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  1. But unlike the other professional teams In Carolina , the hurricanes actually go to the playoffs every year
  2. I feel like having a dominant run game is going to help Bryce out tremendously, then he will be able to make his throws. I feel he will take some steps forward this season
  3. Well, he looks the part, let’s see if that experience pays off
  4. He’s making a pit stop in Atlanta to visit the Falcons.
  5. https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2024/03/14/nfl-rumors-saints-sign-chase-young-panthers-jadeveon-clowney-titans-free-agency/
  6. I just read an article where it said Young left without a contract and will visit the Saints next. Not sure what to believe
  7. I mean, he’s pretty solid, maybe a little below burns, but he shows up in games lol. He kinda looks like burns too.
  8. Sounds to me we’re in competition with several teams for his services. Overpay incoming
  9. He’s like an inch taller than Luke, but same weight, measurables , and everything and he’s faster
  10. I would love to get that linebacker from North Carolina State, but he ain’t falling to 33. No chance.
  11. Yeah, even what we have now throw in next year‘s first… would’ve smoothed it over a bit
  12. But why? The huddle says we are definitely screwed here in the second week of March! Lol
  13. Yes, actually, I think we will. I talked with a buddy at work today about this situation exactly. 6-8 wins is what I have them at. To me that’s a step in the right direction.
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