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  1. Stafford is not Mahomes. Aggressive was the only play
  2. Yeah McDermott choked. Prevent D against Patrick Mahomes. Deserved to lose
  3. Does it really matter? Whoever we interview for position ______, if hired, will be gone in 1-2 years along with the rest of the staff.
  4. And they ran it up, which is exactly what Belichick would have done.
  5. There's always hope. For most franchises, it's 1-3 years out. We have hope too. It's 5 years or more away though. Man that sucks.
  6. You want someone other than Lawrence from last year's class? I don't. not sure the teams that drafted them do either
  7. No NFL positions. His last year in the league will be this one or next. I assume he's a pretty good recruiter so there will be a place for him at some university.
  8. I know I'm alone but don't think he's terrible. He would be a nice backup piece of a winning franchise. We are not that. Doesn't look like we will be that any time soon, if ever.
  9. Look, coming from a guy that has always found something to root for with this team, a Rhule return would be the 1st time I would consider a season completely DOA before training camp
  10. That's sarcasm that went completely over your head
  11. With Rivera, the feeling was "he's never going to be good enough to win a superbowl" With Rhule, it's "wow, this dude is grossly incompetent, he's never going to be good enough to win a meaningful game"
  12. He would have had a 1,000 yard season with the Saints.
  13. All along, the answer was on the roster. Salvation ladies and gentlemen.
  14. Ronald Jones should go for 200+ if you can make that pick up
  15. We're 12 point dogs. That's a ton of points in the NFL. It's going to be a slaughter
  16. No one in the locker room has any respect for Rhule. Cam isn't going to come out and say that but I'm guessing he's not a great actor. So, I'd say their relationship is poor.
  17. He's better than Walker. I can't tell whether you guys want to win or lose. Seems to be lose, so why wouldn't you want Sam in there?
  18. Our foe: a competent NFL franchise The result: crushing defeat
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