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  1. They would convert it to a signing bonus so we would take the hit on the trade. His pay would not go down.
  2. I hope we do not get too cute and miss out on a LT. If all those QB's go then the Darnold trade will look even better.
  3. Good, now take a tackle, center and a couple of DB's.
  4. I am not sure Teddy even qualifies as a game manager. He just checked it down constantly no matter that we had guys running free down field. I want a QB that reads deep to short not short to shorter.
  5. Maybe, but Teddy is already a sunk cost. Do not want to have to give up multiple picks and hope it pans out. If it happens I will support it but I doubt I like it.
  6. Not sure I want to trade assets for arguably the 4th best QB in this draft.
  7. Much rather trade down a few slots and still get 1 of the CB's or OT that will fall. We need more picks, not less this year.
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