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  1. Corral may develop into a good QB but the lunacy of him challenging for a starting job is over. Let him sit behind a couple of guys and learn. Also the thought of trading Darnold this year should go away as well. He is our backup.
  2. Wait, wait, wait. Isn't this Matt Corral, who everyone on here gushed about being our Saviour. First round talent? I think I heard that before on here when we got a steal in Greg Little. Lol. Oh well, it is preseason
  3. SEC fan and alum here. The reason the SEC football is so good is that every team minus Vandy has a chance to get better quickly. Yes, there are blue bloods that will always be good, but others are able to flourish as well. In the ACC, Clemson is traditionally very good, but after that the competition is no where near what you see in the SEC week end and week out. Play Bama, Arkansas, LSU and Texas A & M in 4 consecutive weeks and your team health suffers. The SEC will only take teams that expand the tv dollar, and as such the rumor is that they are talking to UNC, UVa, Clemson and FSU. Sure we would take ND but that isn't a realistic option. Mizzo was added because when negotiating the last contract, ESPN told the conference that the St Louis and KC markets would increase tv dollars. As for my Big 10 brothers, I laugh when I hear you say the SEC is over hyped. Of the big 3 dollar producers in NCAA sports, there is football, basketball and baseball. In the last three years, the SEC has won all three championships in both football and baseball. And a different team won it each year. That's something that the Big 10 will never touch no matter how many new teams they add. Enjoy watching the SEC dominate
  4. We went for need with the first two picks, then athletes for the rest. I dont hate that at all. If all this guy does is make plans on special teams, I'm fine. What else are you looking for in the 7th
  5. PJ is not an NFL QB. He's gone. We are slowly upgrading most positions.
  6. Get a CB or S in the 7th and its been a really good draft with our lack of picks
  7. Going for needs but getting athletes that can be coached up. Best you can do at this part of the draft. Get another CB or S, and G and call it a day
  8. I'm not ready to go there. We had a bottom 5 line and limited offensive weapons last year, as well as a way below average OC and OL coach. He now has a top ten line on paper. All his weapons are healthy and we have a much better OC and Top rate OL coach. This year is his last chance, but no one was going to win with that OL and weapons. The ball is in his court
  9. Snoop Connor stays hurt too much. Not able to Nfl physically if you can't handle college
  10. Can't wait to see someone get Corral to save us from that disaster. He isn't better than Baker and I don't want either
  11. I actually like Zappe and he will be there when we draft in the 4th. Quit making stupid trades to look like you are doing something. They are not making the team better and if Darnold can't get it done behind this upgraded OL, he is gone next year and we can get our QB in the first. Stop digging a worse hole with bad trades.
  12. No more trades, bite the bullet and do the right thing. Draft a LT at 6 and remember how you blew through picks in rounds 2, 3 and 4. We've hit rock bottom, no need to dig.
  13. I dont care if a player interviews well. I care about that player making us better and winning games. I doubt Marshawn Lynch was much of an interview either. SMH
  14. There is a simple reason for that. No one practices harder than Bama. They are extremely physical in practice and by the time a OL or DL from Bama hits the draft, they have been playing the equivalent of years of live games, not just 3 seasons. Frankly, they are worn down. Not one player you mentioned is considered any better than Moton for us. It's the extreme wear and tear that comes from playing there that make me say that. I love their RB, WR, and DBs and most are very successful in the NFL. Not the OL/DL.
  15. The Soultion: draft Cross at LT and call it a day. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one. I dont care what anyone else says, never take a Bama lineman. Never
  16. Cross is a better run blocker than he is given credit for. He played in a RPO offense as a Freshman and even then had a mean streak. Most of the film people watch is from his past 2 years in Leach's Air Raid. He is a prototypical LT and is a 10 year plug and play. We haven't had that in many years. It is past time to invest in the OL
  17. There is one team that has Cross as the best player overall in the draft. The Giants have him as the best LT in the draft. I dont listen to shoe salesmen who have a draft chart.
  18. Wow a team that wins Super Bowls wants Pickett at QB. A team that plays for top 5 picks and their stupid fans don't. I see a correlation
  19. If the selection is Corral, then this franchise deserves to rot in last place for years. He is not a starting NFL QB in anyone's offense
  20. Cross is the best LT in the draft. The other 2 will wind up as G or RT due to lack of lateral quickness. Do you really want to take a G or RT at 6?
  21. I live in Mississippi, watch most of his games and seen him in person. He is a less talented Baker Mayfield and no, he is not a starting NFL QB. And unlike you, I didn't realize this from watching a few film clips vs Vanderbilt. Sorry if you don't like it, but the truth hurts
  22. Corral is a bust waiting to happen. He is not an NFL QB. Period
  23. I realize most of the takes here are based on expert analysis of 30 second film clips, but here goes. Neal and Ekwonu are RT or G in the NFL. Cross not only excels at pass protection, but also was very good in run blocking his Fr year when MSU did not run the Air Raid offense. He is a plug and play 10 yr starter at LT.
  24. Carolina was an 8 seed for a reason. Great run, but coaching in the second half was non existent. You call every TO you have to stop that run. Davis called his first TO when they were within a few points. Awful
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