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  1. Lol, that was pretty clearly Out of bounds. Shame they have to challenge that one.
  2. If I wasn't watching from work I'd try to find this one. Not sure what I think of the "official" commentary lol
  3. Who do they have commentating this game? It sounds like they are about to nut on some of these Dallas plays lol
  4. Let's see how many empty seats would be in the stadium if you excluded the SC fans. From day one the team was intended to represent both states so you guys really need to stop acting so high and mighty and quit looking down on the SC fanbase.
  5. Hell of a game overall though. Defense cost the 9'ers in the end. Can't allow people to get open even in the middle of the field when you are playing against Rodgers. That man just has a knack for getting 4th quarter come from behind wins.
  6. Like I said before, every time I see Juszczyk he is making plays happen.
  7. Refs have been incredibly shitty this week. First our game, then the refs literally screwing the Lions out of a win by missing a clear delay of game, that hit just now, and plenty of other poo.
  8. That didn't look good at all. You could see the glassy far off look in his eyes. That is definitely a concussion.
  9. Man, just about every time I see Juszczyk he is making plays. I remember back when he hit Free Agency he was a guy I wished we could have went after.
  10. I'm just glad he was able to come back in and play Thursday after he went to the sidelines briefly for injury. With CMC and Horn out that really scared the heck out of me.
  11. I would hope not. From what I can see his helmet is at shoulder pad level and it was the momentum from the big impact that caused Mill's helmet to pop up and shift.
  12. Love being 3-0 though hate all the injuries. Get a bad feeling tonight will cost us games in the future but fug it for the time being we are undefeated.
  13. I'll take 3-0 though I feel like this game might have cost us future games with all those injuries. Damn these Thursday night games
  14. Holy crap, we really needed that. I'm surprised they didn't blow it dead sooner
  15. Ummmm Chubba you are supposed to catch that not knock it down
  16. Yeah, it's been a major poo show. NFL don't care though, they won't ever do anything to the refs. Shitty refs will never get better until the NFL ACTUALLY starts holding them responsible for horse poo calls.
  17. These fuging Houston fans boo'ing the obvious call. They can go fug themselves considering the BS calls against us.
  18. Can they make it any freaking easier for a 1st wtf
  19. fuging hell, can't expect to win with two shitty kickers.
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