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  1. Always check for licensing AND that they have insurance and workman's comp insurance for their employees on site before doing ANYTHING. And if there is any actual construction, make sure to get a city/county inspection -- they'll tell you that it isn't necessary like they are trying to save you the hassle, but those inspections are to protect the home owner NOT the contractor. So many shady people in the home selling and constructing business. There are good ones out there, though. It pays to do your work to find them.
  2. Well, looking at the invoice, then checking the BBB site about them, they look like they've had some unhappy customers. I think I would ask them for an itemized invoice because you can't tell if they've done anything. A good company should be able to provide you with details. If they were at your house and did work at your request, which it seems they did, then they have a legal basis for the transaction. Your best bet is to get them to explain and itemize the work. You can then pick away at the things you know they didn't do and perhaps negotiate down the price. If you just bail, they have legal recourses that can affect the sale of your home, particularly a mechanic's lien which would have to be satisfied by either you or the buyer before the sale can be finalized. Stop trying to do this house sale on the cheap. Go find one of the big name real estate agencies to list and sell your house. It sounds like you folks have been screwed from the start with fishy deals and requests from the get go. There is a whole industry out there based on doing what you are going through, it is slimy and sticky. Pay the 2% more in commission and be assured that the bigger name companies (with real Realtor (TM) tags) will treat you better and within all bounds of the law. Edit to add: I got my NC Real Estate sales license in 1991 when I was 22 years old, I've completed the NC Residential Home Appraisers course, I would have been a fourth generation carpenter/cabinet maker, grew up doing carpentry with my Dad's family and masonry with my stepfather. My father and grandfather both had their own construction companies for decades (my grandfather built his last house at the age of 84 and his father ran a cabinet shop until he was 90). My father also ran a real estate brokerage and was a Realtor for 20 years before going back to school and getting his master's degree in architecture). I've bought and sold houses on the homeowner side as well. Not trying to puff up my credentials, just trying to show that I've got a bit of a foundation in this area. There are other people here that have even more experience than I. Trust them.
  3. I love Terry's candor and take on the situation. He has the rings, the gold jacket, a career in all aspects of football that's over 50 years long... and he's never, ever tried to say he's the smartest guy in the room (he says quite the opposite most of the time). I'll take his word for it. I really think the Payton/Denver/Wilson triad is going to set the tone for the next decade in the NFL over who really controls a team... the coach or the star QB. We've been living in the age of the QB taking over control. Right now we see teams like Arizona, Green Bay, Tampa Bay basically neutered by their star QBs and the ridiculous contracts. We're about to see another one happen in Baltimore. In Denver, it's going to be either one helluva public clash or somewhere behind closed doors Payton and Wilson are going to have to lay them on the table and see whose is the biggest. How that shakes out (really not trying to push the metaphor here) is going to set some dynamics. If Wilson loses out and then loses out on the field again, you can expect some of these big name QBs to be shown the door more handily than before and that perhaps the market won't be so hot for them. There is a third option possible, too. And that's that Denver has been a damned sucker twice in this, at both QB and HQ. Now that would be a fun laugh.
  4. I'm liking the hires so far. Makes me feel an optimism I haven't felt for a while with the Panthers. It's still really early, though.
  5. Good point but both the Steelers and Ravens are really built to combat the run, it's a necessity in their division and for the climates they play in. Personally, I wanted us to draft a center early last season and snag one of the best. I still kind of wish we had, not because I don't like Bozeman (I do, I really do) but just the cost savings would have been considerable. Still, Bozeman and the IOL were night and day improved over where they had been. Tackles, too.
  6. The rumors of the 3-4 in Carolina have surfaced before, many times. They haven't panned out so far, so I'm going to do a wait and see thing here.
  7. He has been a major upgrade, although it seems he didn't get enough time as a starter to really evaluate what kind of impact he had on the team. I can say that once he took over, the entire line performed better as did the team. Really good centers can do that and they are the cornerstone for building long term success in an offensive line, which gives a good working environment for a QB, which opens up the game for running backs and gives WRs more time to get open. Yeah, it's an important position to get right. Unless there's an injury issue we are unaware of, Bozeman is absolutely the right choice for this team now. Whether he was the number 3 or number 10 center in the league on someone's arbitrary chart really doesn't matter. He was the absolute number one there for us.
  8. Best wishes to Coach Wilks. I think he'll do great there, he's certainly got a lot to work with.
  9. Maybe this? https://hiltonhead.disney.go.com/ Hilton Head is a really nice place and lots to do in the area.
  10. Oh not that old thing again. Bad teams pick high in the draft. Again and again. Their fanbases live for it, drool over it, hope and pray for it. And they get them again and again. Let's move on.
  11. Considering the firing of the HC in a busted season, perhaps we should judge his impact based on how bad it COULD have gotten. Interim coaches and low player effort go hand in hand. Somehow, Wilks kept the team competitive. That's worth a tip of the hat, at least.
  12. Are we sure that we're moving to the 3-4 or is that just fan talk?
  13. The guy is the most consistently good player on our defense and leads the whole group. He sets the tone and covers for many of the holes we have in the schemes. We need to keep him and I hope they can work things out, either with a redo of the contract or that we just pay the man as he was promised. He's certainly upheld his end of the bargain.
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