. Can he do enough to overcome his shortcomings? I don't know, but if he does, I'll be shocked. For the price we paid, he needs to be a legit pro bowl selection for multiple years. Personally, I'm not sure he's even an NFL starter by the time his rookie contract is up.
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