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  1. This entire list is ass!!
  2. Day three players I like other than already mentioned… 1) MJ Devonshire - CB 2) Eric Watts - Edge
  3. ESPN now has a draft simulator embedded in their app.
  4. I like the site because you can trade players on your roster also. The only problem is the site has glitches and will totally reset back to the home page and you lose all your work.
  5. Absolutely, our depth is so pitiful that the starters have no competition. So, you have one year to get your sh1t together Icky.
  6. This is very useful, appreciate ya!
  7. I’d take this in a heartbeat!!
  8. Catches is the key word, that’s a step in right direction.
  9. Didn’t know that, great point! Wish it was easier to embed links and look at a preview before posting. Cheers!!
  10. Once the league realized he couldn’t cover, he was a liability. No more tweener’s please!
  11. Is it that difficult to click on the link? Maybe you should be asking why there’s not a tweet imbedding button to instantly imbed links from X.
  12. I watch a lot of College ball, especially the later games. So yeah I’ve seen him play and he damn sure isn’t a #2 pick. Heck of talent but let’s be for real…. Not to mention Prime will use him up playing both ways.
  13. LOL!!! They have Colorado with the first 2 picks… Walterfootball sucks. Regardless, I personally think he’s gonna bust, plus his Daddy probably won’t allow him playing for us.
  14. Seriously, Fitts made awful decisions and set this team up for failure. Let’s start drafting BA or trading back to get some of those picks we pissed away.
  15. His game reminds me of Cam, he needs some work on touch and technique but definitely worth a 3rd day pick.
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