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  1. The evaluation is in… he sucks. On the other hand, we’d be undefeated if we held our opponents to single digits.
  2. I’d like to see Dalton start a couple games so we could truly evaluate what we have and who we should keep. If he sh1ts the bed, fine but to continue to watch Bryce struggle is unbearable.
  3. I wanted Bryce to succeed but name one “WOW” play he’s had this season… after 11 games there’s absolutely nothing.
  4. They interviewed well? lol!! Seriously, this is how much Tepper knows about football. Nobody in his right mind would take the job at this point, he’s definitely making a name for himself.
  5. Some were in favor of not trading up for either.
  6. Yeah, no clue why this guy has a job… “first initial contact”, wow!!
  7. Speaking of ACC refs, good god almighty!!
  8. Ehhh, the first he just lobbed the ball in the flat, no arch on the throw at all. As soon as he threw it, I yelled noooo!! To be fair, the OL isn’t built to run this zone blocking scheme and most certainly has allowed a ton of pressure but there’s been times Bryce has had time, only to freeze like a deer in headlights.
  9. The Panthers are undefeated when my wife attends a game with me… however, we’re always late and she wants to leave early.
  10. Yep, it was pretty loud considering how many empty seats there were. Was great hearing chants of Carolina Panthers and Keep Pounding walking out of the stadium. Hopefully we keep the momentum and turn the season around!!
  11. More points, yards, first downs. I would say run more plays under center with a jumbo set but…
  12. A contracted employee with minority ownership, Goddell would flip the fug out!! Seriously Caleb, you’re not that good and maybe you should hire another agent.
  13. These HC candidates you speak of and the clown in charge have yet to win a game in 6 tries. Wilkes took over a sinking ship and put them in position to win the division with Sam Darnold at QB… go figure.
  14. Should’ve kept Wilkes, adjusted the style of play to fit his personnel, the players respected him… but he didn’t win pretty enough or didn’t “interview” well enough because God knows that’s at the top of Teppers list.
  15. Isn’t that the OP’s point? This dude is digging sod out of his helmet after diving for for a pass that clearly was uncatchable, while everyone else is standing around. I’ll take that guy as my #1 any day and his numbers back it up, size and speed doesn’t matter, if you can’t get open, catch or show any effort whatsoever.
  16. Seriously, this guy is kryptonite…
  17. Panthers trade up for someone not on this list…
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