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  1. I agree with this. It sounded like some folks wanted a 50/50 competition straight up, but I might have misread the comments.
  2. What do you think of in terms if reps when you say give him an opportunity to compete? I would hate to take reps away from Young, so I’m curious what you think it would look like?
  3. It would be asinine to take away snaps from Young “to give Corral a chance”. But, I’m all for him and Dalton to share the remaining snaps to see if he has what it takes to be a long term backup or starter for another team.
  4. Has he improved his shooting? I thought he didn’t improve as expected, and that’s why Miller caught up to him. I’ve never watched him and barely watched any college ball last season, so I’m just trying to get some more info. Overall I’m super apprehensive to pick someone that is not a good to great 3 point shooter already. That’s where the game is at.
  5. What do you think of his shooting? His stats are rough and it’s a huge concern to me.
  6. I think most people are referring to his stats, which are not good for 3 pointers or free throws
  7. Where do you get the Michael Porter Jr. comparison from? Tatum is probably a much better comp.
  8. Agree with this. From what I’ve read, Scoot did not continue to improve as much as expected this year, so Miller caught up to him.
  9. Funny enough I didn’t think he looked that tiny, I was positively surprised. But I’m more glass half full.
  10. I agree, don’t see an issue here. Nobody said he won’t be awesome. He just happens to have a just ok arm by NFL standards. These things are not mutually exclusive. It is ok to say everything is not perfect, no need to freak out.
  11. I think he was a legit third round gamble. But doesn’t seem like he impressed in his first year.
  12. This is an odd one for me unless he’s signed for training camp only while the other Gs are getting healthy. Incredibly bad in pass pro.
  13. This is very cool, hard to not get too excited. When is the next minicamp?
  14. If we could upgrade the current stadium, it’s a win in my mind as the current location is fantastic. Too many teams try to build a super stadium way outside the city, which is a huge negative.
  15. I agree, they went on for a while about how good of a pick it was.
  16. There are a lot of good players left, wouldn’t mind moving back slightly for an additional third rounder.
  17. Nolan Smith in our 3-4 would be spectacular, but I doubt he’ll continue to fall
  18. Can we create two threads for the first pick, one for celebrating and one for whining? I would hate for the celebration thread to be overtaken by the few folks that has been spamming negativity in every thread the last few weeks. I’m usually very open to the back and forth, but let’s make tomorrow a fun one.
  19. It absolutely looks like Young is the choice, no doubt about it. But nothing is official. So it is just a bad choice of words.
  20. I have seen people bashing Young and his size, but I have not seen people bashing Young supporters with nicknames etc. There are a very small, select set of Young bashers that are behaving nuts, but it’s been focused on the player. Bashing the supporters is a one sided thing (unless I’ve missed it).
  21. I think we’ll take Mingo, but that is just a wild guess at this point
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