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  1. Panthers 20-14. Defense frustrates Ridder.
  2. which is why i said hadnt instead of hasnt
  3. not if he wants to comply with the question he asked which directly says "WR 2011 vs 2023"
  4. Rod's system translates even when you put young kids in it when they're playing other young kids. Things can be taken from meaningless games that don't necessarily just mean 'we're going to be trash' or 'we're winning a championship' -- my main point is only that writing that book before it starts is just praying to be quoted with receipts later regardless especially when it's just vicious, instant, emotional overreaction that goes the entire opposite way of the quotes we get from the coaching staff regarding what's happening in front of our eyes. IMO bottom line the overreaction is abominable, irrelevant, and wholly embarrassing if literally any other fanbase puts eyes on it. As a younger fanbase who gets flack for that against the older guard, it feels like we're consciously shooting ourselves in both feet. Not a fun thing to put in the forefront of pairing with putting Rhule in the rear view.
  5. using one example is irrelevant. he also joked about missing a wide open kelce when it matters zero. Rodgers hadn't played in it in 5 years. not going to go back and forth on the internet if meaningless games have meaning. that was my whole point.
  6. if we start talking about preseason NHL results as an indicator of future season performance that'll be my sign to walk away from this NFL preseason has lost more and more each year to the point where a lot of contract players don't step on the field and yet fans completely ignore that just so they can pout. i'm all set
  7. people who don't believe bryce can lead us to the playoffs but saying the falcons with their 3rd round cincy QB who has (only) beaten trace mcsorley and kyle trask can -- and somehow that's not the like top 3 dumbest part of this thread
  8. Perspective matters. And the people who havent been around long enough to have it love to consistently shout it from the mountaintops.
  9. I would assume the number of former HC dudes now on staff combined with being fired from the last sting combined with having a rookie QB / first overall guy for the first time has changed the philosophy some. In my mind---you can do a direct comparison. The Giants threw to their best player like 4 times on their first scoring drive. It made me cringe on their behalf for a team I literally hate. That 1 is exactly what they're going to be doing in the regular season and 2 had Bell hurt Waller on that hit literally their targets would have gone from 1 to 0 and their season would effectively be over. They lucked out--but if we were going to Hurst or anyone like that just so we could prove to ourselves we could score I would be way more concerned in the moment and after than I am right now.
  10. it's literally completely customizable from what channels are listed and in what order
  11. quoting this just so it shows up more.
  12. a thousand times this. and we'll likely do something similar for a bounce back this week. it's all meaningless, but there's nuance beyond the struggle
  13. I'm gonna always be optimistic until given reason not to. I'm not taking stock in our first preseason against the TV tryharding Jets in their second (they looked sloppy in their first too). Someone posted that Bills preseason shutout we had two months before Rhule was fired--enough said. Preseason is irrelevant. People saying that the expectation shouldn't be playoffs--I get not wanting to expect too much or too much pressure on a rookie QB, but the way I look at it is we were two officiating blunders/starting with Rhule away from making playoffs, and the whole year, we had below league average QB play (in a decent amount of games I'd say that's an understatement). While the saints may have gotten better, at best, they took the place of Tampa who is now aging/begging to draft a QB first or second overall. The falcons have the exact same questions as us at QB, but in my opinion a worse overall roster and there's a difference between what we can expect for Bryce and what they can expect from Ridder. He impressed me none last year and went 2-2 playing Kyle Trask/McSorley etc. I know we had quite a bit of roster turnover. I just feel like since we missed the playoffs by such a slim margin, that given we get coaching above Matt Rhule and QB play above Sam/Baker/PJ, we can easily make the playoffs. IMO you can say whatever you want about rookie QB expectations, but two very important caveats here are 1. Bryce is entering a better situation than maybe ANY first overall draft QB ever and 2. If there's anyone out there who thinks he cannot INSTANTLY do better than what we saw at the QB position last year, I have serious questions about 1. if you've seen him play a football game or 2. your ability to comprehend what happens in said football games
  14. they only have around 1m season pass subs right now which to me seemed really low. otherwise I agree--with Messi the numbers could explode at any moment and that is the first in a long list of huge dominoes to fall. I love their shows, their MLS coverage is awesome, and their MLB games are amazing. I would drop netflix before apple at this point (course i do get mls for free being a cltfc sth)
  15. I do ESPN+ / VPN. Works like a charm. ACC is putting their football slate on CW that would have gone to Bally--I wonder if NBA/NHL may follow suit
  16. it is a vapor fuse pictured, yes. i see what you're saying about the pictures on dick's website--i would blame that on the way they posted it. the vapor fuse does have real sewn shoulders, logo and stripes. if that's what you want i would go ahead and buy it and you can always return it. i don't see how there's any way dicks would have a different nike fuse than the team store (which you can call and confirm with the team store--they do not currently carry elite jerseys [which is insane it's the one place on earth but])
  17. I do think there was a talk cause the lineups have at least been consistent the last few. I don't disagree on Swiderski, but he has had success. I'm not sure at this point what happens/how he will fit with/when Copetti returns. We're getting closer to health and it'll be interesting with the new guys coming in where some of these players fit.
