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  1. Price depending, this is good news. I’ve been waiting/hoping we’d make a signing at CB before the draft, we needed to add any kind of depth there.
  2. Agreed. I bet this guy is peacocking around right now in his Dolphins gear acting like he never said haha.
  3. Man, Pitts is tempting..... Fitts and Rhule have got some decisions to make.
  4. Great game so far. These guys come home from the road with a lot of energy.
  5. I wonder if they grabbed an early flight home once they heard the news
  6. Just heard it on WFNZ. I think it’s 2 years 7.5m
  7. I hate that I can’t watch this due work, but I’m glad that I can’t see this and be a sobbing mess lol
  8. Great news that these guys can be celebrated by the franchise and city that loves them as they call it a career and move into the next step of life. Shoe-in Ring of Honor players, go ahead and schedule the induction day.
  9. I thought he wanted to go to a contender?
  10. I read that Short is being released now and not designated as a post June 1 cut. If we don’t designate Boston as a post June 1 cut then we save less than $1 million by cutting him, which is kind of a bad move imo. The more exciting question is, where is all this money going to go?
  11. It had better be a post June 1 designated cut
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