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  1. The questions of his accuracy concern me. He intrigues me, but not enough give up a lot of assets to trade up to draft. If we do not get Watson, I am ok sitting at 8 and going best QB or BPA. That may be the best answer long term.
  2. I would pay him to be a rotational guy if he is willing to do that. No more
  3. As awesome as it would be to get Watson, I agree with this post. 3 firsts...maybe 1 player, but anything beyond that....nope.
  4. If it's close, I would be willing to bet he gets traded to an NFC team.
  5. Congrats if you really did stop drinking, man.
  6. Hmmm, might be on to something there. LOL
  7. I feel that the Panthers have a real chance to get this done (if the Texans are willing), but they can't half-azz an offer and stay in contention.
  8. Their demands will drop when they come to the realization that Watson is not going to ever play for them again. Its still early in this process. They will need the draft picks they are getting in return to start building for the future.
  9. I love CMC, but if parting with him brings us a proven franchise QB, make it happen.
  10. Need a strong center to take this team to the next level.
  11. I think jumping to 5th is about as high as we need to go. That cost would be enough. More than that is too much IMO. Heck Mahommes was picked 10th and a lot of flops were picked in the top 5. You just never know and I don't want to sell the farm for 1 player. If I am considering that, it would only be for a proven player like Watson. Even then, I'm iffy.
  12. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I just read an ESPN+ article where 4/9 NFL Insiders predicted the Panthers will land Watson. The only other team to get more than 1 nod for Watson was the 49ers with 2.
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