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  1. Ok, too early perhaps but now that we have information on the strength of our upcoming opponents for the test of the season, the toughest contests look to be: Cowboys, Cardinals, Bills, Buccaneers X 2. Even 2-3 out of those 5 get us to the playoffs. No guarantees on the rest of the schedule but they sure all look winnable. 12-5 seem crazy?
  2. Guys that know what they are doing are in the building. The answer might actually be on the roster.
  3. Hat off to you sir. Seriously.
  4. Dude that ball to Moore was threaded between two defenders. you're trying too hard to resurrect your narrative
  5. I really want the Saints troll to come back and tell me more about Winston's lasik procedure
  6. Bummer for y'all that weirdly were hoping we'd get blown out so you could be "right." CHEERS to my fellow optimistic Panther fans that aren't surprised. Enjoy the hell out of today my people. 2nd half is going to be fun.
  7. Wow CMC wide open for the easy 1st, went with the harder downfield throw to Robby. And it worked.
  8. Since you're posting here, I assume you're not asking your kids how to work the remote. Cheers sir. We'll see how it goes.
  9. Winston rattled with an early INT. Throws 2 more, the last a TD return by Jackson. Payton plays to shut down CMC, Darnold completes 3+ 40 yard passes. Kamara keeps it close. Panthers 27 Saints 17
  10. Stop pointlessly engaging with trolls who will disappear soon enough.
  11. Yep. Going to be Donte Sunday.
  12. Did the op have the word "dookie?" Cutting edge analysis here folks.
  13. I don't think the size and imminence of that head can be concussed.
  14. I mean, we could have run the same plays from the 1st half in different sequences rather than run, run, pass, punt.
  15. I never complain about a win but the 2nd half play calling wasn't great
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