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  1. Yep I fully expect a full blown media freak out of a roll out cross field 50 yard throw in shorts. Like it’s 100% gonna happen
  2. That’s great vid there! Josh’s breakdowns of Bryce and then Stroud vs UGA were great watches
  3. Everyone knows the top two guys in the class are Stroud and Young. But it should be stated that the FO is going to really dive into all these guys this offseason. JT O’Sullivan breaks down the “other guys” Levis and Richardson, in two videos. They are each a little over 30 min long, but he takes you through a game for each QB and really dives into the nuance of the position. These are phenomenal watches and I highly recommend taking some time out of your day to check them out. Both of these guys come into the process with question marks, but watch these and you tell me who you think is closer… That being said, I want ZERO part of Will Levis Anthony Richardson (man this kid makes you stop and take another look)
  4. I garuntee every member of this “board” will come from the club and 300 level so will have absolutely ZERO impact on the true needs/wants of the fans when it comes to gameday experience….
  5. Dream: we trade back and are able to draft Linderbaum or Penning. Add a second with the trade back and take Corral. Resign Cam and let Corral sit as long as necessary while Cam gets an offseason to learn the full playbook and actually play behind a competent OL. nightmare: taking Pickett at 6 and settling for no other picks in the top 100. Pickett being just good enough to warrant another year of Rhule when in reality he’s Kirk cousins
  6. I don’t understand people flaming Fitterer. the draft is a complete crap shoot. Teams make the best possible educated and researched GUESS. At the end of the day that’s what every single pick is, a guess. I want as many opportunities I can possibly get to be right. Some pan out, many don’t. I hated Getty’s philosophy same with Marty. Give Fitz time man. I promise you, we will not sit still on draft night so buckle up.
  7. LoL when did I say Bryce didn’t have talent around him? And bama and osu are no where near my favorite team I despise both.
  8. That’s a fair assessment. He just has ridiculous arm talent and is extremely cerebral. Playing under BoB he’s seen a high level system.
  9. I’m not necessarily saying tank. The chiefs(Pat) rams(Goff) eagles(wentz) all gave a load up to move up and get their guys from deeper in the first round. We would prbly be giving up way less than we are willing to right now with Watson. I say sign Marcus or Jameis because you know Rhule knows he is a lame duck and isn’t gonna ride with Sam either way.
  10. With the chances we land DW4 seemingly dropping, the conversation is starting to shift to what the Panthers should do next if we inevitably dont land Watson. This is a combo of Willis/Pickett at 6…meh Giving up assets and money for baker…super gross Giving up assets and money for Jimmy G….vomit inducing my humble plan would be the following: -if Neal/ickey fall to 6 (unlikely) you take them -if neither of the above are there you trade back and aquire as many assets possible for ‘23 -move Robby for the best ‘23 pick you can get -continue to build the OL/DL through Free agency and draft this season. -sign Mariota/Jameis on a cheap 1 year deal Combine all acquired assets in ‘23 and move on Bryce Young or CJ stroud who are objectively both better than any of the prospects in this years class. Rhule will do what Rhule does this season and end up out the door. You now have assets and a foundation in line for the next coach handpicked by Fittz and Dan. Like/flame my plan For making the Panthers watchable again!!!
  11. I tweeted this Yesterday, but can you imagine for a moment, being a HC for an NFL franchise with a huge amount of control and say so on the direction of said team. Then watching the performances of the Rams, Chiefs and Bills yesterday and being like “nah fam…I don’t like the way that looks…not my brand of football…not the way I want to win” and then actively attempting to build the complete opposite. You don’t have to look far or use too much of your imagination because it’s what we are witnessing with Matt Rhule.
  12. Just build the lines and while accumulating as much 2023 draft capital as possible and trade up for your guy in next years draft. nobody is coming here
  13. It’s a start. the proof will be in the hirings. I think if Rhule hires a competent OC that can attract a quality staff and is more hands off on the offensive side of the ball then I can get behind this.
  14. Don’t really know what we are selling to any of these guys….
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