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  1. I dont fully disagree, but couldnt this be said of any non-QB? Even Aaron Donald isnt as valueable as a franchise QB, and hopefully Rhule and company know that, which leads me to believe that they feel confident he wont be a fran CB. I guess we will see. I suspect their thinking was: Sam Darnold (potential, but less likely to be Franchise QB AND Jaycee Horn (potential shut down corner) >>>>> Fields (Potential Franchise QB) We shall see.
  2. Ohh this is tough. Good question OP. I think I would go with Melo. Not sure Melo has the best player in the league/MVP upside Cam had, but perhaps he does.
  3. If Seattle were to go on to win the Superbowl, we would see that Broken play completion one over over til forever. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen!
  4. We need to drive down and score. Force them to be one dimensional is key because it seems like they've been able to run on us.
  5. That's true. But I honestly blame Zimmer. That should have kicked it on 3rd down.
  6. I said b4 the sack that they were going to get sacked or complete a pass in the field of play. That was astonishingly stupid.
  7. Arizona has an elite pass D, but their run D is only "good". Their offense is so dynamic that they get up early on teams and those teams have to abandon the run, which of course plays into their strength.
  8. I don't mind the play call, he was wide open....
  9. Cam is having a great game, but wow the Saints D sucks.
  10. Yeah, that was on Norman. I knew with how aggressive he plays that a play like that was coming, though I thought it would be a double move
  11. Off topic, but why in the world do the Saints keeping trotting Browne out there lol
  12. I was thinking the same. Usually having a -3 turnover differential is a guaranteed loss. Itll say a lot for our team if we manage to win despite that.
  13. All season long Rivera has been brushing off concern about FG blocking and yet again it's come back to bite us.
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