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  1. Last week was very disappointing and it took some wind out of my sails, but win today and 4-2 is a record I think most of us would have taken at this point. Either way, I think this program is headed in the right direction once we start adding some OL pieces. Playoffs are probably a long shot this season, though I think once we get there we will be there awhile (year after year).
  2. The defense played winning ball. The offense did not. Time for CMC to get back on the field. SD has to play better, though the OL being porous does not help.
  3. Cannot blame this one on the defense. Without them, this would have been a Philly blowout.
  4. Good thing CMC rested since we didn't need him this game.
  5. Let's just start benching Darnold in the 3rd quarter. Bring him back in the 4th.
  6. You want them to drop back and get sacked every play?
  7. Sam just slightly off or this game would already be looking great.
  8. That is actually a good comparison. The way he hit the seam on that last return definitely reminded me of Bates.
  9. @LinvilleGorge How are the leaves looking around Linville? We are going up the week of the 18th. Hopefully the leaves are more "Good Sam" than "Bad Sam".
  10. Agreed, but with our OL, we need to stay out of obvious passing downs as much as possible.
  11. Wolfcop


    I'm nervous about every game. lol We are not at a point that we cannot be beaten by just about any team. Besides, no game is a gimmie in the NFL.
  12. Rome wasn't built in a day. Our talent level has improved immensely in 2 years, but you cannot shore up every position in 2 years.
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