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  1. Anyone we add at this point is a 1-year rental who will not impact the cap beyond this year.
  2. I have never thought that Watson was off the table. Eventually some team is going to make the right offer and have themselves a QB with all-star potential. Those who think we wouldn't consider that probably underestimate - or overestimate depending on your view - Tepper and crew. Of course, if Darnold comes out looking good, I imagine they will stick with him.
  3. Love Cam. He is the only NFL MVP in our history, but he isn't the same now. I wish him well and hope he comes back home like Smitty after he hangs it up.
  4. It's not a criticism Nancy.
  5. Excited about Horn. As things slow down for him, he will be picking those off instead of knocking them down.
  6. Yep. I was thinking about this yesterday. People can deny it now, but once the legal/civil stuff gets cleared up, he will be playing again. If Darnold doesn't light it up, it might be here.
  7. Not that i disagree with what others are saying, but you add him to this D and that looks like a playoff defense, if it isnt already. That said, I say remain patient.
  8. Rosinski coming back would be awesome. Mick is horrible and I'm glad he is almost done.
  9. If Donte a dog, he is a chihuahua, which can be rather ferocious.
  10. I really enjoyed that interview. It wasn't rushed and he really opened up. Not much coachspeak in there.
  11. That's my wide receiver. LOVE that man.
  12. I liked the advice of "get to OTAs". Will be good to see him there next week.
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