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  1. Fleeced by the Seahawks out of 3 first round picks for Drew Lock level play.
  2. Next year’s draft is QB-heavy. This isn’t a year where you have to have the top pick to get a good one, so I don’t think we’re in trouble at this current trajectory. Only if you want Stroud or Young would you worry about the #1 pick, and I don’t think either of them is worth it.
  3. It's not out of the realm of possibility unfortunately. Baker hasn't done enough or played nearly well enough to stop Rhule from interfering.
  4. This I agree with. I don't think he's ever really been used right here for what his skill set is.
  5. How badly is Mayfield off target when throwing to DJ? Seems like all the passes were uncatchable except the Roby deflection.
  6. Robbie so far is alright, better than last year so that's ok. Smith shouldn't have been factored into this offense the way he has been, should've been baby steps. If you want to know how bad the QB play has been, DJ Moore through 3 games has less yardage that Shenault who just got a game jersey. Honestly, the coaches took what should've been a strength of this team and screwed it up.
  7. Shi Smith needs to be benched in that scenario, not Robbie
  8. I'm curious, what bad plays outside of the PI from the Cleveland game has he committed this season?
  9. I mean, he's better than what's behind him. The only mistake I blame him for the whole year was the dumb contact when Woods had a gimme pick Week 1.
  10. Laviska needs to be starting in the slot going forward.
  11. Mayfield playing like trash. Shenault saved his statline because he was on pace for less than 100 yards for the game.
  12. This is Matt Rhule, he can find a way to screw it up.
  13. He's feeling that pressure though. That I can say from first glance of the press conference. These reporters too afraid to go for the jugular though. All the questions so far are layups.
  14. We're not beating or should be favored against any of these teams.
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