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  1. Saban is just pissed that others now have a way to catch up legally. Nothing to see here.
  2. I would take Taylor, Minshew and Mills over Darnold right now.
  3. Then PJ should be cut and a developmental QB brought in .
  4. I would take the under on Atlanta though.
  5. North Dallas Bulls. Any old timers get that reference?
  6. I don't think sports holds that big a sway anymore. What municipality even wants a team now? New stadiums are like 2B minimum now and you know Tepper is going to want one to compete with Jerry, so 4-5B min. No way that should be taxpayer funded.
  7. We have to know what we have. We cannot afford for Rhule to get another year on the possibility of a QB that hasn't played. We should have cleared the floor this year and let the new staff develop new players.
  8. I thought that was supposed to happen in the 2nd.
  9. Nakobe Dean get photographed partying with Michael Irvin or something?
  10. Conditional 7th at best. Just take your lumps this year.
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