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  1. Exactly, they want the backups to be versatile. So if Brown is a one position guy, that makes sense. Would I like to see what Brown can do? Yes. But the logic for the backups is sound
  2. Thanks for posting, good read. I also think this puts to rest the dumb “Panthers don’t care about QBs” nonsense. They do if they find someone they like. They just didn’t love the QBs in the draft this year that were available. I’m going all in on blind optimism and Darnold at this time!
  3. I like what we’ve seen from him on camp confidential. Before each game, it was clear that he is the leader of the secondary. Good for him, and promising for the Panthers.
  4. The one thing that sets Alabama apart every year, in my opinion, is their O-line. It is always great while a lot of other top teams struggle. Not sure it is coaching or recruiting, but they are way ahead of everyone else. Doesn’t necessarily always translate from a prospect level to the pros, but it is extremely impressive. As a Tar Heel O-line is a constant annual struggle.
  5. Not a fan of Longo, he might be gone after this season
  6. From what I’ve heard from 49ers friends, Salah is mostly a rahrah guy that looks great on the sideline. Not that impressive as a cordinator, but time will tell.
  7. Interesting on how Belichick views joint practices vs. preseason games. Very much aligned with Rhule. This is from the Athletic: “However, sources cautioned Monday that Belichick places much more stock in joint practices than the preseason setting. That’s because coaches can control the setting. Last week, for example, Belichick and Joe Judge collaborated the night before each practice to align specific personnel groupings and create different challenges for their teams to counter. The coaches could learn more at practice than in the preseason, when teams are reluctant to put anything on film for their regular-season opponents to study. Belichick’s actions validated that claim, as the starting offense only played seven preseason series but got significantly more work in the two weeks of practices with the Eagles and Giants.”
  8. Except for Fields, right? You already know he is a superstar and we were stupid for not taking him, right?...
  9. We did try to trade for an established QB in Stanford, but he went to LA. There were few other established QBs sitting around out there for the taking. It is the same stupid take as for LTs. “Why didn’t we just pick up a great LT for cheap” It is the same moronic take over and over again. Just because we didn’t pick Fields doesn’t mean we don’t care about QBs. WE DIDN’T WANT FIELDS, deal with it. Three other teams with QB need picked other QBs as they didn’t think he was good enough. He has proven nothing. He might turn out to be great, but a lot of teams didn’t think so. But that doesn’t mean Rhule and Fitts don’t care about QBs.
  10. I’m terrible at predictions anyway, but our 2/3s have got all the playing time in the last two games (hence all the complaining about not playing our starters) for this very purpose, so our staff should have a very good idea
  11. Agree with this. There is no doubt Cam was super tough, took a lot of beating, carried the team at times. But to not acknowledge that was a very weird play in his career is just odd. I’m not one to blindly support someone no matter what they do, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing all the time. It is ok with constructive criticism at times. Doesn’t mean you are a hater. Loved Cam, but this will forever remain a head scratcher.
  12. I’m more interested in hopefully seeing an O-line with Moton at LT in a real game to be honest. And I think we’ll get that. Darnold playing is a bonus.
  13. Well played! Loved Cam when he was playing for us, and wish him the best. But not diving for that ball down by one score late in the super bowl will never stop blow my mind.
  14. From what I understand it is used by the Miami Dolphins and one of our new coaches brought the idea. It feels college style, but it comes from a veteran former Patriots coach.
  15. I agree with you that it is worth watching. What I think is the difference is that Sam won’t be afraid to take a shot when it presents itself. Teddy on the other hand essentially passed out with fear if he had to go deep. I’m hopeful, but we’ll see.
  16. Early on they said the were working on eliminating mistakes, trust his reads/take what the defense gives you and it looks like it is working, “Darnold hasn’t been doing much downfield lately, which he said is more about following his reads than anything scheme-related.” But hey, jumping right in to “... the pass game struggling.” is one way to look at it.
  17. I expect Moton to LT happening soon. My biggest concern is Eflein at LG. Hopefully I’m wrong or Daley steps in.
  18. “In over their head” is complete nonsense. Trying to gain insights from established and successful head coaches is a very smart thing to do. Being open to potentially different ways of doing things if they show to be better is great. Sounds like you are looking for an arrogant insecure coach who does things his way or the highway. If that is true you will be disappointed with our HC. Myself I think it is great that he shows a willingness to try new things to gain an edge. But again, we might just have a different ideal coach, and that’s ok.
  19. Do you remember where you saw about Moton wanting play LT? Couldn’t be more excited if this is true.
  20. I don’t necessarily a bad thing. Him and Reich agreed to go all out with the 1s in practice and play the 2s and 3s in the game. They might do something similar this week. Taking input from another coach is not a weakness, taking feedback and being open to suggestions is a strength.
  21. Agree with you on this one. Thinking it will be Moton on the left and Christensen on the right (maybe not the first game, but eventually).
  22. I’m hoping to see more of Moton at LT and Scott at RT today and in the actual game. I think that’s where we’ll end up for now, with Christensen the long term RT or as a G. And I would feel fairly good about that.
  23. Agree with you on Kai, would love if we trade back and grab him
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