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  1. Let's hope Luvu and Robby are the examples that the Jets have no clue what they have!
  2. Perryman rubbed his covid feces all over the locker room!
  3. Me too. Started a few minutes late and had two Wrs. Uggh. 14 team league with scrub RBs is a big no no. I'll battle back though. Elijah Moore was a late round steal. He will probably be the in the Jets top 2.
  4. Guess I'm in league 2 then. That's cool. Mine gives like a 3 hour countdown.
  5. Mine says Pacific time so the first league is set for 8 est not sure about league 2.
  6. I'm not renting a campsite out. I'm taking a cheap overgrown mountain lot, clearing it out and making it liveable for an RV. Then I am reselling this lot for the buyers own personal campsite with electric sewer and water. My profit will be substantial.
  7. I'm talking about 1 lot. In what world is an acre not big enough for an RV.
  8. Yes I was way to harsh on Sam last night. Sorry Sam. I reviewed the game this morning minus the cocktails and came away much more impressed with his play. The potential is there. The check downs unfairly drew the Teddy comparison. I'm still shell shocked from last year. Cheers to hope!
  9. Thank you. That score meant nothing at all. I saw a porous offensive line and two gloves without the accuracy. Love the D but playoffs? No chance.How can you throw a streaking receiver behind by 3 yards?
  10. I meant hole. Don't grammar Nazi me. I'm already having cocktails. Cheers huddlers!
  11. In the end, outside of the labor I'll put in is how affordable can I make the septic system. Thought about a used bobcat but I'm going to rent 1 until I know I got this and honestly losing is not en vogue for me at the moment. Trust me when I say I've done enough of it. Just learn baby!
  12. Funny it would be you. I enjoy your takes more than anyone on the forum. No need to be blind to reality. Nothing wrong with skeptical criticism when blind optimism left the building long ago. (Hell that wasn't bad). Anyway. Thanks for the post.
  13. F'ing brilliant. Everything you mentioned has crossed my mind. Without electric from direct road access I'm out. I'm going to to run 50 amp out to my preferred sight. Remember, I don't have to clear a lot, I'm merely making this beautiful for 1 camper. I dig the well. I bury the sewer. There's a reason rich people aren't doing it. It doesn't make soul crushing money and you don't do it in bulk. But I see an easy 250+ k with one guy at his own pace. A team could be leathel. No big acres early. .5 to 1 is fine. This only came to my mind because I can't find a camp ground to stay in at all near my aunts. Then I looked to buy one. I looked for exactly what I plan on selling and they were gone within a week. Bells rang. Bring a chainsaw and some give a shizz and you too can scrape your way up to the last days of the middle class. Pay 350 a month in HOA camp fees or buy my primo and never give a shitt again. I'm never putting my nose to the grindstone to claw my way up to middle management again. l quit that 8 years ago. I've looked into most costs. Beauty is I'm doing nearly all of the sub leases.
  14. Im ok if Sam gets out preformed by Zack in game 1. Zacks looked pretty damn solid in the last week+. Now if the rest of the team gets worked by the Jets we're in for a long season. Sam needs to do just enough to get the W. He'll see he doesn't need to play hero ball to win which could raise his confidence. Let that snowball for while and maybe someday he can pull out that hero ball when we have to have it.
  15. And with the 1st pick in the 2021 Huddle Fantasy draft CPsinceDay1 selects PJ Walker.
  16. Thought that was funny when you asked them if they feared PJ Walker and one of the guys said, "Who in the hell is PJ Walker."
  17. Can't wait for a redraft in a year when we have 6 first round picks.
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