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  1. Undisciplined from top to bottom. Jerry is never going to see another Super Bowl trophy.
  2. Can the next topic be how we need an entirely new coaching staff?
  3. Yep. Tepper will double down on stupid. Unless we get a coach in waiting for an OC.
  4. I am assuming after the scripted drives we won't sniff a score again.
  5. I already bore my grandkids with it.
  6. I fully believe the entire staff will be shown the door on Monday. I never thought Tepper would fire him early, but I can see no way he allows a lame duck year. Draft O line and embrace the suck at QB for another year.
  7. Would not shock me if we trade Moton and BC for Jimmy G. Would be interesting in a train wreck type of way.
  8. Terry Bridgewater. He only cost us 17M this year and hasn't lost a game for us.
  9. Cuts also happen in the NFL. It's about time we saw that with some of these players.
  10. I have had constipation with more movement than this offense.
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