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  1. It's also possible we may be waiting until during the draft to acquire a player for a pick. We saw a couple WRs move last season, so we may be hoping to do something like that and spend a little less in draft capital depending on who falls to our pick.
  2. I get what you're saying now. Sometimes reading it doesn't make it come across the same way as it was meant.
  3. Fitts has never gotten to pick his QB. He always had to go get the reclamation project Rhule wanted. The only QB he did pick Rhule never even tried to develop.
  4. Fitt didn't pick Teddy, that was Hurney 2.0. He did go get Darnold and Baker at Rhules request. Baker was worth it for a 5th. Darnold cost more because Rhule had already played his hand with T2G and we were desperate. Corral just went to show Rhule had no interest in actually developing a QB.
  5. I'm not drunk enough to understand this.
  6. It's all due diligence. Even if we're not interested, someone else could be and willing to make us a ridiculous offer to get to 1. Half of what we do is real, half is smokescreen, half is misdirection and the other half is a lie.
  7. If Fitts somehow managed to pull something like this off, he would reach immortal GM status in his 3rd year. The only real hangup would be negotiating LJ contract.
  8. He had his moments when he could come off that way. But he played for us and I really don't give a poo how many opposing banners he ripped down.
  9. And if the Panthers select Young, and the Texans were sure we were taking Stroud, then the Texans will have failed to do their due diligence and will be doing typical Texans things. Even if you have no desire for Stroud, you send guys to watch because other teams are watching you. Can't get someone to trade up for Stroud when they can pay a little less to move to the Cards spot because of a panic reach for Levis or AR. Just bad strategy overall it looks like.
  10. We're going to force feed Shi Smith into a 2k/25 TD year then trade him for the #3 pick.
  11. The other thing I think it shows to is the level of dedication to being prepared. Some guys show up and rely on physical ability alone. Others show up after weeks of training tweaking little things to give them a tenth of a second better result in the 40, or a smoother shuttle, etc. Those aren't things you can't really measure but show in how a prospect performs.
  12. It's hard to hit on WR when our entire coaching history hasn't come to the realization that the NFL is all about the offense. Steve Smith got it done because of a chip on his shoulder the size of Baltimore.
  13. It all depends on how much of this is truth and how much is smoke screen to hide our intentions at 1. This time of year there is so much misinformation flying all over. Either way, we are where we are.
  14. Not necessarily. It all depends on if you believe we are interested in more than one QB and how their pro days may affect those evaluations. They may also not have been able to get DJ Moore who was a key to the trade. If the Panthers favor one QB above the other, they may not be interested in moving up in the draft until draft day after the 1st pick. Too many variables in play this time of year to say a team is dumb for getting a guaranteed haul vs trade and hope. Now if the Panthers are truly equally interested in 2, then that trade up for a 24 1st would be a nice little item to get back, especially if it ends up being an early pick and MH jr is available.
  15. Regardless of whether or not some think Fitts has done well with roster moves as a GM, it's definitely safe to say the environment in the organization has changed. It's beginning to feel like home again. Keep Pounding.
  16. They need to stick to just regular rot your teeth sweet tea. This stuff is not good.
  17. Read earlier Cooks has concussion issues and could be one away from retirement. Not sure how much truth there is to that but concussion issues are always concerning.
  18. Bersin got a lot of flack but dude had velcro hands. You need that kind of possession guy on 3rd and long.
  19. But while Bell has been trending up, Chinn has trended down since his rookie year. I just don't think we would get what we perceive to be his trade value.
  20. The only downside is Chinn looked his worst playing safety. He was much more effective closer to the line. I don't think the value for him is there yet to be able to trade for a guy like Higgins. He needs a year outside of the Rhule/Wilks defense closer to the line to showcase his talent.
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