  18. they're also adding a slot next season. I actually thought we showed decent attacking form. Our defense is still outright swiss cheese. Miami's is too. Let's go be a team of destiny. I really enjoyed Brecht's debut.
  19. right but you can't have that cake and eat it too. the prospects we've been building because we haven't given it all up at the deadline are the tools we can use this year to beat out anyone for whoever we might want. anyone who wants to go back and demand we have retroactively acquired temo meier---did not watch the playoffs.
  20. I think there's obviously chance that if any of this is taking shape that we will be making extreme moves at the trade deadline this time. In retrospect not making the move last year was the right thing--we kept everything while all other teams that gave up future assets were eliminated. This year, if we're healthy and on a course--it's time to press go and say F them picks
  21. I don't disagree with you here, but only because of the way the league works. If they were smarter, they would be selling off their vets, including crosby, right now and starting the rebuild. Because of the fact that Crosby will likely only wear one jersey in his career--it makes the Caps and Pens do these ridiculous moves that further delay and set back their rebuild starting to always cycle years of 'this run' when last year's team for both Caps/Pens couldn't get WC2 in a very deep division. I understand not wanting Crosby in any other jersey, but as a small market baseball fan/thinking about it from what happened to the Canes in 09...it's a pretty big price to pay on the back end of their careers as we see with Chicago right now (and they even let Kane/will let JT go) I just don't see EK changing much. I guess if their goaltending puts together a tandem that performs better than we've seen either of those guys perform--it's possible if you're thinking that FL probably has a huge injury hangover/Bob is probably literally going to drop off the face of the planet. IDC about the pedigree of EK/Crosby/Malkin. The thought of getting Jarry/Ned in the playoffs makes me salivate.
  22. feels like the Dwill/CJ contracts for Hurney where we outbid ourselves. Wilson's contract was 5.2 AAV---who were they bidding against to give him that kind of raise at that term? absolutely nuts. I'd take Tuch from the Sabres too.
  23. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/38133176/capitals-sign-tom-wilson-7-year-455-million-extension whew. gross overpay for a longgg time
  24. update...the fanatics sale is still going on. it's a fairly good deal all things considered for elite customization. they have most sizes in black. blue is only one size. https://www.fanatics.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/carolina-panthers-nike-classic-custom-elite-jersey-black/o-1394+t-36260213+p-5755225532077+z-9-3284042469?_ref=p-TLP:m-GRID:i-r0c2:po-2 https://www.fanatics.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/carolina-panthers-nike-classic-elite-custom-jersey-blue/o-7994+t-70932424+p-13997992985+z-7-4034843565?_ref=p-DLP:m-GRID:i-r1c1:po-4
  25. i agree--and i ended up making the decision to get the elite because of it. i hit it on a 25% off sale (they never include jerseys in the sale esp stitched) on fanatics so i got the black bryce elite for ~277. they also upped the price of this fuse to 200 at the team store at least. IMO if you're someone who buys the game jerseys, you should be pleased. they are nicer and closer to the limited/fuse. if you're someone like us who likes stitched..it's elite or nothing and very disappointing. it made more financial sense to me to buy a jersey in all 3 colors when i could get a stitched one for 140ish/even 120 on sales. now i'll likely just have the one. i bought a limited Horn blue jersey last year and was upset when the color changed but now i'm glad i got a limited when they still existed. obviously they have some of the older limiteds of horn/chinn etc that you can still get, but make sure you're not buying a fuse.
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