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  1. This guy didn’t even kick fgs his Junior and Senior year in college at Minnesota. Weird trade.
  2. Happy Monday huddlers! On this weeks episode we talk about a possible Robby extension that’s been reported, what the numbers could look like and give our thoughts! Ravens review. Who’s stocks rising/falling We give our thoughts on the redZone struggles and what needs to change as we enter the regular season! Start your Monday off right! Listen/rate/review/share #keeppounding apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166?i=1000532792299 spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6aw8otsZBwo2vga4eK9ybW?si=F0k6Vy4tTiOyWGX510nZmg&dl_branch=1
  3. Happy Monday huddle fam! The 704cast crew spent Sunday night reviewing training camp week two highlights and lowlights! Everything from DBO signs to positional battles! As we head into preseason game one, we also tried to establish more of our upcoming in season routine previewing this weeks matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. •injury reports •key matchups •what we expect to see Give us a listen wherever you get your pods! Rate/review/share We are just three fans who love giving our takes and analysis fwiw As always, #keeppounding Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166?i=1000531457015 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5K0fvI5yW4P6aJaS0Xij7C?si=9tvbFsBVR7eHbCm9TZ8-IQ&dl_branch=1
  4. I think Terrace is well on his way to demanding more than simply red zone looks….
  5. @Zod these are fantastic thanks for this! Plleeesaassseee get some of OL/DL 1v1s with pads if you are able! either way appreciated
  6. Happy Monday! start your work week off with a little Panthers content and listen as the @704cast breaks down Panthers Training camp week one. We talk early Darnold reactions, offensive line battles and the early impressions on the new and improved defense! Also are the saints the most annoying collective of human beings on the face of the planet? Easy listen for your commute or lunch break! As always we LOVE feedback! Leave a rating and share with a friend! #keeppounding apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/704cast/id1557477166?i=1000530735892 spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7xwucpJqj0gGnsEO9wSTWV?si=KeOZogyTSry3pDspXw3iLQ&dl_branch=1
  7. I think it might take at least a second rounder + Donte which I’m perfectly fine doing. The Dolphins have shown the front office values a massing picks so I think this is actually a realistic deal that could be made.
  8. we have the cap and this is definitely something I could get behind. Donte and a pick or two. With Horn on a Roookie deal, my goodness…. fitz is “in on every deal” right? https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1420176389626552332?s=21
  9. Excellent work as always @ellis ! Hope I run into you at camp!
  10. I think it gets lost in the sauce a bit but no starting 5 in the NFL is perfect. The reality of the situation Scott and Matt find themselves on with the o line is betting on the upside of certain players and hoping they find a combo that can stick. Even with a top 10 pick there’s no guarantee. Obviously I’m not thrilled with the LT situation but I see the vision and the reasons for the adds. It’s on the players and the coach’s now to make it happen.
  11. two deep: Daley ERving Paradis Miller Moton Scott Elflien D. Moore Christensen I expect Deonte to see limited reps until he has a year in the program under weight supervision unless he balls out in camp or is forced into action due to injuries. elf also could be back up center
  12. Yea I have no idea where the narrative that Daley was bad is coming from, he filled in extremely well and shocked everyone for a Hurney 6th round pick, the issue is health.
  13. I mean obviously but until it happens this is the world and options we have…..
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