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  1. If you post photos of half naked women on the huddle and expect them to "keep it classy" you're gonna have a bad time. You new here?
  2. There have been plenty of people on this very message board suggesting Cotchery should not have a roster spot. Jeremy is not wrong about that. Maybe it's a vocal minority, but they're out there.
  3. I hope he and Fozzy both contribute at a solid level this year, and I think they're both capable of doing that. Fozzy has been a real weapon in the screen game, as even Ryan Kalil has said in recent days. I'm excited about both these guys. There's good stuff coming out of the RB room this year.
  4. $3.05 mil doesn't necessarily mean $3.05 mil against the cap, right? Regardless, I like the signing. It's 2.12% of our total cap--and yeah, like 75% of the available space lol. But I'll take him at the price of slightly above average player salary. Getts gettin it done. With a solid draft this team might look like one that's ready to make a run. Real talk.
  5. So huddlers get lambasted for posting actual, albeit duplicated, Panthers and football-related news while threads like this get pinned? Makes perfect sense.
  6. and that's why you'll never be at a house party with an NFL player.
  7. From the leaguesafe it looks like 5 people never squared up. Shouldn't be allowed to take anyone else's money if you have no money in the pool IMO. As far as payouts, I'd say the best options are either 70-30 split for first and second or 50-30-20 for first, second, and third.
  8. This was one of the more evenly matched/active leagues I was in this year. Pleasure playing with you all. I agree we need to redo some of the scoring, but looking forward to doing this next year.
  9. Did we ever agree on a payout structure? Is it winner take all or are we paying some for 2nd and/or 3rd?
  10. You guys have any idea how embarrassed I am about playing TB's defense this week? You've never felt shame like this before.
  11. Here's mine with the headline "Projected to Finish Ninth, FavreDollarFootlongs Will Be Chillin' in the Basement Like it's High School" Overall: B
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