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  1. More resources but probably taking a pay cut from his Alabama days…..
  2. Also, one admitted he can’t play QB and will be popular with the fan base….
  3. Lots of blame to go around in this. Hope Sam can improve on his part but hope our OL plays better than Jets so it doesn’t remain a viscous cycle.
  4. Always liked Sullivan and seems like he functioned more as WR at LSU than TE. if he pans out, he could be a versatile piece to reduce number of WR carried.
  5. Well, the RAS plan got derailed with this one...
  6. Wonder if he’ll have veto power of Rhule’s T-shirt choices like he did Grundy in college...
  7. I didn’t really want TE, but if we drafter one, he’s the guy I wanted later than 3rd. ”His versatility as a run blocker will allow offensive coordinators to shift him around formations and create favorable matchups in the passing game. If he's able to simply improve his hands status to average, his speed and athleticism should create chunk play opportunities. He has Day 2 value with Day 1 upside.” from CBS sports
  8. Wonder how they grade Barmore or the other DTs? Not my favorite position at this point, but if they see as a need, talent really drops quickly. As a much as huddlers are screaming for offense, BPA is probably on the D side JOK, Moehrig, Grant, Melifonwu or Campbell could all contribute on day one
  9. Looks like he projects all the other tackles except Sewell as RT
  10. It’s been my favorite time of the season since I got this game as a kid
  11. According to Schefter, last year 84 of his picks went in the top 100. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2020/story/_/id/31263894/2021-nfl-draft-jeff-legwold-ranks-top-100-prospects Slater at 5 Sewell at 8 Fields 11 Wilson 24 Jones 33 Forsythe OT 67 Mills 70 Eichenberg 71 Mond 90 Deablo 97
  12. That’s how I’ve looked at this draft. We need lots of pieces and are in great position to add a few. If there’s what we think is a franchise LT available, we take him. If not, we add a starter at another position of need. I believe we can do that as late as 15 (OT, CB, WR) if not later. Clearly, a trade back shouldn’t happen until we’re on the clock though.
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