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  1. Finding this out at 10:45 after not being on the huddle since this morning (I’m usually lurking through out the day) is a huge surprise. Going to be hard to sleep now .
  2. https://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2021/06/16/354098/1623883357694-lamelo-ball-roy-unveil16x9-354098 I love this. If you haven’t seen how Lamelo found out he won it, enjoy this video.
  3. Seems like it’s coming down the pipe, but had to throw on the ? just in case someone posted the article prematurely... https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/31646240/charlotte-hornets-lamelo-ball-voted-rookie-year-sources-say
  4. Damn terrible news. Just damn... thoughts with his family... Hell the whole city for this one.
  5. A great watch! That was better than I thought it was going to be. I’m looking forward to more of these, a training camp one will be amazing.
  6. Good lord. Are they just ready to be done playing this year?
  7. Did EC just say “A deep one! With one foot in the Potomac!” I love this guy. He’s been sitting on that one all game waiting for a deep 3 at the right time to use.
  8. It’s nice hitting a stride as the 3rd quarter winds down. 3rd quarters have killed us this year
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