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  1. I think it gets lost in the sauce a bit but no starting 5 in the NFL is perfect. The reality of the situation Scott and Matt find themselves on with the o line is betting on the upside of certain players and hoping they find a combo that can stick. Even with a top 10 pick there’s no guarantee. Obviously I’m not thrilled with the LT situation but I see the vision and the reasons for the adds. It’s on the players and the coach’s now to make it happen.
  2. two deep: Daley ERving Paradis Miller Moton Scott Elflien D. Moore Christensen I expect Deonte to see limited reps until he has a year in the program under weight supervision unless he balls out in camp or is forced into action due to injuries. elf also could be back up center
  3. Yea I have no idea where the narrative that Daley was bad is coming from, he filled in extremely well and shocked everyone for a Hurney 6th round pick, the issue is health.
  4. I mean obviously but until it happens this is the world and options we have…..
  5. Should have probably added an option for Moton sliding over to LT but I’m holding out hope someone steps up in camp.
  6. With Taylor moton and the right side solidified for the next 5 years, who is your pick to step up and win the starting LT job in 2021 and possibly beyond? my belief is a HEALTHY Dennis Daley separates himself in camp and earns the role. 0 sacks allowed in 135 snaps and only one penalty. IF he can stay healthy I think it’s his job. Cam Erving slides inside and Trent Scott back up to both. Christensen backs up the other guard spot till he over takes Johnny Miller
  7. Makes too much sense…best player on the line at a bookend spot. Sam rejoices.
  8. Marsh and players of his ilk don’t have the ability to simply walk into the head mans office and be like “I’m done trade me” you’re basically saying “you don’t like it, walk out on your dream and do something else” . These types of dudes are fighting for a chance on these rosters and if they were to speak up or speak out would simply be cut and probably labeled as a “cancer” and lose any opportunities they would have in the future. Just because these guys make more money than you doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to dignity in the work place. that’s the problem with some fans, you side with billionaire owners of teams who do literally whatever they want to (often on your precious tax dollars) and tell players of the teams you love to essentially “shut up and dribble”
  9. I said in our latest episode that Ian’s year to “prove it” was last season. Unless he’s significantly developed over the course of this offseason I don’t see him making it out of camp, unless Tremble is designated solely as an H/fullback
  10. Oh I love Gnatt as well, he’s great, I just thought it was interesting. And having Brady around for a year while Taylor is on the tag could definitely offer flexibility. I think the sentiment stems from the instability at LT, and POTENTIALLY letting Taylor hit free agency next season without that situation being sorted out is going to be a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow.
  11. I think for the people who have a problem with DJ, his quiet humble nature combined with his on the field fierceness (especially with the ball in his hands after the catch) actually works against him. we have a giant void of vocal leadership on that side of the ball since Cams absence. I don’t think DJ is ever going to be that “this is my team” kind of guy which some people will probably never get over. I hope with some level of consistency at QB, especially in the vertical game, he can at least have the on the field TD production that will solidify his status, at least in the minds his detractors, his importance to the team.
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