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  1. Sure, at this point, why not? Basically Mayfield and Darnold are auditioning for back-up QB jobs on other teams right now. Neither will be here next year (barring some kind of miracle of re-awakening of their abilities). In the meantime we should find some UDFA out there that never got signed, put him on the practice squad and then give him a shot down the stretch. I mean, we've already got a win on the season, so the worst we can do is tie for the worst record in Panthers' history. Of course, with 17 games now, that could mean we'd need a second win to make sure. I'm not seeing that win, especially with this coaching.
  2. That's him and like six other defensive starters right now. Our defensive "greatness" has been predicated by four overachievers: Luvu, Burns, Chinn and Horn. Shaq would be doing better but he seems to forever trying to cover gaps in run defense or pass coverage. Everyone else has had a moment or two, but really, there's some guys making their money by jumping on piles.
  3. In 2015, we celebrated too soon. Karma came looking for us and she just rubbed our noses in it.
  4. Well, at least he has a good excuse to not have to watch the next four games or attend team meetings.
  5. Well, we've been down this road before. Of course, right now, we've got a student driver behind the wheel so there's that.
  6. Dude just came in and did whatever was asked of him. Great hands. Well, at least he's on a competitive team right now. Hopefully he'll get to see the field. Honestly, if he catches on there he's more likely to get a ring before the guys that stick around here if Rhule manages to somehow hang on. Imagine, Detroit is an upgrade... smh
  7. Well, on the good side, Chinn doesn't legally have to watch the games for the next few weeks. Can probably skip a bunch of pointless meetings, too.
  8. BS. Payton was nothing without Brees and I don't think we can get him to come play here.
  9. Lord, please, no. Is he a good coach? Probably. Is he a lousy human being? Probably. Did he leave the mess behind in New Orleans before the house he built collapsed from his long-term planning? Most assuredly. There are better minds and better men out there.
  10. Ian Thomas is our TE1. So, yeah, there's that. This has been a problem for the Tepper tenure pretty much. Olsen went and well, that place has been just a shell of itself. But this ain't the reason we suck, it's just a symptom.
  11. He made billions in "falling on his sword" when he wanted out. Let's not cry too many tears for him. Honestly, one billionaire is interchangeable with the next when viewed from down here in the cheap seats.
  12. If we can't run more plays, could we at least maybe ask the NFL if we could shorten our games to like 30 minutes? Sure would be nice to rip the bandaid off quicker than to have to sit through this crap each week. Watching our games is a lot like watching someone else play a video game. The other guy is having all the fun and we're just kind of trapped there wishing we had a ride home.
  13. CMC basically willed that last scoring drive into existence for us vs. the Cards. The game prior he broke loose for a huge run that gave us the game. If you moved him to WR, he'd be the best receiver we had on the team and would be in the Deebo mode. But sure, let's go ahead and trade him and give the next HC less to work with for a second round draft pick roll of the dice.
  14. Before long, they'll figure out how to start batting down the running backs before they cross the line.
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