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  1. Bingo. The more I watched, the more his feet (and his calm with pass rushers bearing down) excited me. Corral said once he knows the playbook he is ready to play. I think that’s correct.
  2. Have to give Corral credit based on my boredom fueled rewatches of his game tapes. Things that should get people excited: - His release - Ball velocity - Multiple throw angles - It’s nearly automatic that he makes the first free pass rusher miss - His feet are always moving but in control. So he can extend plays in, and outside the pocket The last two led to some incredible plays. Looking forward to TC. It sucks not be certain about QB, however TC/preseason QB competitions are exciting to watch unfold.
  3. It’s easy to find optimism with this roster. Young guys developing everywhere. The main story (playoffs, super bowl) isn’t great right now but the side quests (player development, Corral) are exciting. Being a fan of the panthers (and hornets) since the 90’s means finding things to enjoy or being a miserable fug your whole life.
  4. 3 corners start in todays NFL. Nickel/Dime is basically a base defense now. 3rd round pick for a guy with all pro traits is a good trade.
  5. So many people either can’t read or don’t slow down to comprehend.
  6. I mean I can hate the Falcons but still think their jerseys/branding could look clean if done right.
  7. I really hate their jerseys/branding. Seems like a lot of missed potential.
  8. Why do people care so much about the enthusiasm level of others? Why does it need to be checked?
  9. Nah it just says he wouldn’t come in as the starter; not that he wouldn’t be allowed to compete to be starter. I still pass though. Have a feeling Sam has quite the leash. Wouldn’t be a fair competition.
  10. To be fair a good portion of the fan base was/is hard on Cam too. They managed to be miserable during the peak of Panther QB play. We have an nfl OC and hopefully an offensive line. Our QB’s have support and that should leave us hopeful.
  11. I get it. When you don’t win it breeds negativity. I’m looking forward to a big question being answered: how much of the issue was Brady’s offense? With a revamped line, and an NFL OC, I look forward to seeing what our offense looks like mid season and end of year once defenses adjust. This is the most excited I’ve been for Panther football since Cam/Luke days.
  12. Foreman is the depth issue being addressed. I understand CMC has had it rough the last two years, but you never know with injury. At one point Thomas Davis didn’t play for what felt like half a decade, and it turned out to be just awful luck. He made it through that and showed durability. CMC works his tail off and I wish him the same not just for us but because you know he wants it bad. I’m hopeful his load is 15-20 touches a game (mostly in space). He would win us games with that.
  13. I will be too, but winning isn’t entirely on the QB. Hope that isn’t your only evaluation of a QB. Wins/losses is a team stat.
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