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  1. Here is another one that came up on Youtube.
  2. Nice, I was kind of thinking we might go for a TE with the pick but didn't know who. I can't complain about this pick either.
  3. General tip for people, if you didn't get the draft info from an announcement from the television broadcast.... it is a spoiler if you reveal it.
  4. They did it yesterday as well. They played it when the Titans were making their pick
  5. Damnit they are doing it again. Sweet Caroline for a team's pick that isn't the Panthers lmao
  6. Bucs announcer giving props to "Super Bowl Winning Coach" Bruce Arians.....LMAO. Dude had a fuging stacked team. He had Brady at QB, he didn't have to poo but let them run things.
  7. Panthers on the clock and...... advertisement. Guess it's a sign we are actually going to make a pick this time
  8. Completely off topic but I just noticed it and now I can't stop laughing at Bojangles Benjamin being the picture on the side now lmao
  9. Sweet Caroline playing for the Titans pick lmao
  10. So what do people think of Christian Darrisaw? Had a charger friend that was wanting either him or Slater so I'm curious what the word on him is
  11. Strange to hear, "I'm not gonna make any promises but I'mma pu on a show"
  12. Dude looked like he was having to hype himself up to go out on stage with a smile. Can't say I'd blame him though, Jets aren't exactly the roster I'd want to get picked by.
  13. I thought they said that the fan was going to be announcing the pick lmao. What the fug is the point of having the fan sit in the chair up on stage if they aren't making the announcement?
  14. Hell, they likely already have turned in the card but the NFL and Godell want to milk the poo out of every pick so let the clock run down.
  15. Who would have guessed that the Jaguar fan that is going to announce the pick for them is the one they have been showing on camera all the time before it lmao
  16. I mean it's possible to have a discussion about a player that could be hitting the market even if we aren't likely going for him. Depending on what team he lands on he could even be a pain in the ass for us thus the reason for the discussion in general.
  17. There are apparently reports that he would like to go to the 49er's, Broncos, or the Raiders
  18. We taking all the LB's at each round and every one of our picks
  19. I can imagine the coach having a heart attack when he saw that. 3rd and 1 with time still on the clock, talk about an incredibly risky thing to do.
  20. Nah, this guy is doing the work of God. He's trying to spread the narrative that Teddy is actually good so we got a better shot at offloading him. Such a clever ruse absolutely NOBODY will ever figure it out lol
  21. I just want to hear the fuging refs and everybody while they discuss the review like they did in the XFL. Hell even when I didn't agree with their decision on it I was a lot less upset with the decisions since I knew exactly what they were looking at and why they decided to make the call.
  22. No, Hurney would have gave this year's 1st as well for him. You seem to be forgetting his tendency to be a complete moron when it came to trading high picks in the past.
  23. I look at that deal very differently. I don't see it as 2 1sts for CMC. I see it as a Would they give a 1st for CMC, more than likely, AND would they give a 1st for Teddy, absolutely NOT. Me personally I don't want to trade CMC since I think he is more valuable on the team and not elsewhere.
  24. Lmao, love this Cheeto commercial
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