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  1. Tampa is going to load up again I am betting.
  2. Watson would solve some of the problems that CMC is currently covering. CMC was fed a lot more than needed if our QB could actually throw deep.
  3. Can Tepper just buy the team? Might be cheaper.
  4. As they should. I still think someone is going to drop in this draft though.
  5. If we trade next years 1 for a QB (Lance) that doesn't pan out we are still out years of draft picks searching for a viable QB.
  6. In. His numbers certainly warrant his inclusion
  7. This years picks, ok. Next years 1st, no. Wilson is not a guarantee of anything. If you are going that deep just offer the house to Houston.
  8. If 4 QB's are off the board by pick 8 then you take the best OT or CB available. If you don't like any then trade back.
  9. Shaq and a 2nd would be about all I would offer. Cut the f out Teddy too.
  10. NFL docs when ratings are involved:
  11. My old azz eyes appreciates this, thanks.
  12. Our current defense would be fine with a QB that could consistently put up 30+ points a game. Our O line is the biggest problem we would have to address. Giving up even 3 1sts would still allow us to greatly upgrade the line.
  13. Has a coach ever been hired then fired before a single game was played?
  14. Nets have a 1-2 year window and then 10 years of darkness. No draft picks left.
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