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  1. CBS Sports just made a nice breakdown of all the QB prospect: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2022-nfl-draft-qb-prospects-strengths-weaknesses-and-pro-comparisons-for-the-top-signal-callers/
  2. I’m also curious to see what happens if we don’t see any significant progress this week. My blind/unrealistic hope is that at that point Tepper will pull the plug. He’s giving Rhule one final chance to save himself. Unrealistic? Yeah, but until I hear Tepper speak there is a chance. It is yet not too late for HC interviews, but next week it is starting to be.
  3. I always thought Pep was identified as someone holding Luck back. Maybe he’s better now, but I’m not too excited.
  4. Wasn’t Rhule supposed to be the rockstar? Isn’t that why he was hired? Hire a rockstar head coach and you will get some very good assistants.
  5. I think that’s the point, hire a rockstar OC or you are out. If you can’t you are out.
  6. This is how I read it. If Rhule can’t attract/hire a very good OC, he’s out. He’s getting a chance to show he can. According to Breer (?) he’s been vetting OCs for a couple of weeks.
  7. That sounds great, thank you!
  8. Yes. Never tried it, but it sounds really good.
  9. You should try the 365 gluten free pasta at Wholefoods, it is as good as any regular pasta.
  10. He comes across as a super nice guy, no doubt. I've only listened to him a few times and you never knew the result of a play. He tells you someone caught a pass, but you have no idea if it was a first down etc. There was always a long delay before he told you the situation. Really weird.
  11. Btw, we do know that BOB really cares about O-line based on his trade for Tunsil, so at least that’s a good thing.
  12. Can you share your wings recipe, I might give that a try today?
  13. It needs to be someone with a previous HC experience, so it makes sense. I still really like the idea of Jim Caldwell as well.
  14. I’ll still watch and support, but my level of enthusiasm is 100% dependent on the new OC and a new O-line coach.
  15. I was thinking the same thing, a Mac Jones with a great arm. Which is pretty darn good.
  16. You might have just misread something, here are his stats:
  17. It is not often you hear leaders on the team say bad things about their current coach in public. Doesn’t really mean that much imo.
  18. Couldn’t agree more. Not very mobile, but seem to have everything else you look for.
  19. It will be very interesting to follow the senior bowl practices this year. I wish some more OTs were there as well, but all QBs are in attendance.
  20. All top QBs this year are going to the Senior Bowl, so that should give us a lot of additional insights. I still think Strong will sky rocket post senior bowl. I prefer O-line, but could see taking Strong.
  21. I wouldn’t take that. The loss in quality in the player you get moving from 6 to 13 is too big (just my opinion), and a mid second rounder is not enough to make up for it. I love the idea of having another first/early second, but I don’t know if we can get it.
  22. Agree. I would not trade down and miss out on a stud LT to just get two good players. At one point we need to get that LT. Also trading down just because we have to recoup our picks from our earlier bad decision is terrible. That bad decision should not impact any future decisions. If we get a crazy offer, e.g. two highish first rounders and a high second rounder, maybe. But take that stud LT and build from there.
  23. Agreed. He’s been great since joining the Athletic. He’s not a breaking news guy which for some reason bothers people. But he’s a very good writer, and that’s what I prefer.
  24. It is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. If he keeps Rhule he hasn’t learned a thing so I would no longer trust him with any football and coaching decisions.
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