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  1. The NYRs fired their President (Davidson) and GM (Gorton) on the heels of the Ranger's organization speaking out about the lack of discipline given to Tom Wilson for his antics: The Hurricanes swept the Rangers in last years play-in round. The Rangers were eliminated from the 2021 playoffs on Monday. Meanwhile, the Hurricanes have gone back-to-back-to-back on post season appearances the last 3 years and have a promising core and one of the best Head Coaches in RBA. I can't help but chuckle at Adam Fox's refusal to sign with the Hurricanes as he all but forced his way to the Rangers.
  2. Not gonna lie...this whole time I thought his name was TerraNce Marshall. Just realized its Terrace.
  3. I can't tell you how good it feels to see your name in a thread. Don't be a stranger.
  4. (PAYWALL) https://www.thedraftscout.com/p/recapping-the-2021-nfl-draft The excerpt that you're interested in: Most Improved Team — Carolina Panthers Factoring in the trade for quarterback Sam Darnold, the Carolina Panthers leave the 2021 NFL Draft with five and maybe six new starters. Darnold will start, as will cornerback Jaycee Horn and wide receiver Terrace Marshall, Jr. will see a ton of play-time as a rookie. It also wouldn’t surprise if offensive tackle Brady Christensen, tight end Tommy Tremble and defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon all see major reps as rookies and even
  5. This is the taxi squad that we saw at the start of the season. HUGE play from the 4th line.
  6. that was a real flopper of a shot by Foegele. Nice speed from Aho though.
  7. Marley Drug girl got new background music?
  8. Final 10 minutes of Thursday night's game: and then tonight: Something isn't adding up here...
  9. Frustrating period. Quintessential "Canes had several scoring chances but couldn't net one, and then made a mistake and gave up a goal" period.
  10. Thats feels 'bout right. Great looking period only for a momentary lapse to result in an easy goal.
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