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  1. One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet too.
  2. I’m friends with Kevin Mack play golf every year in a tournament with him to help the local HS. He still works for the browns in their alumni dept., he told me a few years ago they were getting their chit together drafting wise just needed a qb and a head coach
  3. Teddy 2 yards is paid 60 mill and he can’t do that Jones made some good throws, in the right system he will succeed Rodgers is athletic. Brees is not. Jones made some plays with his legs last night and he hit players out of the backfield in stride , showed good improvising on some broken plays. He might not be able to carry a team but he won’t hamstring one like teddy does I think he’s better than trask and probably more prepared than some others in question. Lance may have all the tools but when he runs like he does in college expect him to miss quite a few games just ask C
  4. Hate seeing waddle limping around out there. Before he was injured this year he was dynamic. I think he just wants to play in his last national championship game. But he really needs to sit out
  5. I’m not saying he’s worthy of being the pick at #8 he’s probably 2nd or 3rd round material I think he’s better than Will fkn Grier though
  6. I don’t doubt he may turn out to be very good he just doesn’t have the physical attributes JJ has
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