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  1. Well seeing as he took our offer to the giants for them to match I’d say yeah he didn’t wanna coach at Carolina he would have rather been with the giants.
  2. It’s a shame at this time we have one of the richest owners who could lure hackett to Carolina with a boatload of money. But instead we’ll be relegated another year to rhule foolball and some ball boy OC
  3. Apparently Peps a pretty intelligent dude. Tepper has got to be feeling like a real dumb azz at this moment. Big billionaire duped by a snake oil salesman of a college football coach not once but twice
  4. He should be but will he be. And if tepper has to put those constraints on him as he should then why keep him at all. rhule ain’t the answer cut bait before he has a chance to sabotage the next coach
  5. Agree there is limited talent but nonetheless I wouldn’t blame shaq ,cmc ,DJ , moton , chinn , burns or horn to not risk it all for a lame duck pos coach that the owner is letting have a mulligan year until he can hire a new coach
  6. Going this route of keeping rhule for a mulligan year for a new coach Doesn’t make sense. Like you said players lose a year of their career basically playing for a no win situation I do believe you’ll see a lot of players take a “McCaffrey “ next year with some suspicious injuries. Except maybe for the ones in a contract year
  7. Who cares. He’s got enough money now to never coach again
  8. There’s no rockstar oc signing here for this chit show. It’ll be one of rhules buddies. Or someone who is a assistant to the assistant rb coach from a team in the playoffs I fear we have no one in management that has a clue. Maybe fitts does but he ain’t calling the shots. It’s obvious to anyone with half a clue rhule is in waaay over his head
  9. Maybe perryman saw what a chit show this coaching staff was and strong armed his way into a trade to keep from playing for fhule
  10. Welp that’s McCarthys last game as a cowboy
  11. If they give them 1 second it’s official the nfl is rigged
  12. It’s about 2 links of a chain short unless crooked clete is officiating it’s almost impossible not to get this
  13. Romo begging for them to spot it short
  14. Deebo is probably better than cmc at this point
  15. That looked like some WWE chit 94 tried
  16. Wait for all the PI calls on this drive
  17. Jimmie G trying his best to f k this up
  18. Watching Jimmie G behind that OL he looks adequate I’d dare to say he’d look just like darnold behind our line scared chitless
  19. Jimmie G a game manager at best but their offensive line are beasts
  20. Hope SF destroys them I can’t stand hearing anything about the cowboys
  21. Philly looks like our offense dink and dink. While Tampa bay just keeps sitting on short routes jumping them
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