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  1. Damn right a backup plan. You should ALWAYS have a plan in case something happens to the kicker. It just felt oh so wonderful hearing the announcers joke and laugh about us as they showed us holding on the field tryouts and then settled for a WR to kick the ball. Like I said, they BOTH get blame for that poo since it is the coaches job to think of and be prepared for these types of situations.
  2. I mean, Rhule is responsible for it as well but we are talking about the same Special Teams coach that didn't have any form of backup plan in case the kicker got hurt. Even worse, it was revealed that our Punter literally had no experience placekicking which means unlike many other teams they didn't even take a tiny bit of time to practice just in case poo happened. I can see the firing for sure.
  3. I've seen/heard people calling this a boring game so far. Damn, people can't appreciate a tough defensive game.
  4. And what other option does he have exactly? Go and get a QB and mortgage the future and not fix the OLine essentially getting Sam and the new QB killed OR deal with Sam right now, work on fixing the line, if Sam does fine behind the line then great, if not, then we have a young OLine with time working together and what should be a good pick to then attempt a move at QB.
  5. If you want to sell your tickets and not watch then *shrugs* whatever it's your money, do what you want with it. That being said, my mind still says fug you for selling to opposing fans when we already have problems with that poo already. If you got no other options then whatever but specifically choosing to sell to opponents, even during losing seasons, is still pretty fuged up in my mind.
  6. The rookies from the OLine since they seemed to do decently unlike most of the OLine not named Moton. Other than that...... not much I can say.
  7. Dude though, that smile on Carr's face at the end when he called the timeout with 2 seconds. He knew he was making the Steeler fans poo themselves showing no signs of making the call until he did lmao
  8. Chargers got greedy with that timeout. I actually think the Raiders might have been fine going into a tie until they did that.
  9. Not going to lie, I want a tie after all this. Both these teams earned the playoffs after this wonderful game. Holy fug.
  10. Another 4th down conversion..... HOLY poo. Wow what a game
  11. This game is just wild. Arguably game of the season so far
  12. Damn dude, I really would have challenged that play before the punt. That looked like a real fumble to me.
  13. In Sam's defense, that fumble was the Centers fault with his "I've lost count just how many" terrible fuging snaps they have had.
  14. fuging hell, the rookies have looked fine this game on the Line fug everybody else. We have got to find a new Center.
  15. Why was the clock still going when he went out of bounds?
  16. Yep, like I said. Defense shits the bed anytime offense manages to pull out a decent drive.
  17. Seems to be another story of the Panthers. Anytime the offense looks decent at points defense has to poo the bed.
  18. I feel like 90% of the time whenever I see Hartfield he is getting fuging beat by the other team. What the fug......
  19. Tankathon shows us locked in at 6th regardless of win or lose. Not exactly sure the details though.
  20. Yep, Sam made a decision on that one. Could have got the 1st but decided to slide and not take the hit making it 4th down.
  21. Yep, that is this season in a nutshell. Go conservative before the half, give up points, other team gets the ball after half, immediately shoves it down our throats for more points because we refuse to make adjustments.
  22. And this is what fuging happens when you line up 10+ yards off the WR's. Just fuging stupid
  23. I hate when they don't replay a penalty. I don't give a fug about this possibly being the refs last game I want to SEE the so called penalty.
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