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  1. “Special Teams”, but ignores Hekker, the guy who pretty much sealed the win with perfect placement on his final kick. In 3 games he’s punted 16 times and half of those have been placed inside the 20 and many of those have been nearly blocked. Most of points he covered are known by pretty much everyone here. It almost seems as if the Huddle is his source…
  2. I’ll give you credit… when you set an agenda, you work tirelessly to make apples into oranges. I think pretty much everyone is in a agreement about Rhule, there’s hundreds of threads saying the same sh1t.
  3. Took my son when he was almost 3, walking up to the upper 500 section was a chore, but he loved it. Didn’t have any issues with rowdy or obnoxious drunks.
  4. None of the three have been burning it up so far. Yes QB play has been dreadful and this funky offense is garbage, but DJ has struggled to get separation on routes.
  5. Losing to Jacksonville by 4 TD’s…
  6. I’m not bragging about anything, just pointing out that you said we’re near the bottom of the league. And yeah it’s way to early in the season to forecast what’s going to happen in the next few games and that includes your doomsday outlook.
  7. Technically we’re second in the NFC South. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.
  8. Totally disagree, I can’t understand why some of you guys want to trade the best player on the roster. He’s not only an above average RB, He also has excellent skills (hands/routes)as a receiver. He’s basically our offense, the other skill position players we have don’t exactly strike fear into opponents. Even if trading him gets you a first round pick, you’d have to replace his production with that pick. Personally, I’d prefer they use him as a slot receiver or at least put him in motion in a two back set.
  9. The Browns were up 17-7 at halftime, took the second half kickoff and kicked a FG to make it 20-7 at the 7:42 mark in the 3rd Quarter. The Panthers first possession results in a three and out… that’s when the game changed or at least the game I watched changed. Not sure what game you’re talking about.
  10. Honestly, I think Cleveland is a solid team, however their coach is worse than Rhule. They were averaging 5.6 yds a carry and controlling the time of possession, then for whatever reason starts throwing the ball around with a 13 point lead. The Giant’s on the other hand are well coached and play with swagger. Only thing holding them back is Jones at QB.
  11. Posts link to a thread dated Sunday 09/11/22, claims fair weather fans don’t show up after a loss…
  12. You’re profile says 2008, but if you’re like me (2009) it seems a lot longer. Neg rep to smack!
  13. Damn The Huddle is giving The National Enquirer a run for it’s money…
  14. Get a dig on Cam? You brought him up, I just pointed out he was part of the losses in that particular time frame. Didn’t say it in a disrespectful way, but hey… you keep being you!!
  15. It’s definitely a frustrating time, but I’ll always be a Panthers fan, for better or worse. TBH, It could be worse, losing 2 close games by long FG’s isn’t the end of the world. KEEP POUNDING!!
  16. Cam was the starter for many of those losses during that time frame.
  17. I’m not trying to be an ass, agree to disagree?
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