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  1. Mike Thomas over Evans all day. Evans is the biggest little guy on the field. He should have monster numbers but lapses way too often.
  2. I found +800 for the division. Gonna go for it
  3. I just don’t understand why anyone bought into it. It was either Fields or Lance obviously.
  4. Yea I've always semi-followed ND and I just never thought of him as an NFL calibre QB, and I certainly didnt see him as a 4th round pick. But they know a lot more than me.
  5. Is Ian Book a new strain of weed or something? What is there to be high on?
  6. Definitely should have waited til tomorrow
  7. So because they are seeing what TE can do at WR you think they are fully converting him? You may be correct that Meyer might not last long, but it has nothing to do with checking a players abilities during rookie mini camps.
  8. Something hasn't happened yet or doesnt exist, can't possibly be a fact.
  9. Yea I’m so sure TB really bummed they took Devin White over Danny Dimes and Dwayne Hoskins
  10. Nope. I don’t think that chart correlated with how the perceived QBs actually performed.
  11. You're an idiot if you think a coach can keep his players by intentionally losing. Yes, that terrible display of lack of sportsmanship at the end of their game with WTF by pulling Hurts at least lit his seat and the team and national backlash basically finished him off.
  12. Really guy? You cant keep your players trying to tank. Look at Pederson, he lost his players and his job. Pathetic fan talk.
  13. Just when Darnold thought he escaped through the draft. Would be huge for our team but I am certainly not gonna get my hopes up.
  14. Heeyyyyy welcome back Dan!!! I am glad you spent time in a couple winning organizations to know what it feels like
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