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  1. Our current defense would be fine with a QB that could consistently put up 30+ points a game. Our O line is the biggest problem we would have to address. Giving up even 3 1sts would still allow us to greatly upgrade the line.
  2. Has a coach ever been hired then fired before a single game was played?
  3. Nets have a 1-2 year window and then 10 years of darkness. No draft picks left.
  4. Watson with our current receivers? As long as our defense held teams under 30 we would be golden, imo. 2 1st's and 2 2nd's. Resign Moton and go all in on the line.
  5. I would be concerned for anyone's durability behind our line. If we do not improve the O line it won't matter who we draft.
  6. I have seen enough of Teddy. Put anyone else in. Teddy is never going to lead a team anywhere that doesn't have an elite defense.
  7. Trading him would make Hayward's contract look a lot better as well.
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