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  1. Wow! We have the same birthday except I was born in 1989. No joke.

    1. London Loves Luke

      London Loves Luke

      Pretty sure that means we have a psychic connection or something. I do feel like a fierce American woman sometimes...

      Congrats on having an awesome birthday.

    2. Cookie Lyon

      Cookie Lyon


      Congrats to you as well! 


  2. As long as we jump in front of Atlanta again and steal their second round pick I don't care how much it will cost.
  3. Who are these casual fans on here? We need names AND answers
  4. You need to chill dude, NFC South champs and 11-0. We got this.
  5. Pied for side gooch on page 2. No pics of the Dallas male cheerleaders? What kind of operation are you running here Igo?
  6. I'm wondering when some Huddlers will evolve into Homo Habilis...
  7. Is there no Jets vs Phins game thread? Sunday morning football in the states must be good fun.
  8. Surprised with Tillman's grade - I thought he struggled with the smaller, shiftier receivers and gave up a fair amount of receptions.
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