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  1. https://theathletic.com/live-blogs/premier-league-news-live-updates-latest/ohSDwMWMcgdZ/E9kwdYOdEWZ7/ He's had a tough start to the season, and definitely hasn't been worth a DP spot. This opens us up to sign 2 DP in the summer window. Just gotta survive on pace for two months in the meantime.
  2. Smith said today he expects him back 5/29 at the earliest. Which sucks bad.
  3. it's not that i disagree with this sentiment as much as objectively i think Svechnikov has been our best all around player in the playoffs altogether
  4. Wish we had gotten Fred rest for game 4 of the first round series, and gotten Pyotr in for a lower pressure situation. At this point because of 2OT Fred has to get rest, but I don't love going to him only when forced. Win at home and give ourselves another chance to steal a roadie. We're in this until we're not. Let's fudgin go CANES
  5. Fred has had a half season of rest, and he's the guy. I think Rod learned from the Florida series, and in general. Rest for Bob last year was overrated. It mattered eventually, sure, but there can be both a better balance while still featuring the guy. And Fred is the guy. It's nice that Pyotr at this age already has playoff experience, but in my opinion, not starting him in game 4 was the ultimate sign that Rod is riding Fred until otherwise noted. And I think Fred has earned that in his time since his injury. I don't hate a better balance, but I think game 4 was the perfect time with no pressure to do it and the fact that we didn't spoke volumes. His leash will inevitably be shorter with the struggles, but he's been solid overall.
  6. Actually thought we were fine after the bad penalties/the first period. The Tony call was soft and ended up being the difference in the game. Still. We knew we had to stay out of the box, and our PK has to be better when/if we don't. Steal game 2 and home ice is ours. I feel good about it.
  7. The Rangers caught us last with Kotchetkov and right when Kuzy/Guentz joined. They got an insanely lucky bounce to win 1-0 and we had several posts. They have not seen this iteration of us going at full tilt, and we played them well anyway. We did the thing at the trade deadline, they didn't. If you ask me and my bettin money, I'm betting it's going to matter. Hope that we've got healthy defense throughout. We didn't play our best game and still gave NYI a gentleman's sweep. Some grow concerned when we don't play our best game, but when you can play poorly and still put 5-6 on the board, that to me is the perfect example of being able to survive and advance and make it happen in the playoffs even when your game isn't tip top shape. And if it is................woo boy. LGC
  8. TDA hasn't been the first version we got of him before Philly (which was a surprisingly decent cheap Dougie Hamilton replacement). However. He doesn't need to be that, as he's not first line paired with Slavin. Rod will hide him with 3rd line minutes. IMO, he has been decent slotting in lately and he does make an offensive impact. Hopefully he has something to prove, especially considering his presence will likely be needed beyond this game. In that sense, him jumping in/providing offensive spark could help us with a pull away road goal. The Isles are overfocused on our forwards and have lost guys in critical moments because of it. Someone like TDA pinching can take advantage of that. Hopefully he is motivated, ready to go, and that he and the rest of the team can keep their heads on a swivel, cause it's going to be chippy on the island early and often and if we can stay disciplined, this series is not coming back to Raleigh.
  9. This. Plus, reloading with youth here allows for us to make a run at a Guentzel deal/keep Jarvy. Love you pesh and brady. thx 4 the memz. hope you get to lift hardware and put your name on it on your way out
  10. we are faster than the Bs (and the Caps but). we have been very good in the regular season against them since a couple years ago. The Caps less so but i'll bet we'll be hungry after that officiating fueled shootout loss last time. I want the metro and the President's trophy. It ain't a curse for a team that's hitting their stride at the right time. it's the curse for the team like FL who has played well the entire year and dies in the playoffs. They will be tired and other teams are old or too young to touch us. I've never said this during our playoff years. We've lacked goaltending prowess or health. We've lacked experience. Or top tier scoring/top tier scoring depth behind Aho and later Svech/him not healthy. We have all of those aforementioned things. I've got '06 vibes and I'm not scared to talk about it aloud. I just bought round 1 game 5 tickets. Not sure that game will be necessary but might get to go see a handshake line with Ovi.
