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  1. What do you guys think of Rodgers?
  2. I looked it up and it was 2020 in Lambeau. We hung on to win 24-16.
  3. When was the last time we faced you guys? It seems it’s been awhile.
  4. I liked Farve. He was awesome. I hope the current news about him nowadays isn’t true. It’s awful if it is. I’m ready to move on from Rodgers.
  5. It might be a rebuilding year for us.
  6. You guys have a very solid defense. I think Rodgers being on your team would make you guys a Super Bowl caliber team.
  7. I think he would do well down there.
  8. I hear you guys are trying to trade for Rodgers? What do you guys think about this? You want him? Good luck to you guys next year.
  9. It would have been interesting if we scored a touchdown and made the 2 point conversion. We might have still lost but who knows.
  10. Panthers should win this game but it will be closer then expected. They just beat the Saints in New Orleans. They are at home this week and Mariotta is a beast.
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