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  1. Favre had days like this. Sometimes he'd throw passes so hard you'd be afraid they might take your hands off.
  2. Maaaann, two passes to LaFell just a razor's edge from being picked.
  3. Expect to see a whole lot of those short, quick passes today and a good amount of runs. That's the smart way to attack a high pressure defense like ours. Might see some trick plays too. Misdirection counteracts aggression.
  4. Newton looking pretty accurate early. He and Olson are really in sync right now. Great downfield blocking by LaFell on that play to Olsen
  5. Davis whiffed on the sack...ouch Hold...ing...uncalled on that last play.
  6. I said elsewhere anybody watching that game should now understand a little better why I'm a fan of Mike Zimmer. The Bengals were down two defensive starters today, and even on a full day he's running that defense using rejects like Terrence Newman and Chris Crocker. Still held the Patriots in check and did so by not being afraid to be in Brady's face all day. Loved it.
  7. Mike Smith is definitely a conservative coach. Even with his successes, there are Falcon fans who want him replaced.
  8. Yeah, like that guy Belichick, opting for the field goal on 4th and goal at the 2 with his team down by 10 points. That guy is just gutless!
  9. Hadn't thought of it being the guy's agent. That could make sense. He'd probably be wiser not to get his name out there though. That could definitely irk the team.
  10. Belichick opts for the field goal two scores down with his team at 4th and goal from the 2 yard line. Man, that guy just has no balls
  11. Yep. Seriously doubt the organization wanted this information out there. I agree with doing the preliminary work now, but no, you don't want this known.
  12. I don't think it's really an "active search" at this point, only preliminary stuff "just in case". Nobody knows. Likely suspect would be whomever the candidate in discussion is, but that's all speculation.
  13. Our old friend LeGarrette Blount fumbled away the ball up in New England
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