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  1. Thats how it should have been done, but the scumbag owner doesn't have patience like that. He wanted an "offensive" coach, LOL what a joke yet our offense is very offensive. Remember, he got his wealth at the hands of millions of people suffering, losing their livelihood and going bankrupt. He doesn't care about the fans and never will, the fans are expendable.
  2. omg i cant believe they didnt try to work out a deal over the summer
  3. would be nice to see him fire the ball on that 3rd step, you know timing routes
  4. He's got a ways to go. Coaching doesnt seem to be helping him. Still doesnt pull the trigger on timing routes. When you add everything, the lack of results and the draft capital plus DJ, it adds to the fire of the criticism. People want results immediately and the common sentiment was that he is NFL ready which clearly is not the case. I dont roam much here but for a couple minutes a week, and while I would not be shocked for people to be throwing out the bust word, there is no way that many people would suggest it yet. But, often, people tend to let the loudest people represent the majority on their heads.
  5. The common culprit, Tepper.
  6. you sure you even watch other games? every comment ive seen thus far from you has been an insult to people's knowledge of the game, where it seems you may be lacking. The truth is, we call 3 or 5 step drops, you release the ball on those steps, throw to a spot and receiver should be there. Last night he was not pulling the trigger, where it seems like he wanted to confirm a receiver is open. Let's hope our coaches can push that so he reaches his potential.
  7. Yea he takes three to five step drops and doesnt pull the trigger. Where is the anticipation?
  8. Can’t trust a dude who wears eye liner
  9. Saints game I believe. Maybe those counted as carries as the passes were lateral?
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