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  1. Never was the right coach for the job never shoulda been hired no use to prolong this misery Fire him and get fitt next then hire the guy from Pittsburgh to consult
  2. I use to halfway like KC but they’ve become the old Brady patriots with all the calls they get
  3. What’s the chance refs bail em out with a pi
  4. I play golf every weekend. And watch the 2nd half at bar. Nothings gonna change and I ain’t either
  5. The whole offensive scheme is trash and it’s obvious the other teams have it figured out that being said I think besides some on this coaching staff the whole scouting dept needs firing. There’s plenty of huddlers on here that could do a better job. Missing on every 2nd round and later picks for several years now is insane and the surest way of depleting your team of depth and talent
  6. Somebodies getting the axe and as usual Tepper will probably screw that up also. This offensive scheme couldn’t succeed with prime joe Montana
  7. This offensive scheme and personnel couldn’t score 14 against a SEC school
  8. Good news I think we’ve already filled our 3-4 per game quota on that play this game
  9. He’s just going thru the motions at this point I can’t see how anyone would pay him top 5 money for his performance this year
  10. That was a pretty weak call on 13 hardly anything there to flag They could flag that on almost every pass play but only do it when the other team needs a first
  11. I ain’t positive he doesn’t throw another pick6 the way colts are jumping these routes
  12. Drafting a long snapper instead of the guard KC took If I’m gonna take a flyer in the late rounds it will be on someone with potential that could actually help the team if he works out health wise
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