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  1. This is a hobby with money making opportunities.
  2. Man, I was hoping for something funny or a good example or a chance for people to have gif fun. This still is a fail for you.
  3. I am far from the hugger fan and as soon as we had a feeling he was going to sign last week I was already thinking about this game. Rivera has little to do about it as well as last years game, but add in last weeks win, the new energy, the new hope, it should all around be an exciting game for any Panthers fan.
  4. yes, absolutely top 5. I can't wait to feel the energy BOA has been lacking for a few years now on Sunday. I will confirm based on crowd noise how the majority feel about it.
  5. fug a wild card, my dumbass bet on us to win the division at +900 and I had to pull that ticket out of the trash can last week
  6. It takes a lot of reps to get arm strength back. We have no idea how much throwing Cam has been doing the last few months. Let’s hope it all comes together because this could be a fun ride.
  7. DJ had 2 steps on the defender, the pass was short so he had to slow down rather than track it down.
  8. Next week versus Ron!!! Bring back the fans, I bet it could be the loudest the place has ever been
  9. At this point, start Christensen and Brown at G and stop getting bull rushed up the middle every play. Make a change that makes sense.
  10. I was referring more to the o line. It’s the same thing week in and week out.
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