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  1. McNair is the worst owner in all of sports but Snyder is right there behind him. Hopefully Tepper proves most of us here wrong
  2. between Baker and Jimmy G, I am much more enthusiastic about Baker.
  3. Well hopefully we at least wait until the end of the season to extend him, if we go that route. Otherwise, Corral won't need to get onto the field this year, and we obviously are not in contention for a top QB next year. That is what is strange to me.
  4. The Panthers are definitely a better team now. That doesnt mean we are good, but at least competitive. I don't see the logic in this trade unless you(the front office) believes he is a long term solution at QB. I had us at around 6 wins now I think that puts us at 8 or 9.
  5. is there a yawning emoji? that might speak your language better. you so woke guy!!!
  6. just the ones afraid to lose their licenses. no need to engage with linville, he is far too smart plus he thinks I'm a right winger
  7. Speculate much? You think these guys all died from fentanyl.
  8. Yea, there is a much clearer connection but it is super inconvenient.
  9. You think thats how JF or these young athletes are dying?
  10. Crazy and sad. Young athletes passing away from "natural causes"
  11. you do so well commenting on the relevant, important stuff
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