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  1. No. Consistent winning would. We are all tired of good, bad, great, bad, good cycle this team has been in since inception.
  2. Joined 2014 got a 1 year badge. My 7 year old grandson had to use the new math to show how that works.
  3. They knew JR would just roll over and go with it. Snyder would probably burn the league down on his way out.
  4. They create content for people to watch and then charge us to watch the content and put up with commercials. I will do one or the other. I will not pay to then also be forced to waste 33% of the show time on commercials. The content they are producing, across the board, is trash imo. Like I stated I cut the cord over a decade ago and haven't regretted it once.
  5. Except that will just drive people right back into streaming things illegally through a VPN. The vast majority of stuff is not worth watching, let alone having to pay to watch it. Add the endless stupid commercials and you are right back to not watching anything again.
  6. I want ala carte. There are maybe, maybe, 5 channels I would pay for. I will not pay for any channels that also want to stream commercials to me. I cut the cord 12 years ago and have not missed any shows that I want to watch. Hulu, Netflix etc. will usually get me what I want. Football can be watched...I would happily pay a reasonable rate just for the season pass.
  7. Whether it's Providence Rd or Indian Land would too.
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