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  1. I think Brady is better and it ain’t even close
  2. Addition by subtraction. This might be the beginning of the end for elf. Lose his position to a younger better player that got thrown into the mix earlier than expected
  3. Blackburn better get his unit together. Easily a failing grade yesterday. Snow and his assistants look legit. Brady still some head scratching moments
  4. Brady needs to be starting at LG. He can’t be any worse
  5. It wouldn’t matter if we had a LT that could hold his block for 5 seconds. Sam’s still gonna have psi in his face from the LG and C position. LT isn’t the only spot we need on the oline at present or either let the rookies show what they can do. Elf and paradis play on skates
  6. I hope Brown turns out to be our road grader mauler. Not worried about him at all. But dam tecklenburg sucks. Does paradis teach our backups his “on skates”technique
  7. Very sorry to hear. I remember her from the early days of the huddle. RIP Cosmo girl.
  8. Exactly. I remember when we drafted him. His college coach complaining about it. He knew monk didn’t want to be here and he expressed it for him. Knowing the player at the time couldn’t say it.
  9. Teams shoot lights out against piss poor defense It’s effort and intensity
  10. Trai turners only 28 dang hasn’t been good since he got paid. Fat check =fat waist Same for KK I don’t want any vets like that around the young guys. Vets that are motivated and stay in shape are another story
  11. Tepper probably had a chubber all day watching an actual general manager’s war room Instead of watching Marty get another helping of queso and bean dip
  12. Running QBs in the nfl don’t seem to have much longevity. He could be a all pro one day but i agree with some jog him out there day one year one and he’ll be shell shocked and damaged for the rest of his career
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