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  1. Young would be generationally small for the position.
  2. Some of those watching the combine said it was the best ball placement they had ever seen in the passing drills (CJ). Others watching his tape say that he is the best pure passer in the last several years. Sounds pretty special to me. I have also read that no QB the size of Young has ever started in the NFL in the modern era. His frame is a concern. Look, Young was obviously special in college. None of us know how that will translate. There are concerns by some that he may not have the arm strength to get the ball where it needs to go when he is thrown off his rhythm in a crowded pocket. I have heard that by a few. We will see. I would be excited if we draft him, but concerned about the ability to keep him on the field.
  3. Agreed - you have to put yourself out there when you do this sort of thing. He has nailed a few that GMs and coaches got wrong, but he has also missed significantly on a few. It happens to everyone.
  4. He has scored most TDs in his sleep than DJM. I'll take that.
  5. Excellent point. I’d rather have Cooper at this point in their careers, too.
  6. That would be great for our rookie QB and this offense. Maybe even add a rookie mid rounder as well.
  7. Very doubtful that has happened. I prefer Stroud, but it needs to be Stroud or Young IMO. Richardson is years away IF he ever gets there.
  8. Enjoyed watching that then looking up how they have done. It was neat how JS was a late addition and then won MVP. I also watched some of Stroud’s HS tape. His team wasn’t the best, but he kept a great attitude and demeanor through the losses. Always encouraging his teammates. Very humble guy.
  9. I don’t think it’ll be Richardson without a trade down, but AR will prob have a longer career than BY
  10. I agree. I really have a feeling that we will look back in regret if he isn’t the pick.
  11. I think we are actually leaking misleading info on purpose to keep folks guessing. We know exactly who we want, or have a really good idea.
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