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  1. Imagine having to go home and explain to your wife that you hitched your future as AD to Matt fuggin Rhule. Probably like finding out your significant other invested your entire nest egg with some guy named Bernie Madoff.
  2. Listening to a Matt Rhule press conference is like watching a My Pillow 30 minute infomercial. It's hearing AIDS.
  3. Aqib Talib flat out said he was trying to injure Philly Brown and he got a 25k fine. What he did could literally have killed him and he got nothing from the NFL. The people I was watching the game with were Denver fans and even they were saying the refs were calling such a biased game they weren't trying to hide it. There was no way Manning was going to finish his career 1-3 in SB appearances to an upstart black QB that was taking the NFL by storm. It was never going to happen.
  4. It's between Houston and Denver in the Sewage Bowl being held in SewerDome in NO. Fug the Taints.
  5. Just really sad how bad this division is. To have Baker playing some of the worst football I've ever seen, led by the worst coach I have ever seen until he was fired, and somehow still be in the division title hunt is just... wow.
  6. The entire draft process has yet to play out so there's still a lot to be determined. I don't want to tank per se, but I don't care about meaningless wins like Washington that cost us a shot at Tua or Herbert. Once we're out of it, play the young guys, see what we have. In this division we won't be out until week 18 even with only 6 wins.
  7. Here's my thought process if I'm Fitts/Morgan. This year, QB if we think the right fit is there after Young/Stroud go 1/2. Likely we end up in the 6-12 range. I don't think there's really much choice but to draft a QB. MC won't be ready for week 1 as a starter and while we assume he will be healed, foot injuries are tricky as we saw with Olsen and Cam, plus we still need a competent backup. Keep Darnold as a bridge, develop the 2 rookies and let it shake out. We can use one of our 3 2nds on a DE as talent will slide. Obviously not Burns, but some drop off was to be expected with this trade. 2024 draft. - use our 2 1sts for a DE and WR1 depending on talent available or if a Parsons like prospect(s) is available, take them as well. 2025 - now 2 full seasons from rookie QBs, we should have some idea of our 23 1st rd QB and MC are. Either they can cut it or not. If we're good, use the 2 picks to add DE, because we do need 2 and whatever other piece. If not, we have 2 1sts available to maneuver if necessary. Either MC or 23QB would be moved on from pending performance, the other is backup, Darnold is off the books, and we move on. Plus we have $30m in salary we can use to add a FA DE and a couple other pieces While I understand that losing Burns is not an ideal situation, I think the trade would have set us up the best for finding a QB in the next 3 years, given the bust rate for QBs. Without a QB you can't compete, and this would give us a good shot twice in 3 years. Not ideal obviously, but that's playing the statistics as GM.
  8. It's not about saving money. We got a ridiculous offer from a really bad team for an edge rusher about to be given one of, if not the highest, contract to a DE in NFL history. If we had a franchise QB or at least one developing, I have no issue at all telling the Rams to fug off. But we don't and we didn't. Allowing Rhule to remain coach this offseason was a colossal fug up. We need as much ammo as we can muster to be able to find that QB. Whether or not Fitts, Morgan and whoever the new HC is are the guys to do that, we'll that remains to be seen. But a 1st and 3 2nds this year, 2 1sts in 2024 and 2 in 2025 is a lot of opportunity to use in finding that guy. Even if Burns turns out to be the greatest DE to ever play the game, without a QB, this team still finishes under 500 every year. It sucks, but that's just the reality of becoming and staying a contender in the NFL.
  9. Just when you think Dan Snyder couldn't be a bigger douchebag, he goes and does something like this.
  10. And in the meantime, you're paying 30m a year to a good player that isn't going to help you win more than 5 games a season. We've been in QB purgatory for years. We need out. If stockpiling extra picks could possibly get you out, then it's a move you have to make IMO. It's not an easy choice either way, and likely picking wrong costs you your job. I rank order of importance as QB, blind side tackle, and DE as top needs in that order. Giving up 3rd important to improve our chances at getting 1 is a move as a franchise I think you have to make. We could have gotten those picks and whiffed at getting a franchise QB or we could hang onto Burns, pay him 30m a year and there's a chance we still get a franchise QB on a rookie salary. IF we end up winning 6 or 7 games because players don't tank, then our draft position will cost us severely if we want to move up for a QB and that's where those picks could really come in handy. It's all weighing risk vs reward plus factoring in Fitts job security makes it all a very iffy situation. That's why we get to bitch on a message board and someone else gets paid millions to make these decisions. Time will tell who is right.
  11. Replace him, no. But I always felt we needed more than JAG at backup QB due to his physical playing style and the NFLs lack of safety concerns when it came to him and head to head hits. His durability has been a concern since day 1 for a lot of people because of all the hits.
  12. I don't stress about it either. He was going to well either way under Reid or Payton. It's not near as simple as being the top pick. You need so many more pieces to make a successful QB. We just relied too much on Cam's athletic ability instead of actually getting someone to develop an offense for him and develop him as a QB.
  13. I get that. Of course to be able to find that guy you need someone who can recognize and develop QB talent and that's something we haven't had here in a long fuging time.
  14. I actually want the higher pick because I want to at least have the opportunity to get the next mahomes. Having pick 1 or 2 just means there's 8 less teams to get our guy before we pick.
  15. Franchise tag is $30m for a QB according to OTC. We aren't paying Darnold that and neither is anyone else.
  16. A few games isn't going to undo 4 seasons worth of game tape. And leading the Panthers to the playoffs in this division isn't really that big of an accomplishment. He would need to put up some Allen, Mahomes, Hurts type of games for the remainder of the season before I'd even consider anything above 5 per season.
  17. Who is saying this? I haven't seen anyone saying Darnold is the future at QB.
  18. That's where I am. Stopgap and ultimately a backup while we develop Corral and see what he is. In 2 years we will either cut Corral or he will move into Darnolds spot.
  19. Why franchise him? No one else is going to offer him a massive contract. He's a backup at this point.
  20. Super Bowl and the Sewer Bowl. Couldn't be a better place for RW to end up.
  21. Because without a QB, it doesn't matter how elite of an edge rusher he is, we aren't having a winning season, much less going to the SB. Those picks give us a better chance to either draft a franchise QB, or move up if necessary. Without a QB, this franchise is going nowhere, with or without Burns.
  22. Of course I realize that. But his game is not TJ Watt, JJ Watt, Khalil Mack, or any other number of elite edge rushers and we are getting ready to pay him like he is. I like Burns as a piece and for the right price, keep him. I think we could have netted more production overall with those 3 picks and 30m than we will get just from Burns. I could be wrong, but there's risks in everything.
  23. You do realize the "haters" don't actually hate Burns. They just don't think his game is complete enough to pass up an early 2nd this year, 2 1sts from a team looking really bad really fast, and the 30m per year in salary we will be paying him.
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