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  1. Darnold all day with a special nod to Fittz. A 2nd rounder is looking like a steal right now.
  2. I don't think these refs are actually familiar with the rules of football.
  3. So WTF did Houston do? Just because they benched Watson for the season are they going to be the Cinderella story for the NFL. I haven't seen a game called this badly since SB50.
  4. Texans just missing Bobby the brain Heenan on the sidelines.
  5. It looks like our OCs from 15 and 21 have about the same skill at adaptation after the 1st half.
  6. What is this pumpkin beer I heard of earlier today. It sounds like an abomination.
  7. Slye will set the NFL record with a 67 yd FG. Good guys 33 Them 10
  8. I've only heard Cowturd say 1 thing meaningful. Find your franchise QB, protect him, then get him weapons. Other than that, everything else is mindless blah blah blah
  9. Colin hated Cam. It wasn't even slightly hidden when he talked about him. He never had much respect for the way Cam played the position.
  10. Never hated Gano but I thought we should have replaced him with Butker when we had the opportunity. I didn't have an issue keeping him over Slye because he was proven. Just sucks, because like so so many decisions Hurney made, the Huddle was right all along.
  11. Good guys win. Sean Peyton gets knocked the fug out by Burns when he drives Winston into the sidelines.
  12. Sam watching those hits and is just glad it wasn't him
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