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  1. i don't know about top 10 but not to be considered top 32 is ludicrous. it proves the point that the bias against the panthers is not just in our heads.
  2. saw a couple of receivers on that list just as many td's and even less yards. i mean terry mclaurin is #17.
  3. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-wide-receiver-rankings-32-best-wrs-entering-2021-nfl-season Not sure if this has more to do with PFF's opinion of Darnold or they just flat out ignore D.J.
  4. Where did you find it? all i saw was something from "league source" on a joe person tweet.
  5. Has this been confirmed? And does anyone think this dude will be playing at a high level if he does come back?
  6. Final voting is open... vote for me!

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