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  1. The riot has a chapter here that used to watch games at fiddlin fish downtown but I’m not sure who is in charge of this chapter now. Probably a change is needed. I may watch one away game out a season, other than that im typically watching at a friends place for away games
  2. A little shoutout to the huddle at the end
  3. No F-150’s were wrecked during the making of this pod
  4. Right and I've seen the reports of the two defensive starters but our top two defensive guys are on draft deals and cornerstone pieces for that unit. This is where you lose me. Donte, fine. I'm not giving all the capital + two young studs. I know they have every right to ask for that and likely have to start there so the price can be bidded down. Would you give up 3 1's, 2 2's, teddy, burns, and Chinn or keep everything and pay Dak top money? I want Watson more than anyone but if you're spending 2 years in 49-45 shootouts and are on the losing end more than the other it's not worth it
  5. And I think that's an accurate assessment. Everyone has been quick to say "well look what Stafford would cost" yet it would've costed us a lot less if they took our offer. Ours was realistic for the market. People crying out "well look what Philly only got for Wentz"...well what should they expect from damaged goods essentially with Wentz trying to bounce back from a horrible year. 3 1's, 2 2's and Teddy is what you likely are looking at or something in that range. I still think that Houston would want DJ to help alleviate the Hopkins trade
  6. Plus the Stafford/Goff deal wasn't a true display of what the market is(not taking away from what Watson would command) LAR obviously had to overpay and sweeten the deal for Detroit to agree to take on Goff and that contract. It was very much like a typical NBA salary dump trade where a team absorbs someone into their cap for extra picks. Essentially what happened here
  7. Correct. They've handled this situation pretty damn poorly and just keep pissing off a well liked guy and face of their franchise. I don't have a clue how all this shakes out but the longer it goes the thicker the trail of smoke goes and I just don't see Tepper losing a battle to get "his guy" as La Canfora so clearly outlined Tep's feelings on DW4
  8. Knew as soon as I sent those tweets to Bill that it would end up on the huddle. He's always done a good job of answering my questions so figured it was worth a shot. We just need Houston to realistically engage teams because Deshaun's stance isn't changing
  9. Because i need a damn good wedding gift to a fellow huddler
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