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  1. We may not have much of a line, yet, but still better than what the Jets have put out there. They at least got that LT from Louisville so that's a start.
  2. How many QBs do you think are in the league tho? Are you sure you know what average means?
  3. Your anger has turned to hate. Soon that hate will turn into disease or cancer. Find something that makes you happy in life. Football is obviously not it. Good luck with all that.
  4. More likely they believe neither will be there at 8
  5. Yea I would imagine who they have as bpa will be the pick. Either of those 2 tackles, Pitts or maybe even Chase(not likely I think Miami or Cincy grabs him) or a cb.
  6. Or just let him shake his little tits right into insanity
  7. Yes definitely. The top 4 won’t be around by 8.
  8. I’m good with this, can see if it was Gase or is he just schmaverage
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