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  1. Teddy? Don't dislike you bro, you're just not any good.
  2. And please don't use the Marty excuse. That's even a bigger joke to think he held any pull at all in 2020.
  3. I just find it terribly upsetting that we are even in this predicament. When 2/3 of the Huddle knew that this was an awful acquisition what does that say about the brain trust? Of course the 1/3 that loved the move think he still has trade value. What a joke.
  4. Congrats Igo, we now have more Watson threads than Houston.
  5. I'm in Huddle bliss. Already being blinded by the huddle it's to late for me but at this point it's all about the kids anyway.
  6. And whom may this hell be paid by? You don't tug on Super man's cape and you don't piss into the wind and something about not FUGGING with Jim.
  7. Love me some Rozier but lookout whenever he gets hot cause he's taking all the shots up in here.
  8. Just started watching games for the first time since the Zo, LG and Mugsy days.
  9. Damn. I liked Ridder as a mid round gem if things fell through.
  10. Pretty sure he was pulled at half in most of his games too. So that 200yrd passing a game talk is very misleading.
  11. I'm back from the bath tub time machine. In order : Lawrence Wilson Jones Fields Lance "The Ridder" Mind you the Patriots took Mac Jones and he has won 4 Super Bowls but is it Mac or Bill?
  12. Typo first part. Zack Wilson instead of Kyle. Probably combined him with Trask.
  13. Even old people. Florida must be a right to live state! Someone forgot to tell the Reaper!
  14. That made me laugh hard. Think I'll start doing the same. 1 month ago when we were good 75% of people wore masks. Now were the hot spot of the world, Its 25%. Disgusts everything in my soul.
  15. Crying on the huddle. Didnt see that coming. Well Kasay kicking the ball out of bounds in '03 made me cry as well.
  16. I feel you man. My mom is my best friend so she isnt allowed to die. I hang out with her everyday but it only takes one of my kids to fug it all all up. I can only say so much to them though about caution. I cant lock them in their rooms. Kind of feels hopeless.
  17. My mom lives across the street from me and is 76. I have 2 late teen kids. One works at Dominos. I'm terrified for her mostly I always do my part but it only takes one kid to destroy all of our measures. That's what these young fools are doing. What do you say, oops I killed gramma.
  18. Also want to say, I'm Ok with beaches being opened. Spread is much less likely. Idiots going to gyms, bowling alleys and packed indoor bars need to ask for assistance!
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