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  1. The Giants D is terrible, playing hard and doing what they can with what they have, but still nothing compared with us and the Iggles still struggled a bit....not worried
  2. DO NOT PUNT TO SPROLES!!!! For the love of God....
  3. I expect to continue the trend from last week, pounding the ball with a heavy dose of JStew which sets up a Play action to Ginn Bomb early! Eagles will have under 50 yards rushing, Bradford 2 int's. Funchess catches his first NFL TD pass. Panthers 24 Eagles 7
  4. Are scantily clad women acceptable or does it have to be huddler his/her self to count?
  5. We would be winning 28-0 right now with all these turnovers
  6. Must win for the Aints, puuuuhhhhhlllleeeaaassseeee step up!!!! Will make our lives a lot easier come December!
  7. Saints will hang tough for 2-3 quarters, but I see the Falcons pulling away. Rob is too much of an idiot to stack the box and dare them to throw at an injured Julio. But who knows maybe they have some voodoo on their side tonight, we can only hope!
  8. Twitter handle @corey6797 here!!!! i would allow my wonderful, sweet, caring, beautiful fiancé, to be taken to "pound town" by the one and only Mr. Kuechly, while screaming "Luuuuuuukkkkkeeeee" in the corner of my bed room! Just to say we were Eskimo brothers!
  9. Was listening to this as they were doing it live and Kirwin picked for Seattle at 31, forgetting the fact that That isn't seattles pick anymore! Sooo I'll take this with a grain of salt, hope it happens but I doubt it
  10. Some people amaze me!!!! Martin and oher deff aren't all pros at this point but I tell you what, Martin/Oher or Remmers/Oher sounds a hell of a lot better than Bell/chandler! I expect our OL and offense as a whole to be a hell of a lot better this season and not the swinging door icindiary trash we saw for the majority of last season....AAAAANNNDDD im gonna go on a limb and say have 2 players on the OL selected to the Pro Bowl this season...Boom
  11. Good point, I think I'm Over playing that Kony will come into his own this year but he is prbly still a year or two away, but here's to hoping better corner play will give the Dline more of an opportunity
  12. That and the fact that earlier in the year the corner play of white and Cason was extremely suspect, press is sort of a gamble and can lead to getting beat badly....With Norman stepping up I think we will see more of it this season
  13. Sure up the outside and let Bene play the nickel and the days of bend but don't break are over! I garuntee Bene will be tops in the league and our defense will be back in the top 5
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