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  1. Just doing a quick google search, i found this article with this quote: “It’s just a throw that I’ve got to make,” Bridgewater said after reviewing film. “When DJ pops open behind those linebackers, I’ve just got to make that throw. “When I play well, and my energy is there, this team plays well. I’ve just got to continue to be consistent with the energy I bring on Sunday.” https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article247523595.html This has been his attitude from the get, team first. At least from what I've seen and read. But hey, I may have missed
  2. I don't get why most of you poo on Teddy so much. You act like he's DeMarcus Russell or Manziel. You act like he's worse than Jimmy Clausen. His numbers aside, he's a human being that's a good person, smart and good role model that could mentor a rookie, like qb like Alex Smith did for Mahomes. But hey, you do you.
  3. We already have him. His names Christian McCaffery.
  4. Whoops, you are correct. I missed that part.
  5. Josh Allen = the exception to the rule Which also led to the Chiefs trading up for Mahomes https://fox4kc.com/sports/chiefs/the-trade-remembering-the-chiefs-bills-draft-swap-that-brought-mahomes-to-kansas-city/
  6. Same. I'm hoping maybe it's a strategy Rhule is using to get some team to trade ahead of them for Mac Jones instead of taking a qb we want. At least, that's what my tin foil hat says.
  7. True, I just meant as an example that they all were meant to sit and learn behind these other quarterbacks. They signed Matt Flynn for a huge contract because they thought he was gonna be the starter, who knew Russell would be who he was?
  8. That's fair, I meant more in terms of showing signs of leadership and confidence was what I was focusing on. Definitely not character. And to be fair, I did say in the beginning that I had no horse in this race and would be happy with any of the top 4. Only saying that after watching their press conferences, I'm now leaning more towards Trey Lance. Who's to say Fields isn't the guy, but it's just my impression right now. Even watching Fields on the sidelines, in the "huddle", I just thought he was more stoic or introverted. But now idk, there is something to be said about charisma an
  9. I'd argue that he made them great by his example, standards and work ethic. They threw throwaway wide receivers to him every year that they signed in free agency that made household names for themselves. A high tide raises all boats.
  10. Exactly. It's not the be all, end all. It's all purely speculation and gut feelings. I do put some stock in press conferences. I think how you handle yourself and adversity in press conferences can set the tone for your franchise.
  11. Fair enough. Here's a press conference pre COVID-19. Now, if you didnt know which one was a quarterback, and only heard their voices, who would you think is the quarterback and leader of the team? Starts at 5:00
  12. That's fair, I should've replaced Character with Leadership. Cam did have very high character for what he did through his charities and helping people. But as far as leadership skills, to me, was only on when he was feeling good, and when it was bad it was worse. Now, I've never seen Belichick throw a 60 yard pass with edge rushers at his heels. That's not meant to be condescending, but my point is that when Brady was gone, all his scheming didn't amount to as much as they did before. Coaches coach, but players play, and you need that field general to be an extension of the coaches messag
  13. Wanted to riff off of @hepcat post but didn't want to derail it. I'll say upfront I don't have a horse in this race, I think any of the top 4 would fit. Realistically it'll probably be down to Fields or Lance even if we do trade up. Ever since he beat Clemson and showed that toughness, I've wanted Justin Fields. But right now I'm leaning more towards Trey Lance. Here's why. Early yesterday I started doing my own video research, but from a different angle. Sometimes you can tell a lot about someone by what they project out to the world. How they walk, and especially how they talk. So
  14. Because God wouldn't be able to tune in and watch unless it's on a Sunday.
  15. ...and yet the Bucs are going to the Superbowl with Brady, when they had no shot beforehand. Favre spent a full season with the Falcons before being traded, so I wouldn't count him as being "drafted" by the Packers. I think if you look at it from a different perspective, say the 2nd (aka big) contract of QB's, then Drew Brees falls right into that category. Stafford is on or going on his 3rd contract, so he'd be a short-term plan. But Watson is just beginning his 2nd contract term, aka the prime years. Like Brees. Like Favre. Like Warner. Granted, I just don't think we have
  16. Because at the end of the day, it's all circumstantial. CMC absolutely did nothing wrong, but in this league there's very few QB's you can call elite or 'franchise', and those are the ones that get you a championship. Julio Jones can't carry the Falcons, Ezekiel Elliot can't carry the Cowboys, it just is what it is. It all starts at quarterback. I would love to keep him and hate to see him ever leave, but if that's the price for a guaranteed franchise quarterback just coming into his prime, it's about bringing a Lombardi to the Carolina's.
  17. Because Black Monday for scouts and personnel is the day after the Draft. Thats the end of the 'season' for them. Right now they're knee deep in their teams scouting so it'd be a hard ask to have one jump to another team while they're so busy getting ready for the draft. Only reason why GM's are the exception is because they set the standard, and they're needed to make decisions and plan for free agency as well.
  18. Right? It's like if the Spiderverse was the Pantherverse! I hadn't considered it either because I thought Directors and Assistant GM's were kinda along the same level, so it wouldn't be a bump up for him. But if it does, then come on down!
  19. Will our two (out of 3) greatest middle linebackers join forces in the front office?? I'm all for it!
  20. Don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but thought I'd share: https://twitter.com/JimNagy_SB/status/1350061270033199104?s=20
  21. I dunno, I think @CarolinaSunday chart showed that, despite all the late picks and/or trade downs, the Seahawks were able to consistently have winning seasons and won a Superbowl. I think it really comes down to bad ownership and management. It all trickles down from the top. If the structure is terrible and unstable, like the Texans or Jets for example, I'd agree that Rodgers or Mahomes wouldn't shine there. But I feel like the Panthers have had a good foundation brewing since Tepper took over. It's been slow, but he's been methodical in his moves and shows his commitment by signing Rhul
  22. Okay thanks, this didn't come up in my searches for some reason.
  23. I keep checking the site and twitter for any announcement, but it's weird that they haven't yet, especially since it's more convenient on Zoom. Nick Caserio was the next day, so not sure why this hasn't happened yet? Are they maybe postponing it til next week since all these other teams are announcing hires and spamming the news feed? *shrug* it's possible. The first press conference sets the tone for the team and fanbase. Rhule's was amazing, so he's got a lot to live up to
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