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  1. Meh, was mostly fluff. A compilation of most the videos they posted during the draft. The only thing unique was a Scott Fitterer interview in the middle so I'd recommend that. It's funny, you see the Colts, Bills and even the Browns putting out this videos with amazing production value and real behind the scenes stuff, and I wish we did that too. I know we started to last year, but it's been too long and infrequently.
  2. Just saw this on the site. I know their bot will probably post it soon but thought Id share anyway https://www.panthers.com/video/panthers-huddle-new-look-draft-process
  3. Goodbye ACL's and hello heat strokes I get the cost saving, but at what cost to the players? Found this Texas Rangers video on a new kinda turf called Synthetic Grass which is supposed to be way better and less impactful. Hopefully we go this route.
  4. I would agree with the 'absolutes' part, but there is precedence, now more than ever that college QB's are way more polished and have more snaps per capita than quarterbacks of yesteryear. Joe Burrow comes to mind. Kyler Murray Perhaps Zach Wilson will make that leap as well as Lance. Granted, it's still more of a gamble than someones who's done it consistently, but there's more coming that seem to be making the jump in the last few years, so I wouldn't completely discount it.
  5. Me personally, my initial reaction is I definitely don't like it, and that it makes it easier to see who's who on the field based on their numbers. But I get that eventually, with teams retiring numbers, that eventually they'll run out at certain positions, so maybe it's inevitable. Still don't like it, but that's how I feel. What about you?
  6. The new expanded rules now allow any position, minus lineman, quarterbacks and kicker/punters, to pick numbers between 1-49. While offensive positions from running back to wide receivers can also select 80-89 https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/21/nfl-passes-expanded-jersey-number-rule/
  7. Like probably most of you, I've been watching more tape on players, and specifically on some of the later round quarterbacks just to see what potential is out there. So while I was watching some game tape of QB David Mills from Stanford... this guy just kept popping off the screen, so much that I finally looked him up and started to just watch him, and it was really hard NOT to like the kid. 6'3 and 222 lbs, posting a 4.37 and 4.42 40-speed (he looks faster on tape), and makes acrobatic catches in ways that reminded me of Smitty. Just some crazy ball awareness and control. You listen
  8. If he's a sample size of what Titans fans are like, then I can't wait to see his draft review
  9. Mine last year was 4.5 This year I wanna agree and say 9.5, but I'm gonna go with 8.5 because of just the ambiguousness of how our offense is gonna go with Darnold. It all really falls to how he adapts and performs.
  10. I definitely agree with the Alex Smith comparison, even though I don't have much respect for Cowherd. If he can recover from one team to the next like Smith, Tannehill, Brees, Plummer etc, I'd be stoked. My mantra is 'cautiously optimistic' this season
  11. We already have DJ to pay coming up as well as Robby if he stays consistent. Both young and talented 1k receivers. Or Chase could be the next OBJ thats a talented headcase like TO. How many rings has TO, OBJ or Julio won? It's like if your Madden WR position rating was an 80, would a move to raise it to 85 that much of a difference? Or would you rather raise your Oline or Corner overall average from a 50 to a 70? Something startable that wont get your QB killed so he has time to throw to those wide receivers. I'd rather raise the whole teams average than just make one position raise a few
  12. Dream: Sewell, Pitts or Lance Reality: Slater or Surtain I think the Tackle class is deep enough that we could go corner in the 1st and tackle in the 2nd, and shore up both weaknesses quickly. But man, I'd love me a mauler like Sewell.
  13. Ever since I've seen this pic of Darnold in a Panthers uniform I've had to double-take a few times haha. I mean, they do have a similar resemblance. Frankly, if someone said that Greg Olsen was in California and needed some quick cash and made a deposit to the sperm bank, I'd give that rumor some weight Just thought it was a funny observation and thought I'd share my 2 minutes of Photoshop time. Here's hoping Darnold will have a similar career boost from the shitty team prior to the Panthers trading for him.
  14. Agreed. We've been desperately needing a Jordan Gross since he retired. It's just been a revolving door at LT and we all saw what happened to the Chiefs OL when both their starting tackles were out.
  15. Im kinda surprised they didn't ask Robby Anderson about what he's like as well, since he was in the lockerroom with him for a couple years.
  16. Thanks man. And it's the line between 2021 and 2022, it's an opt out year that they gotta decide before the 2022 NFL year starts.
  17. Aren't you guys tired of playing the same broken record over and again? Can some of you just take a step back and see the big picture, or is it just cuz you picked Bridgewater in the 1st round of your fantasy draft and he cost you money. It is what it is. It's over, we're all moving on. Catch up.
  18. And yet Bruce Arians literally threw Tom Brady under the bus multiple times during the season, and they won the Superbowl. https://www.radio.com/weei/sports/patriots/bruce-arians-seemingly-throws-tom-brady-under-bus-again We're all human, we make mistakes. It was one time. If it were multiple times then I'd be concerned, but I'm sure they all handled it internally. Sometimes it spills. It doesn't mean he's a bad person. I'm sure you're not a bad person when you forget to say 'youre beautiful' when you slipped and said 'that's what you're wearing?' and you slept on the couch.
  19. That's the pot calling the kettle black. Some of you really should learn how to use Google an check your facts first. The floor price for a starting quarterback is around $20m according to Spotrac https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/quarterback/ Teddy ranks only 16th in average salary, and the only ones below him are Rothlisburger(after a huge restructuring), backups and qb's still under their rookie deal. $20m might have been top 5 money 10 years ago, but thats just the floor these days. It's called inflation. We took a calculated gamble because he was familiar wi
  20. Agreed. It may be our best sack duo since Greene and Lathon.
  21. Just doing a quick google search, i found this article with this quote: “It’s just a throw that I’ve got to make,” Bridgewater said after reviewing film. “When DJ pops open behind those linebackers, I’ve just got to make that throw. “When I play well, and my energy is there, this team plays well. I’ve just got to continue to be consistent with the energy I bring on Sunday.” https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article247523595.html This has been his attitude from the get, team first. At least from what I've seen and read. But hey, I may have missed
  22. I don't get why most of you poo on Teddy so much. You act like he's DeMarcus Russell or Manziel. You act like he's worse than Jimmy Clausen. His numbers aside, he's a human being that's a good person, smart and good role model that could mentor a rookie, like qb like Alex Smith did for Mahomes. But hey, you do you.
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