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  1. It probably shouldn’t matter as much as it will, but Young being the 4th QB selected, or the 1st could be just a matter of measuring 5’10” vs. 5’11” 3/4.
  2. What exactly do you think I was trying to say?
  3. It’s still so early. Remember the Willis to Detroit at #2 mock drafts? QB is treated so differently in the draft since it’s so important and you only play 1 on Sunday. This draft doesn’t have undeniable QB talent, but the teams picking at the top need QB. So I could easily see 4 in the top 10, all being “reaches” based on big boards. I can also see 2 of the top 4 QB’s, if not taken top 10, drop all the way to the 2nd round. And maybe 1 goes in the 3rd. You draft a QB to be the guy nowadays, not to develop, so after the 1st round, the question turns into “when do you value drafting a backup QB?” Teams wild rather go another impact position with their 2nd/3rd rounds. I think that can influence prospects taking a free fall at the QB spot. You are drafted to be the guy or not. And if you are drafted to be the guy, you are drafted early.
  4. Cheers to this. This scares the poo out of me.
  5. He’s flashed. He might end up being a bust, but there has been enough malfunction in this organization’s leadership (and QB) that it’s not unreasonable to assume the jury is still out on not just Marshall, but many young players. That being said, Marshall isn’t stopping me from drafting another receiver by any means.
  6. People gotta know when to let it go. The moment for me was wind blowing that spray sunblock on my head…and it felt cold on the crown. Just shave it and be done with it. Everyone you ever met ever is getting older. Happens to all of us in different ways. It’s all good.
  7. I’ve heard this too. That he likes receivers with size. Could be a breakout year for Marshall then.
  8. Those cuts are something else, and he has a natural feel in space. Good first impression.
  9. Although this hurts to hear, perhaps if he stayed we start off 3-2 instead of 1-4, and the team has more momentum and finishes with a similar record…and Rhule is still around sniffing his own farts. Let’s just thank Reddick and wish him well on Sunday.
  10. What has Shaq done to be hated here? I mean there is a real shitty attitude toward him. If it’s the money he makes, how the fug is that his fault? If it’s because he isn’t legendary like Luke, how the fug is that his fault? He’s been a good leader, supportive of the coaches, and a decent performer. If you’re pissed, aim your poo at who's responsible.
  11. As long as he and Reich had a good relationship, I almost expect it to happen. It would make too much sense.
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