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  1. Horn as top 5 of the worst graded player on defense? What a joke. If his arm is 3 inches higher (or lower...can't remember) on that TD pass he absolutely shuts down his man all game and even had a couple good plays on run D. I normally like PFF but they missed the mark big time on this game.
  2. He was definitely bad today and that's tough for me to say. Not sure why Brady didn't get called in once Elflein went down either.
  3. This is what I expect as well. And that's a lot of skill in that top 6. I could really see KK and Necas developing a lot of chemistry.
  4. It would be so nice if Dennis can get over his injury bug and become a reliable starter long term. Could potentially give us long term answers for 3 of the 5 spots.
  5. And now Montreal is trading a 1st and 2nd for a 25 year old center from Arizona who has yet to score 40 points. That alone easily justifies the trade compensation for Kotkaniemi. Then, like I said before, the overpay in $ is what it took to force the trade through. What a shrewd move by the Canes.
  6. It's official. Just announced by the official account of the Canadiens - they Are NOT matching.
  7. Today is the day. We'll find out if we have a new winger (and lose a 1st and 3rd next year) or if we screwed over Montreal.
  8. A late first and third for a 21 year old, former 3rd overall pick that has pretty solid advanced metrics is a fair value. The overpay in $$ for a single year is what it takes to pull a Madden and "force" the trade because there's no reason for the Canadiens to accept a fair trade. I guarantee you that Eric Tulsky was consulted before signing this offer sheet.
  9. Keep an eye on the Cowboys and Israel Mukuamu. I think he makes the team but he's on the bubble just due to numbers. He could be a great development FS option.
  10. I'm not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me?
  11. I don't have a good way to show it from my phone but straight from NFL.com. Charlton = 46.3/40.8 Koch = 45.3/40.1 career average
  12. It will be interesting to see his development regardless of if he is in MTL, CAR, or somewhere else. Keep in mind Turbo was not all that great in his early years either and really didn't take the next step until he came to Raleigh. Kotkaniemi may just be a slower development guy too.
  13. Charlton's NET and gross avg last year was higher than Koch's career averages so not sure what you're getting on about bud.
  14. Agreed. Pierre Lebrun even mentioned that the Canes tried to trade for him before signing the offer sheet so it's not like they did this for a Joe Schmoe. Bold move but really not a loss either way.
  15. No but he's a 21 year old former 3rd overall pick and a Finn at that. Worst case is you overpay for a year and give up a late first and third and fill your 3rd line with a high upside play. Heck, he may even play up to his potential and then you have his RFA rights and that's easily worth it. If he doesn't play up to his value you can let him walk or negotiate a long term deal next year at market value. And, if the Canadiens match (I'd call it 50/50 but honestly have no idea) they overpay and have to offer more than that next year as a RFA and Canes lose nothing and screw over MTL for playing that game with Aho.
  16. Didn't realize it at first but even Waddell's comments in the press release is the same as Montreal's when they signed Aho just with the name swapped. Not to mention the Canes announced it on Twitter in French. This is next level. And if MTL doesn't accept, we get Kotkaniemi on a 1 year deal to fill the LW hole and lose a (likely) late 1st and 3rd.
  17. 1 year offer sheet for $6.1M $20 signing bonus. Literally, 20 dollar bill. Same number as Sebastian Aho. This is 100% a troll move by the Canes because of the Habs offer sheet to Aho a couple years ago and I love it.
  18. Mr/Ms 07579394, ever heard of outkicking your coverage? There is an optimal height:distance ratio for a punt to ensure a minimal return. Net punt yards is more important than gross punt yards.
  19. No way we have Slavin, Skjei, Gardiner, and Cole on the left side to start the year. I still think Skjei is the headliner for a big trade (Tarasenko is still my bet) or Gardiner goes out on a salary dump.
  20. 8 years $7.75 AAV. That's honestly a great AAV for that term.
  21. I went crazy watching that. For the record, that was NBA vet Michael Beasley he went around and NBA vet Kenneth Faried that he absolutely annihilated. Also, I have a strong feeling that Kai will spend most of the season in Greensboro. I think he could definitely help the Hornets now off the bench but getting a ton of minutes in the G-League may be better for his development. Keep in mind he has not played basketball for very long and was not a starter in college. With consistent playing time I think he will develop into a monster. Specifically, I think his defensive game could use some work. He's got all the tools but you could tell he was a little slow reading plays and that comes with reps.
  22. Make sure that contract states you will catch the pass. Drop the ball every time. Tom gets pissed. You offer him an out for 120k. Profit.
  23. One year deal per Shams. Really hoping this is for a 3rd guard role. I don't care much for him as a backup PG.
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