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  1. Cancer may not be fair but you think he is the player we need? I heard he wanted @20M/yr, do you think thats true and worth it?
  2. You say that like he was the reason THEY won. He did pretty good sure, especially after a few games to ge acclimated, but he was far from the reason the RAMS won a Super Bowl.
  3. I guess. DJ has a huge dead cap hit though too. Im sure it will be great!
  4. If that’s the case, the people who find him funny should be banned.
  5. CJ seems to finally be playing with confidence. I think the lack of confidence is the reason for his past struggles.
  6. I think the majority of the folks wanted Fields or Jones.
  7. DJ Moore is untradeable because of the dead cap imposed. To be mad at Fitt for not trading him means you are not looking in the right places. Be mad we extended him instead.
  8. i figured he rather say that than dumb redneck. special people out there think they are virtuous.
  9. either they may struggle without Chase or be pissed after last night's blowout and take us to the shed.
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