  11. He is an expiring contract who couldnt be traded again prior to the deadline. The money has to work in the trade so it's just us taking on money for Rozier's deal that expires at the end of the season. We got a first rounder. We likely buy him out soon
  12. Waddell said yesterday Fred could be back in a month or so and has medical approval. We're just trying to bide time til then. At this point that's the better option other than buying WAY high on what could end up as Goalie #2 if and when Fred comes back. If it doesn't work out, we can attack at the trade deadline
  13. This. Burns pipe shot is a goal 99% of the time, and we had a good effort/good start to a road trip against a tough west team about as far of a road trip for us as is possible. Just an all around promising effort that felt like it should have been worth a point at least.
  14. I mean clearing waivers doesn't mean he wouldn't be a replacement for a team that's a seller just putting someone in their lineup to play D with us likely retaining some salary or giving up picks to not retain salary. Drury and him and a pick to Calgary to get Lindholm back suits me. Guys like Necas I don't think we properly rate what they mean to our scoring balance until they're gone. I don't want to give away any of our guys like that. It's time to add, not subtract, and go for it.
  15. move the pocket. move the QB. boot legs, playaction, motion, read option, RPO, TE/FB/Laviska shovels on short yardage. remember the fake RB screen rivera offenses used to do where Cam would fake the screen then turn around and throw a TE screen? switch the RB/TE or whatever. that is a perfect play in a Bryce offense to backup pass rush and throw a different screen look. the problem w Rivera offenses is we never ran the play before the fake so the fake was always obvious. we run zero screens that aren't smoke to WR that suck
  16. obviously TDA is someone people love to hate. IMO locker room stuff prior to him getting here aside, the first go-round was a cheap Dougie replacement and he played pretty well. This time has been a disaster and he has no business playing over Chatfield. I care zero what it does to the PP--regardless of current percentages I don't think TDA is out there doing anything QB PP that other guys can't do. I hope we can make him a trade piece to get something out of a seller like Calgary.
  17. I just think they're being cautious with Raanta given that Fred is injured and we're one injury away from having a pretty dire backup situation. That in addition to every chunk of experience Pyotr gets is house money. It's early enough in the season that the starts should pay dividends now and later.
  18. they do have all of them--they will only show as blackout if you don't have a VPN active
  19. yeah, it's ESPN+ that has it--but you can only watch teams out of market. But--if you're in the Canes market, you can use ESPN+ and any VPN app to change your location
  20. I've been doing ESPN+ and VPN for three years with no issues
  21. all of the streaming services are operating in the red and only the companies like apple/prime can truly afford to sustain because of how much they have going on otherwise. sinclair thought they could get a monopoly on these local sports broadcasts but somehow thought people would pay 4x as much for apple plus to watch two local teams and that's it. i hope they continue to crash and burn. not a sustainable model and right now it's killing fans ability to see their teams
  22. not if he wants to comply with the question he asked which directly says "WR 2011 vs 2023"
  23. Rod's system translates even when you put young kids in it when they're playing other young kids. Things can be taken from meaningless games that don't necessarily just mean 'we're going to be trash' or 'we're winning a championship' -- my main point is only that writing that book before it starts is just praying to be quoted with receipts later regardless especially when it's just vicious, instant, emotional overreaction that goes the entire opposite way of the quotes we get from the coaching staff regarding what's happening in front of our eyes. IMO bottom line the overreaction is abominable, irrelevant, and wholly embarrassing if literally any other fanbase puts eyes on it. As a younger fanbase who gets flack for that against the older guard, it feels like we're consciously shooting ourselves in both feet. Not a fun thing to put in the forefront of pairing with putting Rhule in the rear view.
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